Tabuelan Municipality in Cebu


Tabuelan is where you can see the widest expanse of the Cebu Province’s sea water.

It is located in the north western part of this Visayan island.

Tabuelan is a municipality of Cebu Province in the Philippines and has a population of around 22 thousand people, according to the 2010 census record (Wikipedia).

This municipality is also a popular destination among local and international guests because of its nice beach resorts.


Tabuelan is located 86 kilometers from Cebu City via Lugo in Sogod in the northwestern part of Cebu Province. In the north, it is bounded by San Remigio Muncipality, in the East by Borbon and Sogod Municipalities, in the South by Tuburran Municipality, and in the West by Tanon Strait.

It is easily accessible by all land transports from any point in the province. One can also reach the municipality’s shores via water crafts including motorized outriggers, boats, or any.

There are ferries that ply the route between Negros Occidental and Tabuelan.


The municipality of Tabuelan is subdivided into twelve small units of government called “barangay”. A barangay is a unit right below a town, which are being run by officially elected leaders called ‘kapitan’ (captain) and ‘mayor’ (municipal mayor), respectively.

Barangays: Bongon, Kanlim-ao, Kanluhangon, Kantubaon, Dalid, Mabunao, Maravilla,     Olivo, Poblacion, Tabunok, Tigbawan, and Villahermosa


Topography: flat to rolling hills and some mountainous area
Land Area: 9,712 hectares
Zip Code: 6044
Town Fiesta: 22 January; Patron Saint: John the Baptist
Major Livelihood: Fishing & Agriculture


There are many ways to find a place and so it is to reach Tabuelan Municipality and its famed white beaches.

One of the ways is to take a bus from Cebu via Transcentral Highway and enjoy the scenic views along the road. You should pass by Balamaban, Asturias, and Tuburan right before you reach Tabuelan.

The second route is via Cebu’s main roads leading to Mandaue City for Sogod direction. As you reach Lugo Town, turn to your left at Lugo Church and you will be on your way to Tabuelan.

From Cebu City it would take around two hours to reach the town if you took a private vehicle but could be longer via public transport.

The third way to get there is taking a bus or Van from Cebu North Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It takes about three hours to get there.


Durhan White Beach Resort
Maravilla Beach Club
La Familia Beach Resort

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