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Mactan Island is one of the most historic places in the province. That history is basically part of the fight for freedom of the province from foreign aggression. The Battle of Mactan between Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan is one of such crucial histories.

Fortunately, part of this historic place is where a private beach resort, Tambuli East Wing (formerly known as Tambuli Beach Club) lies beautifully. It has a long stretch of natural shoreline with lush green tropical plants and coconut trees dancing with the sea breeze.

The inviting turquoise waters of Mactan holds the diverse marine life with amazing shapes and colors. The white coralline sand divides the waters and the sandy dry land of this resort.


When you decide to visit this place, you better be ready to enjoy various sorts of water activities and leisurely facilities. Here are some of them…

Aqua Sports
Certainly, if you love the beach and the sea you will never regret spending your time and resources. Okay, here are the activities…

Canoeing, kayaking, jetskiing, aquabiking, banana boat riding, etc. And if you want to dive or swim deeper, you can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving. Close to this resort are the diverse and colorful marine life (fishes, crabs, sea snakes, sea urchin, soft and hard corals, etc) and an airplane wreck.

Swimming Pools
Yes, although Tambuli East Wing is a beach resort it also offers clean and nice pools for those who love them and enjoy the poolside sunbathing. There are, of course, pools for adults and for children with safety facilities. Loungers, umbrellas, chairs and tables are available… as well as refreshing drinks and snacks when you order.

More Sports Facilities
For a bit challenging sport, you can engage in beach volleyball game. Maybe, you don’t have to be a professional but you certainly need some interest and energy to play this game. Surely, it’s a lot easier than basketball I reckoned.

Lawn tennis is another sport available at this resort. Yes, this sport needs a very energetic individual to perform, and you’ll be surprise that many older guys still play this as part of their exercise and pastime.

Billiards is available as an indoor game, among other enjoyable games in this resort facility.
Shooting is a lot easier compared to other games or sports mentioned beforehand. You only need one finger to play this game or sport. Tambuli Beach Club collaborates with Casey Gun Club to make shooters enjoy firing guns at this club’s firing range.

Tours Outside of Mactan Island
The resort also offers special tours to historic sites and structures outside the island of Mactan—Cebu City. This provincial capital is endowed with historical sites and artifacts that are still intact and under the care of the provincial office. Some of the places you can enjoy include:

If you are not from Cebu area, you shouldn’t miss visiting such Cebu historic sites since they speak to you about the history of the province itself.
Now, if you are interested to really enjoy the services and the beauty of this resort, you might start checking out their rooms for your stay.


Tambuli is not a small resort. In fact, it is one of the biggest resorts on the island although we can notice that more and more much bigger resorts are being established. So, here are some basic descriptions of the rooms

Standard – 35 rooms
These rooms are furnished with air-conditioning facilities, radio, hot and cold water, bath tubs, electric outlets (110/220v), among other necessities for your comfortable stay.

Superior – 22 rooms
The superior rooms, aside from the facilities mentioned in the standard rooms, include televisions and mini bars. These rooms are facing the beach giving you nice views of the breaking dawn and the setting sun.


In this beautiful resort (area) you can avail facilities for events you want to happen here.

Let’s Party
The resort can easily provide you banquet facilities if you want to organize a wedding, birthday party, debut, baptismal celebration, graduation party, beach party, team building event, among other gatherings or events. So, why not have your party by the beach?

Business Center
As a resort located on a beautiful corner of the island, you can also organize a business meeting or anything related to the business world right on this spot.

At Tambuli East Wing’s business center, you can easily use secretarial services, photocopying machine, fax machine, computers, scanners, wireless or internet access, among other business needs. So, you can do your work while enjoying the beach.

Conference Rooms & Facilities
The resort has a 147 square meter room called Tambuli Room. You can hold your conference and other events in this spacious facility.

Sigay Rooms is a smaller room for a small number of participants to your event. It occupies a 56 square meter area in the facility.

Included in these rooms are facilities you would need for a smooth operation of your event, including projectors, white boards, pens, tables, among other equipment you can request.


The following items are basic but fundamental services for your easy and comfortable stay in this resort. These services include:

  • laundry and dry cleaning
  • individual room service upon request
  • available doctor on call
  • health/massage service
  • tour and information service at the front desk
  • airline ticket reservation/confirmation, etc.

In addition, you can also purchase some items as gifts, beach wears, accessories and other items to help you remember this nice place from their gift shop.

This place is quite interesting, isn’t it?

Now, if you are interested to know greater details about this resort, you may use the contact information below…


Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines 6015
Tel. Nos. (6332) 492 1880 to 88 Fax: (6332) 495 8099 / 495 7724
Toll Free: 1800-1888-8228
e-mail: reservations@tambuli.com / sales@tambuli.com
Website: www.tambuli.com/tambuli.htm

Manila Sales Office
Suite 1401 Victoria Bldg., UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Phone: (6302) 522 2302 /  522 2303 / 522 4162 / 522 4061 
Fax: (6302) 522 2304 or 522 2301
Toll free: 1800-1888-2302
E-mail: salesdirector@tambuli.com

Thanks a lot for visiting and reading through this page. Hopefully, this provides you helpful tips about this great resort.

You may continue scanning some pages, or come back next time to find out more interesting places in Cebu Province.

Have a great day!

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