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cebu-beach-resortsBamboo Paradise Beach Resort

Cool Bamboo Paradise Resort

Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort is a nice but small resort facility in Argao Town of Cebu Province located close to the national highway road. It is about 68 kilometers south of Cebu City, the province’s capital.

The resort offers a number of rooms for your longer stay and has a courtyard with tropical plants and basic facilities.

Although located close to the sea, you might have to head for Mahayahay Beach for a fantastic beach experience.

For this budget resort facility, you can still enjoy your break or vacation with its basic amenities and services available.

Now, let's check out some of the resort's offers and available facilities...

bamboo-paradise-resortBamboo Paradise Beach Resort's yard

Fun & Relaxing Activities

In this resort you can relax and unwind stress resulting from your regular hectic lifestyle. With simple facilities and environment, you can do the following…

Sunbathing lounges and chairs are available just right outside your room with a nice view of the sea. Of course, you can certainly enjoy strolling the beach area and breathe freely the refreshing Argao breeze!

Relaxing Yard
You can read your favorite books, novels or magazines in the courtyard provided with tables and chairs while enjoying your cup of tea/coffee or any.

Palm Trees & Sea Breeze
Although not so wide, the courtyard of Bamboo Paradise Resort has some varieties of tropical flowers, plants and trees, including coconut trees. (By the way, watch out for mature (usually brownish color) coconuts because they might fall on you!)

Other water activities: snorkel
You can always ask the management to help you get to the popular beach nearby – Mahayahay Beach.

It only takes a few minute-ride by tricycle (bike with a sidecar) to get to the beach. Mahayahay is popular for swimming, snorkeling and other water activities, including scuba diving and island hopping. There you can see local culture with a mixture of foreign guests’ presence—East meets West.

beaches-in-cebuBamboo Paradise Resort, Argao

Homely Accommodation & Food Services

The advantage of getting into a not-so-commercialized or smaller family business resort is that, which you already know, you'll be served well with friendly and homey services. This is sort of service is the one you will get at Bamboo Paradise's staff.

Anyway, here are the room offers...

Bamboo Paradise Resort offers only Four  rooms.

  • 1 Twin Bedroom
  • 3 Double Bedrooms
  • extra guest needs an extra bed

All rooms are good for 2 persons

All rooms are fully air-conditioned and come with cable Televisions, hot and cold showers.

Yes, FREE WiFi Zone!

The rates presented above could change without prior notice and available only for overnight and low or off seasons. Please, confirm directly for an accurate and updated rates.

Usually, the Check-In Time is at 1 pm and Check-Out Time is at 12 noon.

There is no free breakfast available. But of course you can order for it or any meal you want at anytime--but please, give an advance notice!

The resort can prepare a variety of meal depending on your preferred dish. They offer American, German, Asian and Filipino type of dishes. Since the resort is by the sea, you can certainly get the freshest seafood you can get.

Finding Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort


Yes, this is how you will find Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort in Cebu Province. Please, ask if the information is not enough.

Address: 523 Poblacion, Argao, Cebu, Philippines.
Phones:  (032) 3677-271; 485 5130
facebook: bambooparadiseargao
message:  @bambooparadiseargao

Please, be generous to let us know should there be any changes in the above information. You can also help others find this property easily and make all happy ^^.

Getting to Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort

If you wish, the resort can arrange to pick you up from Cebu City or from Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 (or Terminal 1).

Another way is to take a taxi from the airport that will cost you more than a thousand pesos (around Php1,400).

If you are comfortable, you may also take a bus from the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Take the bus that has Bato-Oslob route. Just let the driver or bus conductor your final destination – Bamboo Paradise Resort.

It is about 68 kilometers from Cebu and it takes approximately over two hours by bus. Most transports in the town proper are tricycles, motorbikes and trisikads.

Hopefully, this page helps you find what you’ve been looking for. Visit us again or more often to get greater information on Cebu’s travel guides and vacation destinations.

Please, enjoy your holiday!

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