Cebu Scuba Packages

What Cebu scuba packages on diving programs are available?

There are lots of diving packages in Cebu Province which you can avail from. It depends or vary a little on the package programs of each dive centers and each dive sites...

Aside from the accommodations, benefits, and facilities, they almost all have similar features.

Cebu diving packages are being offered to two groups of enthusiasts:

  • Package for Certified Divers. These refer to divers with various certification levels. Since YOUR would-be instructors have great PADI diving backgrounds and skills, they are qualified to develop further your knowledge and skills in diving.
  • Package for those who want to be certified. The courses allow all potential divers regardless of age, except babies... Like, there is a course for kids and youths...

Cebu PADI Diving Courses page is available if you click that link.

To become a certified diver, you may take PADI eLearning Course, PADI Open Water Diver Course, or the whole bunch of exciting PADI courses, which are being offered in most Cebu dive centers.

General Features of Cebu Scuba Packages offers:

  1. Site Dive Packages: example - 2 dives/day - includes accommodation at Resorts, meals, dive equipment, guide, & boat. Bonus: More days of diving means more dives per day, not only 2 dives per day.
    • In other words, you'll enjoy more, learn more, and save or earn more if you book for, say, 5 days...
    • Some centers include transfer fees while others do not;
    • You can also sample local food aside from international food being served by at the center...
    • Some provides air-con rooms (double occupancy, etc.) while some centers do not - just the local air & sea breeze!

  2. PADI eLearning Package. Interested and potential divers begin independent study with the PADI Open Water Diver Course Online. Knowledge development is the start and you'll eventually learn to dive under a PADI Instructor's guidance. Equipment, services and facilities will be provided by the center

  3. PADI Open Water Package. Beginning of an adventure! This package course teaches you the fundamentals necessary for a safe diving activity without a diving instructor's supervision. This course teaches you theoretical knowledge and practical necessary skills on scuba diving. Like a regular school, the instructor will discuss topics, ask quesions, you ask questions, watch video, etc. But, of course, more interesting than regular schools!Actual practice: you'll do confined water training (around five sessions) dives to learn the necessary skills through your instructor's demonstrations...Certified diver: you can graduate after completing four dives in open waters, where you can apply in real divesites what you've learned in confined water (swimming pools, usually!)So, you can become a certified diver in just a few days - 5 days, usually! Wow!
  4. PADI eLearning Package site: You have to purchase an eLearning Course online.

You may click It's one of the websites that provide the best diving package courses in Cebu.

Please compare the package prices from other sites' diving centers for your satisfaction and more choices. 

Thanks for visiting, have a really great diving adventure!

Keep safe...

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