Anthurium Inn Mactan

Anthurium Inn Mactan IslandPhoto of Anthurium Inn on Mactan Island, Cebu

Anthurium Inn Mactan

Anthurium Inn Mactan on Mactan Island is a budget place located close to the Cebu’s international airport. The good thing about this Inn is that you can rent a room for either shorter or longer hours.

This is perfect for busy people and who are always on the move catching flights and rides. It means that you don’t need to pay for a whole night. In this place you can rent from 3 hours, 12 hours and longer depending on your needed time.

Being a budget establishment does not mean that it has no great facilities. In fact, you can get almost everything similar to the ones you can avail at upscale hotels.

You certainly can have access to their WiFi service, enjoy hot and cold showers and other fundamental amenities and services.

Anthurium Inn is very much accessible to all public transports on the island. That is, you can easily get a taxi, jeepney, and even a tricycle ride to this place depending on the distance and where you are coming from or going to.

What's on Mactan Island

If you are not familiar or haven’t heard about Mactan Island yet in your life, this is a good basic introductory information for you. On this island, you can visit or do some of the basic information.

Beaches & Resorts
Yes, you read that right! Mactan Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole province of Cebu due to its burgeoning economic zones, resorts and beaches among other aspects.

Mactan Island is dotted with beaches and resorts of various scales and ratings. You can go to a budget or free public resort or visit the most upscale 5-star resorts on the island.

Public beaches are usually free but you might need to rent a table or cottage if you decide to stay for a day and settle down a bit. However, you need to pay entrance charge for resorts run by hotels and other resort establishments. The upscale and medium scale resorts usually have swimming pools and other facilities you can avail with even though you are not a resident.

Mactan Island Beach Resort

Historical Sites
The island itself can tell a lot of stories of old and other recent events that made the island what it is now.

One of the must-visit places on the Island is Lapu-Lapu Shrine. In this site, you can see the statue of Lapu Lapu, the local popular hero revered by all locals. The site is believed to be the place where the hero bravely fought against Ferdinand Magellan who lost his life during the battle.

The fight is locally called the “Battle of Mactan”. In this shrine you will also see an arch dedicated to Ferdinand Magellan recognizing his historical contribution to the area and for bringing Christianity to the province.

The airport itself historical since it started first as an airforce base by the Americans during the Second World War. So, it is also worth knowing this place among other historical and educational places on the island.

Shops & Malls
If you want to buy some gifts or souvenirs for your loved ones you can always get them from small shops or malls nearby. Mactan Marina Mall is one of those places where you can get most of the things you might need.

Lapu Lapu Mactan ShrineLapu Lapu Statue in Mactan Shrine

If you don’t order your meals from the Inn, you can easily go out and have your dinner at restaurants nearby. You can have meals at restaurants within the resorts or restaurants that are independently managed, such places include Maribago Grills, Lantaw Floating Restaurant, among other popular places.

Local Products Makers
Mactan Island is also known not only for beaches or resorts but also for being a producer of local-made products. It produces musical instruments such as guitars and other string instruments with budget and world-class quality.

In particular, Alegre Guitar Factory is a popular place that produces guitars of various types and qualities. Alegre Guitar sells its products domestically and also exports products with the highest standard.

If you want to know more about things you can do on the island, the Front Desk of Anthurium Inn would be happy to tell you more. Or, you can contact us if you wish to.

Now, let’s check out deeper the features of this place and see if you decide to stay here for shorter or longer time.

Facilities & Amenities

As aforementioned, the Inn is located close to Mactan Cebu International Airport. It is also nearby Mactan Export Processing Zone where international companies make and assemble their products for exports.

So, here are more of the features:
The Inn offers WiFi access in the lobby area, laundry and dry cleaning, a smoking area, safe parking areas, own toilets and baths, cable tvs, daily room cleaning, breakfast, clean and quiet environment, among others.

Types of rooms and rates
There are two types of rooms: aircon rooms and fan rooms. You can rent the rooms by block, meaning that you can rent a room for some hours and not for the whole usual full night rent. You can start from 3 hours and up depending on your need for rest or wait.

As of this writing, the below are the rates for both types of rooms and based on the number of hours. Please, remember that rates change over time or depending on the season without prior notice.

Rates: Aircon Rooms : 980.00 – 24 hrs. 650.00 – 12 hrs. 230.00 – 3 hrs; Fan Rooms: 750.00 – 24 hrs. 450.00 – 12 hrs. 175.00 – 3 hrs

Finding Anthurium Inn Mactan

If you are interested to learn more about Anthurium Inn Mactan, you can use the contact information below.

Address: Sitio Pool, Barangay, Bankal, 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:   +63 32 340-64-62, 0922 892 6685
Mobile:  0922-892-6685; 0917-724-4067

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Booking with Anthurium Inn Mactan

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