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Pinamungajan Municipality

Pinanmungajan (or Pinamungahan) Municipality is considered a second municipal income class municipality of Cebu Province in the Visayan Region of the Philippines.

This travel destination borough has almost seventy thousand residents according to the 2015 population census and has over forty thousand registered voters based on the 2016 electoral roll.

Records say that the municipality was established in 1815 when the Spanish government ruled the country.

The origin of its name came from a Bisayan term “bunga” means fruits, and the whole word ‘pinamungahan’ means to bear fruits. More on this farm resources down the page.

Now, let’s check out Pinamungajan Municipality’s attractions, sites, natural and manmade travel destinations and resources.

Barangays of pinamungahan municipality

The municipality is comprised of 26 barangays that are also under its jurisdiction. Here they are…

  • Anislag, Anopog, Binabag, Buhingtubig, Busay, Butong, Cabiangon, Camugao, Duangan, Guimbawian, Lamac, Lut-od, Mangoto, Opao, Pandacan, Poblacion, Punod, Rizal, Sacsac, Sambagon, Sibago, Tajao, Tangub, Tanibag, Tupas, and Tutay.

So, you can check whether you are going or not to this Municipality by finding the barangay you are heading to.

tourism, attractions, and destinations

The following are just some of the places you can explore and enjoy with.

land & topographical features

Pinamungajan Municipality has a total land area of over ten thousand hectares with various features. The Municipality is basically mountainous and with steep rocky ridges. At the central part of the municipality, you can visibly notice the rocky mountains.

The municipality has over one thousand arable land and similar size for commercial size in terms of hectares. Industrial, disposable land, forest revervation, wildlife and national parks classification of lands are also designated.

Climatewise, Pinamungahan has no pronounced season except for the dry season from January to May and then the rainy season for the remaining months.

However, due to the climate change issues, the season must have changed in the area.

business, trade, and financial intermediaries

You can certainly purchase your supplies for your travel when you are in the Municipality - most of such business establishments are in the Poblacion.

However, you can also find small Sari-Sari Stores (miscellaneous shop) that sell assorted products - from canned goods to personal effects products depending on their size. Yes, you can also find them in barangays as they are omnipresent.

Most municipalities have some sort of money shops but no banks. For example, you can find pawn shops and other similar businesses where you can make money-exchange or transact money-transfer services.

Bakeries, pharmacies, gas station (petrol station), fish and meat shops and assorted shops are also available in the town.

transportation accessibility

You can get to this Municipality by hopping on a bus from Cebu City. Of course, you can take your private vehicle - van or motorbike. Taxi is also available for long distance travel but can be costly if traveling alone.

Within the town itself, you can take Jeepneys, tricycles, habal-habal or Trisikads. The most typical vehicle when you want to travel quickly between barangays is the service of the single motorbike called Habal-habal.

As an agricultural area, it might also be interesting to see what farm products the Municipality has been producing. Based on the Department of Trade and Industry’s online report (needs updating), the following are the raw materials and products it provides…

  • Root crops, corn, banana, siapo, legumes, rice, fish, prawns, coconut, tikog (stalks for weaving, such as mats, bags, decors, etc), bamboo, poultry, and livestock.

getting to pinamungajan municipality

Here is how you can get to Pinamungajan…

Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal. You should take the one with travels with Carcar-Barili-Alonguinsan-Pinamungahan route. An air-con and non-aircon buses are available.

As soon as you arrive in the town area, look for a Habal-Habal that can bring you to any place you want to visit.

Most visitors come to enjoy the Pinamungahan Hidden Valley Resort and Wavepool Resort. These resorts are separate, and you should pay separately if you plan on using both of them.

So, that is basically the general description of Pinamungajan Municipality and its exciting environment for travel and exploration.
Have fun!

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