marlin beach lodge

marlin-beach-lodgeGreen ground of Marlin's and view of the sea

marlin beach lodge

Marlin Beach Lodge is the former Marlin Watersports Resort in Catarman, Liloan, Cebu Province. It is located right in a beautiful beach area of Liloan.

The area is serene, has a great view of the relaxing and tranquil Liloan sea. It is also convenient for you to purchase supplies as it is located close to the local market and shopping area.

Marlins Beach Lodge is suitable for overnight stays and even longer stays. One can experience the spectacular sunrise above the sea early in the morning, every day.

marlin-beach-lodge-seaviewSeaview from Marlin's property

facilities & services

Space and Parking Area
Marlin Beach Lodge has space inside the ground. It can accommodate vehicles if you bring in with your group. The space is simple but clean and tidy and with basic facilities.

Cottages and Rooms
You can be in a room just five meters away. Enjoy the refreshing water. That’s right; you will have a spectacular view of the expansive sea. You will be greeted by the sunrise daily if you stay longer.

If you are planning to spend a night or more, let me give you their quotes:

Dormitory Room: 350 Pesos; Beachfront Rooms: 1200 Pesos (note: please be reminded that changes in rates happen without prior notice and this only serves as your guide).

Before, there was an occupant who paid 10,000 a month for eight months.

Beach Area
Yes, it has a satisfactory beach area where you can swim or just dip in. It does not have a wide sandy beach if you want to know.

Bar and Restaurant
Marlin has a small bar and a restaurant. So, if you come with a small group or alone, you can be served immediately. Pool table (billiards) is also available.

Holding Events
The property has space available for a big number of guests for any sort of event. Depending on your arrangement, you may organize or hold any celebration inside this facility. Please, don’t forget to contact them in advance to arrange your preferred set up and event details.

Sea Activities
Aside from swimming, sunbathing, or snorkeling, you may also opt for other activities. For example, the property admin can arrange island-hopping activities, such as exploring Bantayan Island and other neighboring islands and famous beach resorts.

marlin-beach-lodge-event-areaEvent and party facility

getting to liloan & martin beach lodge

The fastest way to get here is via taxi from Cebu City or any point of your origin.
But since this area is north of Cebu, you may proceed to Cebu North Bus Terminal and hop in to any bus that travels that direction.

V-Hire or vans are also available at some terminals. You can probably find them at SM Cebu City or other points in the city.

Contact Details
Address; Catarman, Liloan, Cebu 6002
Phone: +63 915 668 5983 to inquire rooms
Phone: +63 929 978 4945; +63 32 512 2388

Hope you find this useful. Have a great holiday and keep safe in your travels.
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