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Sun resort in Danao

sun-resort-danaoSwimming pool at Sun Resort in Danao (photo: Sun Resort)

sun resort, danao city

Sun Resort Danao is beautiful resort located in Danao City, Cebu. It offers relaxing facilities for those who prefers great sea views, comfortable accommodation, and other holiday amenities.

The resort offers a romantic space during evening time as you can only hear the sea waves and gently blowing sea breeze.

Danao City is one of the fast economically booming cities of Cebu Province. Although not popularly known for wide and white beaches, the area offers great resorts with facilities for various events including, wedding ceremony, birthday celebrations, group parties, business meetings, among other social and business functions.

Danao, especially the sea view area facing the Camotes Island Sea, offers astonishing horizon and panorama will calm and rejuvenating effect on people. Therefore, holding any kind of event, or simply staying and enjoying in one of the resorts nestling by the sea area can be therapeutic enough for individuals, couples or families.

Sun Resort is perfect for weekend guests who want to take the time to just spend a relaxing space and time with the group or family or friends.

The staff are very courteous, friendly and hospitable and attentive to the needs of its guests.

You will get a lot of fresh and healing sea breeze all day.
Astonishing sunrise in the early morning will greet you to make your day.

sun-resort-sunriseSun Resort's sunrise

facilities & services

The resort is built with modern style combined with some classic (especially Greek) style of columns of the rooms making them unique compared to other resorts’ tropical style structure.

Okay, let’s describe its major facilities…

Sun Resort Danao offers 25 rooms with various amenities to suit your needs. It offers Deluxe Rooms and rooms with Jacuzzi. They are furnished with amenities to make your stay more relaxing, comfortable and fruitful.

Although it is not your house, still you will feel at home.

Most rooms come with the following:
Air-con, TV, cold/hot Jacuzzi, WiFi access, DVD, phone, etc.

Good swimming pool
Sun Resort Danao has a nice and cool swimming pool. It is strategically located to make sure you have the fantastic view of the ocean while enjoying the water, time and space in this part of the world.

Of course, you can do anything you want by the poolside – such as sunbathing, lounging, enjoying drinks and snacks, listening to music, etc.

accommodation-sun-resortAccommodation at Sun Resort

more services

Main Restaurant
You have choices of local and international dishes. It special offers Korean food as the resort is being managed by a Korean national.

Golf Practice Area
This is the place where you can practice your golf swing before going to the wider golf clubs which are available in Cebu as well.

Certainly, there are more offers you can avail if you ask for them. Just make sure that you contact the management ahead of time and arrange your preferences.

Available Activities & Resources
There are many things and available resources you can enjoy with while staying at this comfortable resort.

It is only a few minutes from Sun to reach and move around Danao City to enjoy its city life. You can find a Club Filipino, bars, restaurants, historical sites, local parks, markets, shopping marts, traditional stores, souvenir stores and more interesting facts in the area.

deluxe-room-sun-resortDeluxe Accommodation

finding sun resort in danao

The resort is just about one hour or so from Mactan Cebu International Airport. And about the same travel time from any point in Cebu City. However, if you are taking the public transport, such as the bus, it could take longer due to traffic congestion and the passengers getting on and off the bus in various places.

Address: Barangay Maslog, Danao City, Cebu 6000, Philippines
Contact Number: call or text 093-3437-6694.
Please, let us know if the number changes or any information of the resort’s contact details.

Getting There
There are many ways of getting to Sun Resort Danao from any point in the province. However, if you are coming from Cebu City, you can make use of the following guide.

Bus Ride
Go straight to Cebu North Bus Terminal to catch any of the buses that ply Danao direction.

Vans can also bring you there faster as they only stop in specific and limited number of stops along the way. They are fast but not advisable for individuals with heavy built as they only have small seats.

If you want to save money and not time. However, if you enjoy traveling and spending the time to experience local culture, then this might be good for you.

This is the fastest way to get to Danao. Just ensure that you made a proper agreement with the driver before taking off. The fare should not be more than a thousand pesos. Recently, you can still get six hundred pesos for a one-way taxi ride to Danao City.

Thanks for reading through this page.

Hope this helps, and that you can find your preferred place and environment for your fruitful and relaxing holiday.

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