The Mactan Newtown
Beach Club

The Mactan Newtown Beach Club

the-mactan-newtown-beach-club-beachBeach view of the beachfront (photo courtesy: The Mactan Newtown Beach Club)

The Mactan Newtown Beach Club

Online visitors are still flocking my page on Portofino Beach Resort. Many were asking if the resort is still open or not since nobody answers their call. Many got very disappointed when they learned that it was closed down. However, now, after the hiatus of the beach (which is a good break to recover itself as nature does), it is back with much better amenities and still in progress.

The Mactan Newtown Beach Club is the new name and face of the former Portofino Beach Resort. It is not the same as before as it grows, not the beach, but the name and the fame of the place. It is now under the Megaworld’s 30-hectare township project. The beachfront area, which is about 11.5 hectares is now open to the public – but soft opening.

mactan-newtown-beach-club-modelsBoat-sailing competition models (photo credit: The Mactan Newtown Beach Club)

More activities & Facilities

Beach Facilities for Rent
In comparison to the good old Portofino Resort, The Mactan Newtown Beach Club offers much more fun and various beach activities and facilities. Although they are still in the process of fully developing and providing more interesting activity facilities, you can already see some of the following offers…

  • Jetski (Php3,500/hour)
  • Wake boarding (Php3,000/15 mins)
  • Jet Boat (Php2,000/head/15 mins)
  • Parasailing (Php2,000/15 mins/head)
  • Aqua Glide (Php400/head/10 mins)
  • Banana Boat (Php300/head/15 mins)
  • Paddle Board (Php600/head/1 hour)

While enjoying and spending relaxing time with friends or family on the beach, one can also explore with your naked eyes the views just right opposite to Mactan Island – the panorama of Hilutungan Channel and Magellan Bay. You must know that the Hilutungan Island is another amazing and must-visit places among islands belonging to Olango Island Group.

mactan-island-beach-resort-parasolBeach Parasol (Photo Credit: The Mactan Newtown Beach Club)

Check out more facilities

The beachfront of The Mactan Newtown Beach will soon make available improved, high-quality and well-equipped beach club on the island. It simply means that more fun and exciting water and beach sports facilities available to beach-goers.

Basic Details at The Mactan Newtown Beach Club
I certainly believe that you are seeking this part of the page as you need the most basic information before embarking on any adventure or place. You will do the same with Mactan Newtown Beach. So, here they are…

Entrance Fee
It will cost you 150 Pesos – Yes, that is your charge to fully enjoy the sun, the breeze and the cool waters of Mactan Island (by the way, that fee is only on weekdays). 199 Pesos fee during the weekend will be collected per head, except for kids who are lower that 3 and a half feet or below 7 years old. I guess they collect a higher fee on weekends to limit the number of visitors and keep the area less crowded and rowdy – but can you stop them from being attracted to struggle through and get in?

Business Hours
Guests are allowed from 6 AM up to 7 PM. It means that the beach area is only for beach activities and that no one is allowed to stay overnight.

Cottages, tents and beach mats for rents.
Yes, you can surely rent such facilities if you do not have them or not willing to rent a cottage.

  • Huge tent – Php3,000; can accommodate 25 guests
  • Small tent – Php1,500; can accommodate 15 guests
  • Cottages – Php1,800; can accommodate 20 guests
  • Cabana – Php1,500; can accommodate 15 guests
  • Parasol – Php800
  • Wooden Table – Php800; can accommodate up to 8 people
  • Tables with 4 chairs – Php500

Corkage. Yes, this is a common inquiry among beach-lovers (beach-goers I mean). The management will collect a corkage for your liquor if you bring one or more. However, there is no corkage on food and soft drinks or water. Here are the corkage rates:

  • Big liquor – 50 pesos per bottle
  • Small liquor – 20 pesos per bottle
  • Imported liquor – 100 pesos per bottle

Yes, you are allowed to bring in your beloved dog or cat (I suppose these are the animals they really mean to say. I suppose bringing in snakes, monkeys and such not-so-friendly animals would be barred from entering. So, I guess, these needs clarifications as to what sort of pets are allowed in the premises). However, your furry friends cannot just swim anywhere but only in some designated portions of the beach area. Ah yes, pets may enter without paying entrance fees!

Notice: the latest time that they allow visitors to the beach area is 7 pm. Therefore, you should be out before then.

Services for Events
The Mactan Newtown Beach resort accept picnics on the beach for those wishing to organize it. Officemates, school people, classmates reunion and other sorts of organization gatherings or picnic are accepted.


Finding The Mactan Newtown Beach Club

The Mactan Newtown Beach Club
Get to Mactan Island and head for Mactan Newtown. If you do not know the way or riding your vehicle, you need to take the small road beside Mactan Newtown then take the first left turn leading to the resort. There are smaller signs but visible enough to see. When in doubt, ask people around the place.

Contact Details

  • Address: Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu
  • Phone: 0917-7044-893 (mobile
  • Landline: 032-316-4649   

The Mactan Newtown Project

The Mactan Newtown is Megaworld’s major township development projects that are extended outside Metro Manila. The company took advantage of Cebu’s great environment establishing such township projects close or by the beachfront area.

Such mega-community establishments do not only compose residential properties but also working sites, offices, first-class commercial quarters, upscale hotels, top educational institutions and myriad of structures close to the beach areas, if not, with great ocean panorama.

To find out more about The Mactan Newtown, you may click the link here.

Thanks for reading down to this part.
Have a great day and enjoy the beach.

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