Looc Garden Beach Resort

Mahayahay Beach in Argao Cebu, Philippines. Beaches in Argao Town are known for its expansive and long stretches of beaches that are mostly available for public use. Adventures and fun activities.Mahayahay Beach Resort (Image Source: Looc Garden Beach Resort)

Looc Garden Beach Resort at Mahayahay Beach

Looc Garden Beach Resort or Mahayahay Beach Resort is a very popular beach in Argao, Cebu Province, Philippines.

It is a public beach and great for groups who prefer budget place to enjoy and party, especially among families, friends and classmates.

Of course, families and whatever kind of gang you have can enjoy Mahayahay Beach’s waters. There are lots of cottages,  small convenient stores, vendors of any kind from which you can readily buy food and drinks for your one day activities.

In October to May the water is very calm, which is great if you want peace and meditative atmosphere (‘mahayahay’ means very relaxing or comfortable in Cebuano language).

However, in June to September the wind is strong that creates wonderful big waves, which is great for…

Fun Activities and Adventures

The open wide and spacious, where you can freely breathe and cool sea breeze, surrounding area of the beach gives you much freedom to implement your prepared plans for the day.

And, the wide open and blue sea right in front of you offers a great opportunity and waiting to be explored.

However, if you don't want to go that far, you can easily enjoy any activity or inactivity on the beach with family or friends.

Some beach activities that some enthusiasts or you can do include: surfing, skimboarding, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball and anything one can do close to the beach.

Basically, here are some of the things that most visitors would usually enjoy with while in this part of Argao Municipality...

Yes, if you have your own tents, then bring it in. You can spend a night or days camping out at this beach. Surely, you can enjoy a campfire at night while telling stories, eating, and drinking something. Most often, college or university students do this especially when they have school projects, planning on something, group bonding or just a mere celebration about any success achieve during the year.

Barbecuing by the beach
Restaurants are not so established business in this area, so go on have your budget and enjoy preparing you own delicious barbecue by the beach or anything you and your groups know how to cook!

Some places offer barbecue facility that you can rent and have your prepared meats or sea food barbecued over fire.

Boating/ Boat Trips
This can be arranged by looking for such service providers in the area. You can find lots of them and choose your price (remember to bargain!).

HOWEVER, if you prefer to stay in a more comfortable place and spend a little bit more beyond your budget, you can book to a resort called…

Looc Garden Beach Resort at Mahayahay Beach

This private resort does not only offer you the wide open beach and sea but also facilities of its own. If you don't enjoy much the sea water but only the beach, you have an alternative at this resort - the swimming pool.

Looc Garden Beach Resort's Swimming Pool

Yes, you can enjoy its private pool with your family, friends or classmates or co-workers in this facility. By the poolside you can find...

  • lounging chairs where you can lazily relax, daydream and get some sun kisses
  • parasols over loungers and chairs
  • tables and chairs for your drinks or snacks, or for your laptop, etc.

The facilities are basic and simple but just the right things you need in this resort.

Rooms by the pool
It offers four (4) houses than can accommodate about 25 guests in total. The houses are in Bungalow style and have the amenities you need for your comfortable stay.

Looc Garden's Accommodation / Room Types

You can certainly rent a room at this resort with various rates and amenities depending on your needs. Please, note that rates here are only guides and are not fixed prices since they could change over time and without any prior notice.

Here are the room types and (temporary) rates (from 1000, above)

  • Standard Rooms: electric fan, 1 double bed
  • Air-conditioned Room (small): 1 double bed
  • Air-conditioned (big): 1 double & 1 single beds
  • VIP Room: 1 double & 2 single beds
  • Extra guest, extra child, extra bed, TV payments will be collected

Please, inquire and confirm the rate, or anything, because it could change without prior notice. (*Reminder: This site is not affiliated with any of the establishments featured here). So, make sure you contact the management to get the updated rates.

Finding Looc Garden Beach Resort

Argao is about 67 kilometers from Cebu and it takes around 1.5 hours by car and more than 2 hours by public transport (bus/coach/V-hire).

You may use the following contact details for your inquiry regarding the resort. Please, let us know (preferably an email) if there are new updates or errors...

Management: Normita & Joy Maglanque
Address:          Looc Garden Beach Resort, Looc, Argao, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:            +63 32 485 9516
Cellphone:     +63 916 322 0589
E-mail:             joymaglanque@yahoo.com
Website:         www.loocgarden.net

Mahayahay Beach resort. Skim boarding in this area is popular especially during windy and stormy days.Skimboarding at Mahayahay Beach (image source: Looc Garden Beach resort)

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More Beaches & Resorts in Argao

The following are some of the places you can also visit, explore or enjoy with. Certainly, there are more great and interesting places and sites that we can explore, discover...

Thanks a lot for visiting this page. Hope you’ll drop by more often to check out further development in this site about Cebu’s travel resources and holiday destinations.

Thanks and have a great time!

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