Barili Municipality

barili municipality, cebu province


barili municipality

Barili Municipality is one of Cebu Province's municipalities located in the Visayan Region, Philippines. 

The municipality is about 61 kilometers from Cebu City, the capital city of the province. Barili can be reached by all land transport vehicles through Carcar Road.

The municipality is bounded on the South by Dumanjog Municipality, on the North by Aloguinsan Municipality, on the East by Carcar Municipality and the West by Sibonga Municipality.

According to Wikipedia, Barili is a second municipal income class municipality in the province. It has over seventy thousand residents according to the 2015 census. Historically, the name of the municipality came from the local grass called ‘balili.' 

It is believed that the cross that was erected by the Spanish who arrived in the area in 1602 is still visible today. The municipality was founded in 1632, but it is believed that the parish was established as early as in 1614.

Number of Barangays

Barili Municipality is one of the local centers that have bigger number of barangays (townships). The 42 barangays are the following…

Azucena, Bagakay, Balao, Boloc-Boloc, Budbud, Bugtong Kawayan, Cabcaban, Cagay, Campangga, Candugay, Dakit, Giloctog, Ginawon, Guibuangan, Gunting, Hilasgasan, Japitan, Kalubihan, kangdampas, Luhod, Lupo, Luyo, Maghanoy, Maigang, Malolos, Mantalongon, Mantayupan, Mayana, Minolos, Nabunturan, Nasipit, Pancil, Pangpang, Paril, Patupat, Poblacion, San Rafael, Santa Ana, Saya, Tal-ot, Tubod, Vito.

Business and Industry

Barili Municipality has varied trade and industry resources that are quite improving each year. The most common type of business is the miscellaneous store called ‘Sari-Sari Store.' Other trades and businesses include restaurants and cafeterias, fish and meat retail shops, general merchandise, service and repair shops, tailor and dress shops, jewelry and lending investments, lumber shops, hardware stores, marketing firms, bakeshops, gasoline stations, photo shops, beauty shops, and more (source:

Of course, the municipality also has established financial intermediaries such as the banks. The bank categories include rural banks and cooperatives with the area. 

The most common raw materials that Barili produce are coconuts, coco lumber, corn, bamboo, buri and other farm and livestock products.

travel destinations & resources

Barili Municipality is also famous among adventurers and travelers. In particular, it is famous for its majestic Mantayupan Falls. Other travel resources are the following:

You can certainly find lots of interesting places because of the number barangays that have myriads of resources such as travel destinations, sites, stories, and legends. If you are from one of those places, please send me a message telling about the attractions of your place so that we can include it on this website. It might make your place famous!

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