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blue agua azul badian resort

Agua Azul Badian is a beach resort in Badian Municipality, Cebu Province. This municipality is popular for its natural gifted-ness including waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and forests.

Addition to that land treasures, they also have the wealth of the sea and everything in it.

If you still remember your Spanish class (native speakers exempted), both ‘agua’ and 'azul’ and Spanish words which mean ‘water’ and ‘blue’ respectively. Yes, we are talking about the biggest body of water on Earth - the sea!

And the name of the resort says a lot about the property – “Life is better on the beach"!

It will help if you are traveling and exploring the world famous Kawasan Falls to include in your itinerary Agua Azul Badian Resort. This resort is not yet common knowledge among travelers and naturalists (I mean those who love nature when they find the time or take a break from their daily busy routines!).

Agua Azul Badian resort is the ideal serene abode to regain strength and evenness of mind and get ready to face the real world again. Yes, Agua is excellent for holding activities and having fun with friends, family members. You can also hold an event with your corporate team or a small organization.

HINT: This property was once owned by an artist or art hobbyist. So, you would enjoy it all the more if you are into this world of arts!

Amazing Features of Agua Azul Badian

Agua Azul was originally built as a refuge of an art enthusiast. That is why you will apparently notice that the house is built with strikingly gorgeous interior designs and decors that only an artist can imagine and create. This brightly colored rest house is organized with antique wooden furniture custom-made, among more decorative items inside this unique abode.
For some reasons that only the owner or an artist can comprehend, the property has been sold to a family. The new owner (Mancao Family) took advantage out of this creatively built house. The new landlord does not only welcome close friends and relatives but also outsiders. That means accepting guests for profit.

Agua Azul uses its beautiful advantage as a guest house or resort. Of course, not just anybody. The management prefers referrals – for some reasons.

Agua Resort is available an overnight rent (guess long-term rent could be arranged) for the whole property. Depending on your arrangements, some guests rented Agua Azul for a fair rate (about 10,000 Pesos) while others had it for a more discounted price. Phone Number available: (032) 254-9246.

Fun Services & Facilities

Check out the excellent and entertaining facilities that Agua Azul has got…

  • Five (5) Air-conditioned rooms
  • Four (4) bathrooms
  • A kitchen and kitchen wares
  • A spacious garage for your private or rented vehicle

More Fun Features
The resort has more recreation facilities for couples (not literally but also could mean what you think it means!)…

  • a beachfront swimming pool with Jacuzzi
  • jump off an inflatable trampoline out in the sea
  • a chess board and pieces
  • mahjong
  • table tennis facilities
  • a pool table (or billiards)
  • volleyball, badminton, and more.

Since the sea is available, you can use your imagination about activities you can implement in the vicinity.

getting to agua azul badian resort

Since not all residents in the area are aware of this property, it could be hard to find it by yourself. But don’t worry too much as most bus drivers (and konduktor – fare collectors) know this house. Just tell them that you are getting off there. You may take a Ceres or Librando bus to reach this area from Cebu South Bus Terminal.

For more useful guides, you know that it is the house when you see the following features…

  • It is just along the national road at the right-hand side of the main road (from the city)
  • You will see the white gate decorated with a metal crab colored read welded on it. Since colors could change, just remember the metal crab;
  • It is before you see La Playa Beach Resort (only if you missed Agua, or know this resort)

I am sure those are satisfactory pointers on getting there. The process of locating Agua Azul could be already a part of your adventures in Badian Municipality.

If you are seriously planning and has successfully visited the place, please share your impressions with us. Hope you have fun travels in life!

Thanks for reading this page.

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