The Middle Earth
Spring resort

middle-earth-spring-resortMangitngit Falls, Carmen Municipality

Middle Earth Spring Resort

The Middle Earth Spring Resort is a getaway facility in the midst of natural forested area in the Northern town of Cebu. You know that in the northern area, you have the best white sandy beaches.

But, the northern part is not just white beaches. There are likewise a variety of resorts using something various for people trying to find something exciting.

The Middle Earth Spring Resort in Carmen is one of the few of such serene and cool places you can enjoy with.

Carmen Municipality, once upon a time, was named Bugho prior to the Spaniards occupation of the country. The town was changed into Carmen by a Spaniard due to miscommunication, as the legend say.

According to the story, a female who was baptized was asked for the name of the location. Thinking that the Spaniard was inquiring about the pendant she was wearing, she stated Carmen. Due to this incident, the place was called Carmen from then on.

Explore the Middle Earth Resort

The Middle Earth Spring Resort is a newly established resort. It is  located in Barangay Lower Natimao-an, Carmen. The resort includes four swimming pools with water source from the Mangitngit Falls.

The Mangitngit Falls is one of the highlights of this northern Cebu resort. While nobody is brave enough to dive at the Mangitngit Falls due to an awful event in 2007, the resort offers an observation deck for visitors who wish to marvel at the beauty of the waterfalls.

This makes the Middle Earth Resort perfect for visitors looking for a place to appreciate the beauty of nature while at the same time to experience the creature comforts offered by a resort. The resort is one of the more popular locations for locals to invest their weekend.

middle-earth-spring-resortMiddle Earth Spring Resort Pool Area
middle-earth-mountain-spring-resortTwo of the four springwater swimming pools

Inexpensive Rentals
Cottages are available for visitors at the turn to use for a cost.

The regular homes with one table and give chairs can be rented for PHP400.

There are also large kiosks with two table and ten chairs readily available at PHP3,000. You can get additional chairs at PHP10 each.

An extra table and five chairs cost PHP200. Considering that there is no restaurant at the resort, it is suggested to bring your own food if you plan to remain at the location the entire day.

The entryway charge at the Middle Earth Resort is at PHP50 for adults and PHP10 for children nine years old and more youthful.

The resort is open from 7:00 AM up to 5:00 PM. Due to the popularity of the Middle Earth Resort it is suggested to go to the resort early, specifically during weekends.

Getting to the Middle Earth Spring Resort

Many roads lead to the Middle Earth Spring Resort. And certainly, there are many mode of transports that can bring you there...

You can reach the Middle Earth Resort by getting on a bus headed for Carmen at the Cebu North Bus Terminal. Ensure to inform the chauffeur or conductor to drop you off at the Carmen Public Market. You can get on a motorbike for hire to the resort as soon as you reach the public market.

Expenses: Transportation (one-way): P50-60 (Bus), P35 (Habal-habal) plus P50 entrance fee.

If you are looking for a location where you can leave the heat of the summertime sun, the Middle Earth Resort can be an option. It is likewise an excellent place where the household can have a good time without having to go too far from the city.

Let us know if you've been to the Middle Earth Resort recently. And tell us here your interesting and unforgettable experiences.

Thanks for visiting this page. Enjoy your trips.

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