Montpellier Falls

montpellier falls

montpellier-falls-alegriaFalling waters of Montpellier by @j_kitoy

wonderful montpellier falls

Montpellier Falls is in Alegria Municipality in the Province of Cebu, Philippines. It is a beautiful waterfall and still at its natural shape and beauty.

If you have not heard about Alegria yet, let me tell you that it is one of the high places in the province that offers various types of adventures resources.

In Alegria, you can either explore its sea with all its grandeur, or go adventurous in its hills and mountains with cool streams, rivers, waterfalls, and flora and fauna.

Of course, Alegria is also a great place to learn about its history and study its relics that are being treasured as its heritage. You can be both a historian or an adventurer when in Alegria.

Now, going back to the falls…

Whoa Features

You probably have already heard stories, and descriptions of this place, or have perhaps read at blogs or anywhere. However, do not always judge this site or make a final judgment based on what you have learned beforehand. That is because you might either get disappointed or shocked (and lose your mind!) on what you will soon discover!

Just keep an open heart and mind and let your real experience of the place judge it. However, since you are reading this page, I feel the responsibility to describe it in a few (and limited) words for you to get something from here. So here we go…

From the point of departure of your hike or trek, which takes about twenty minutes, you can already hear its inviting sound. Its continuous falling water may sound like someone calling you to come closer but only stronger (through its bubbling but soothing sound).

This beautiful and tall waterfall is being surrounded by and within an untouched nature - verdant and lively trees and plants watching the falls every day. You can say and compare it to a staged setting for a movie scene - but this is real and natural - that is how amazing it is!

The mesmerizing and forever falling water drops right from the mid-rib of a cliff (or rock wall), plunging about less than a hundred feet from top to bottom. Then the waterfall splashes right on top of a huge rock (or boulder) below, thus splashing the water all around it.

Moreover, yes, you can swim in its cold and refreshing basin.

By the way, if you wish to hit three falls with one trip, you can also see Cancalanog Falls and Kawa-Kawa Falls. These two are only a few minutes Habal-Habal ride from Montpellier's site. Here’s how to do it:

  • take a habal-habal from the Main Road (Alegria) to Cancalanog Falls’ jump-off of your trek (PHP75)
  • take another habal-habal from Cancalanog’s jump-off point to Kawa-Kawa Falls’ jump-off point
  • Then taken another habal-habal ride from Kawa-Kawa to Montpellier's jump-off point, and then you can return to the Main Road for your ride back to Cebu or your original point of departure.

facilities & services?

There are not much facilities and services available around this falls. In fact, there is no entrance fee (as of this writing)! However, it might be helpful to protect this nature if fees are collected.

You cannot find tables for rent.

There are no Sari-Sari Stores.

If you decide to see Cancalanog Falls, you can choose to have an optional tour guide (around PHP100). You do not need a guide for Kawa-Kawa Falls since it is quite close to the main road.

For Montpellier Falls, there is no official set up tourism guideline and office. You can ask locals to guide you to the falls, which they will be happy to do, and will be happier if you give them some tips.

finding montpellier falls

To get to Alegria Municipality and finally to Montpellier as your destination, if you are coming from Cebu, you need to take a bus (or V-Hire, private vehicle, taxi, etc.) at Cebu South Bus Terminal.

Thanks for reading this page, and hopefully this helps your search. Let me know should you need some more information.

Have safe travels!

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