Fun Ruvi Cave Resort

Ruvi Cave Resort

Writer: Air Borne
Published: 1/10/2016

ruvi-cave-resortPhoto Credit: Ruvi Cave Resort, Minglanilla

Ruvi Cave Resort

People, especially those born in the 40s onwards, may have noticed that climate change has taken its toll in all parts of the world. Take this observation for instance. Summer heat is a lot different from the heat in the 70s.  Humidity then was bearable to the body temperature.

Unlike today, the scorching heat goes skin deep even when you take for a short walk, either you sweat too much or your body temperature rises quickly. What is scary is when your blood pressure goes up too because it can lead to a serious or fatal consequence.

Today, people have found various ways to beat the summer heat. What most people do is they just want to have fun at water resorts or beaches and get pleasure from the cool sensation of waters splashing all over the body.  Just that simple.  Finding a resort is no longer a difficult thing to make because it is just a click away or a swipe away owing to the recent technology available at hand.

If you want to watch your kids enjoy swimming without worrying about getting drown, this resort maybe the answer to your search.  How about trying a pool with caves?

Where is this resort?

RUVI CAVE RESORT is a water resort located in Barangay Tungkop, Minglanilla.  This is a resort that, I am sure, your kids will be excited and fascinated to see upon entering.  Why?  As soon as you hop from your car, you are welcomed by the sight of colourful and attractive designs of caves. It is indeed a pool resort with caves. 

They are no real stalactites and stalagmites though because these are artificially designed caves only.  The resort has slides and pools with the heights of 4ft and 7ft. 

They also have cottages for day use only. Of course, they do have rooms for overnight stays.  Ruvi Cave is also suitable for small groups to hang out because the space is not so spacious.

ruvi-cave-resort-swimming-poolSwimming pool and cottages at Ruvi Cave

Entrance Fee

When I checked the rates, in fairness, they have not increased for the past four years. Entrance fee for adults is fixed at P100 and for kids aged 3 to 10 years is P50.00 and that is for the morning check in between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

For the evening check in, that is, between 6:00 pm and 12:00 midnight, entrance fee is P120 for adults and P60 for kids.

ruvi-cave-pool-slidePool & Slide - by Ruvi Cave Resort

Corkage Fee

They don’t charge anything for the foods brought inside but they charge the drinks.  A P10.00 fee is for liquors;  P5.00 for a liter of soft drinks; and for a case of drinks at P30.00.  Not bad though.

That’s good enough because if you order liquor from them, it is costly, that is, P100 per bottle.  You can also make use of their grilling area for a fee of P40.00 for all sorts of grilled foods.

Rooms Rates

ruvi-cave-resort-accommodationDorm Room at Ruvi Resort

For overnight stays, you have rooms to choose from.  A room for 2 is pegged at P1,000; for extra person P150 per head.  A room for 6 persons costs P2,500.  Again, not bad!

Please, refer to their website in case rates change without any prior notice for any reason or due to peak and low season.

Song Enthusiasts

They have a karaoke available for P5.00 per song.

How to Get There

There are many means of transportation to get there.  Fine if you have your own car. You have two or more options to choose from.

One, you can take a KMK Bus – that is stationed at SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area. Fare is P30.00.

Two, a Van bound for Minglanilla or southern route, stationed at SM Seaside City. Just ask the dispatcher whether it is passing through Minglanilla.

Three, any bus plying the route to the south stationed at the Cebu South Bus Terminal along Natalio Bacalso Avenue.


Going South, the road leading to Ruvi Cave is actually right across the Mary Help of Christian School.  You may tell the driver or dispatcher to pull over upon reaching the school.  From there, you may ask people around for the direction.  Hail a driver of a single motor and haggle for a fare of P10.00 if and when they overcharge you.

Contact Details
Address: Southbound Tungkop, Minglanilla, 6046 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: 490-3321 | 0939-3448654

Summertime is fun time.  It’s a great opportunity for a family get-together in a pool doing typical outdoor activities.  Here, in Ruvi Cave, you can bring along the elderly members of your family because, according to Google, the pool puts less pressure on the joints, making light swimming a form of exercise for many people who are older or dealing with limitations because of injuries.
Come on, folks, let’s get the ball rolling at Ruvi Cave Resort!!!

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