Moalboal Beach Resort

Moalboal Beach Resort Sea ViewMoalboal Beach Resort's seaview from a Deluxe Room

Serene Moalboal Beach Resort

Moalboal Beach Resort

Moalboal Beach Resort nestles in a serene spot of Moalboal in Cebu Province, the Philippines.

The resort is tucked within the 6500-square meters of property with complete privacy and comfort. It has two-story buildings with deluxe rooms facing the beautiful blue sea and right in front of its swimming pool.

In Moalboal, you can do lots and lots of fun and interesting sea water activities and even dry land adventures, including river climbing and caving, among more activities.

Through Moalboal Beach Resort, you can use it as your base for anything you want to do for your vacation, whether you are in a group or alone. Just ask the resort about anything interesting and something you want to try in this tropical part of the world.

The place is not only a beach resort but also something where you can explore nature. Here, you can stroll in shorelines and discover various sea creatures at the nearby mangroves – sea stars, sea urchins, sea shells and other critters.

Okay, before you make some decisions, let us check out some activities and offers that you may want to see first. Here they are…

Fun Activities and Offers

Kawasan WaterfallsKawasan Falls, Badian Town

The following are just some of the popular and major activities that the resort offers. It means that you can also make a request to the management if you want an activity to do or some places to visit and try out something new.

The resort may agree if it is possible for these to do arrange it for your. If not, then they might refer you to other service provider while remaining at the resort. Anyway, here are the activities…

Tours to Kawasan Falls
This is a day’s outing or picnic to a famous waterfalls, Kawasan Falls, in Badian Township. You can enjoy swimming, riding the bamboo raft and get massaged by the falling water over you.

You can also go hiking around the area or walk up where the source of the falls originated. If you love nature walk, then you should do that and enjoy the trees, plants and flowers, birds and occasional sightings of monkeys in the woods.

Whaleshark Watching
Whalesharks are also found in the waters of Moalboal but not as often as in Oslob in the Southern part of the province. You can arrange with the management your whale shark watching activity if you wish to.

Island Hopping and Tours
These tours to the islands in Moalboal and neighboring places are quite or very popular among visitors. You will have opportunities to dock on white sand beaches, do picnics, swim, snorkel, visit restaurants and play on the beaches.

Island hopping requires a day to complete, most often if you really want to get the most of it. You will be riding an outrigger boat (something like a catamaran), a motorized local made boat. It is a lot safer than riding speed boats.

Don’t worry since life jackets are also provided. It is with a cover to protect you from the sun’s scorching heat which you cannot actually feel due to the cool sea breeze.

Visits to Places
While at Moalboal Beach Resort, you have chances and offers to visit other interesting places. For sure, you can try various restaurants and bars in Moalboal town. You can also visit nature parks, including the beautiful Orchid Farm of Moalboal.

If you prefer, you may also hike the highest peak of the province – Dalaguete Osmena Peak. It has interesting features with mountains forming sharp cones showing off amazing views. Hiking the Osmena Peak or visiting Oslob (where the whale sharks made their home), you need to pre-arrange these activities.

Now, let’s go back to the resort and check out their major facilities and services.

Facilities and Services

The following amenities for your relaxing and reinvigorating holiday or vacation are the main offers you can avail with in this resort. There might be some additions (or reductions) of facilities as they develop and grow to meet their guest's needs.

Anyhow, there are the main ones…

Swimming Pool
The pool or Jacuzzi is free for use for all its guests. You will enjoy the cool water while having your drinks, coffee or snacks in a lounger by the pool.

Dive Services

Dive PADI Courses
The resort offers various dive courses, from basic to professional courses. You need to consult their professional instructors so that you will know what level you should start from.

Just an example, the resort offers: PADI adventures in diving, PADI specialty diver and PADI rescue diver.

For young starters and beginners, you will enjoy learning PADI Discover Scuba Diving programs they offer.

Rental Service:
You can rent any sort of vehicle that you can use to help you explore and enjoy Moalboal and nearby places better. You can rent…

Bicycles, Jeepy type for adventure, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Kayaks, etc.

Outrigger Boat
This is the one you can take with a group to explore islands, visit places far from the resort, or go to restaurants for your outing and dinners. Of course, you will be using this for your diving activities as well.

Billiards Table
Maybe you can do this if you really just want to enjoy the resort itself while sipping your fruit juice, cocktail, wine or San Miguel Beer!

Internet access:
Enjoy the free WiFi access in the hot spot areas of the resort. It means that you can brag to your friends or family that you are at this place, or do your work while having leisure at this resort.

Moalboal, CebuMoalboal Beach Resort's nice view from its veranda

Tropical Accommodation & Room Types

Moalboal Beach Resort offers comfortable and fair rates for your holiday. You can avail three types of rooms at this resort. Click here to see more photos, rates and availability of rooms.

Sunrise Deluxe Room
The resort has two of these sunrise rooms.

Deluxe Room
There are four deluxe rooms available at this stage.

The first two types of rooms can accommodate two more guests each by adding two more extra beds.

Standard Room
There are two standard rooms available for your comfortable stay.

All the rooms have special designs and decorations to make your rest more comfortable in addition to the great amenities in each room.

Finding Moalboal Beach Resort

Now, if you want to find out and learn more about this resort, you may use the following contact details.

Address: Sitio Kalingking, Barangay Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu 6032, Philippines
Phone:    +63 (0) 32-511 5184; +63 (0) 32-511 4875

Getting to Moalboal Guide Page

If you need some guides, you may click our guide page for your convenience. Getting to Moalboal page provides you some information on transports available for your travel to Moalboal. The page provides some tips on schedules and other relevant information for your less hassle and safer trip.

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Have a fantastic day!

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