Vidar Beach Resort, Tuburan

Clean Vidar Beach Resort

Tuburan BeachA nice beach photo by Vidar Family Beach Resort in Tuburan

Vidar Beach Resort, Tuburan

Vidar Beach Resort is a family-operated resort located on the western side of Cebu’s provincial island in the Philippines.

Vidar Family Beach Resort is about 4 kilometers from Tuburan, the town where this establishment is conveniently located.

This resort is wide and spacious where you can have your private and quiet time for relaxation and retreat.

While others come to relax, some groups come to have group dynamic activities, such as team-building and such events.

Most of all, this resort has a great sunset that one should not miss when visiting this place.

Beach Resort Fun Activities

During High Tide
At high tide the white sandy beach and nice lapping water appears by the seaside of this resort. You can stroll on the sand or even walk a dog with you for as far as you want to. Or, this is the ideal time for a swim. The beach is where you can just freely sit on the sand then wait and watch the sun setting behind the mountains in a crimson horizon.

During Low Tide
At low tide you can see the whole beach bare and naked. All you can see is the huge area with some mangrove trees and the exposed seafloor filled with every living marine creatures. You can enjoy, especially kids, the starfishes, sea urchins, shells, sea grasses, weird creatures, critters, small fishes, and anything that tells that the sea is perfectly healthy.

Swimming Pool
Vidar Beach Resort has a pool, although not too deep it is enough for any adult to swim in and enjoy the cool and refreshing tropical water. If you are renting the 1500-peso accommodation you don’t need to pay to enjoy it (entrance fee: PhP50). However, if you are renting the 500-peso accommodation you may have to pay the entrance fee to get into this fresh pool.

Water Activities
In this resort facility, anything that can float on the water can be used as entertainment equipment. For example, you can do boating and kayaking here, which are available for rent by hourly basis. Just remember that there’s nothing constant in this world except change (in prices of anything – my version!).

Accommodations - Bamboo Beach Huts

Tuburan Beach ResortCool huts at Vidar Family Beach Resort in Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines

You can have various choices of rooms when you come to this place depending on your preferences and the number of your gang members. Here are some of them…

En Suite Cabins
This is a nice fan en suite cabin with electric fan. It will cost you 500 pesos and good for 3 occupants. However, you can squeeze in individuals, especially kids, to this double room with bunks. For sure you can sleep like a log since you can be very tired from traveling and so you don’t really mind the size of your bed or the room, isn’t it?

Cabin accommodations have individual bathrooms, cold and hot showers, porches, outside the room sink for laundry. Each cabin has their own barbecue racks for your meat, chicken, fish or other sea foods. Hanging rice (or ‘puso’) is available close to this resort facility even until late evening.

If you are thinking of getting an air-conditioned room, ask first around if it is really necessary since it is usually cool at night at the beach and the rooms are built to resist the heat and keep it cool even during the hot day…

Two Story House
This accommodation can take any number of guests and, of course, you need to pay more (PhP1500). It can approximately sleep 20 guests. Aside from the basic facilities and amenities, only in this accommodation type have refrigerators accessible.

Other rates: PhP800; PhP2,500 for cottages. Please, ask for an update of rates and rentals since they change depending on seasons and time.

Vidar Beach Resort Facilities & Services

Vidar Beach Resort's swimming poolNice photo of Vidar Family Beach Resort's swimming pool in Tuburan

The following are just but some examples of the facilities and amenities you can avail when staying at this resort…

  • Swimming Pool
  • Barbecue rack
  • Hammocks 
  • Spaces & rooms for team-building, reunion, gatherings, meetings,
    Videoke machine
  • Billiard table
  • Boating, kayaking facilities
  • Chapel/Hall

It is always advisable to travel during day time, especially when coming to this area, since sign boards are not very visible during night time or when the weather is dark.

In addition, the resort is very spacious that a bigger group could do their games and other group activities, such as student's dynamic group and other similar activities.

Finding & Contact Details

Finally, we got the contact numbers of this resort although we already have its location. Now, for those who are eager to call the resort, can now contact the management directly and inquire or reserve a place in this interesting area.

Address: Apalan, Tuburan, 6043 Cebu, Philippines
Mobile: 09228755781, +63 922 875 5780

To get to Tuburan, you can take a bus or V-Hires at Cebu North Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Look for the one with Tuburan signage. It is only about 99 kilometers from Cebu but the travel time could reach to about two hours since your bus make stops along the way.

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Thank you so much for visiting this page. Hopefully this helps you make better decisions for your break. Please, visit this site again more often in the future for further information about Cebu and its travel guides.

Have a wonderful vacation then!

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