Club Fort Med in Boljoon, Cebu

cebu beach resorts philippinesAmazing sunrise view at Club Fort Med

Club Fort Med Beach Resort, Boljoon

Fort Med is a derivative of the proprietor’s name: Fortunato Medida. This resort is about a kilometer before the town proper of Boljoon, Cebu Province, Philippines.

The resort offers medium range rates for its facilities, which are various enough to help you and your family or friends spend the best time of your vacation.

Fort Med caters for any sort of events and conferences and their restaurant serves mainly Filipino cuisine (but certainly, you can order other menu in advance). By the way, as an update, they offer great pizzas! I have tried it and almost finished the whole!

The resort does not have an expansive beach to swim in but has two refreshing and nice swimming pools.

A 3-hour travel from Cebu City will take you to the beautiful town of Boljoon passing the highway with scenic view of white beaches and blue skies above.

Now, let’s check out some of its…

Fun Activities

Fort Med does not provide everything but you can always make a request for an activity to enjoy with during your stay.

Some of the activities you can enjoy with or help you unwind includes:

Snorkeling and Diving
Make a request for a day’s trip for snorkeling or diving nearby the resort and observe the colorful and vibrant underwater sea life.

Island Hopping
You can request for an interesting and fun island hopping for a day’s adventure. This activity will let you see the smaller islands surrounding the area and enjoy your barbecue in one of those white island’s beaches and enjoy your swim or any fun sun activity.

Caving, hiking, trekking
The area or the whole Cebu Province has loads of places and venues where you can enjoy challenging yourself by sweating out and releasing your adrenaline. It is a pleasurable experience for some people but not all are ready to enjoy it.

However, you might become an enthusiast to any of those activities if you try at least once (in your lifetime). It would be a great experience, who knows!

Touring around the town
Boljoon has fantastic views and sites that guests can visit and study. It has historical sites, including the Boljoon Church and other remnants of Spanish occupation in the area.

Outdoor & Indoor Games
You can enjoy playing the indoor billiard game, ping pong (table tennis), beach volleyball or anything you can think of playing at the resort.

club fort med cottagesJapanese type and open hut cottages

Great Facilities & Services

Club Fort Med maybe the place you need to visit for your holidays. It offers various facilities that can satisfy your needs and completes your break from the daily toils in life. Here are their main facilities:

  • Air-con Rooms
  • Bathrooms with hot & cool showers
  • Bar & restaurant
  • Function Rooms
  • Dive Shop
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Billiard Game facilities
  • Karaoke Room
  • Therapeutic Massage Service
  • Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi
  • Cable TV, Wi-Fi

Certainly, they can offer more if you ask in advance before your arrival.

cebu beachesLoungers at Club Fort Med Resort
Cebu Beach ResortSwimming pool at early sunrise

Package Offers

Club Fort Med Resort offers very affordable package deals for its visitors. Such packages may include formal activities (such as conferences and social functions) and interesting outdoor activities such as whale shark watching.

Let's check out these two packages...

Minimum of 20 persons with a rate of P1,200/head

Included in that rate:

  • room accommodation,
  • complimentary use of Function Room,
  • buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • morning and afternoon snacks
  • use of billiards, beach volleyball, swimming pool,
  • WiFi

Please, make sure that you contacting in advance the Club Fort Med's Front desk for your arrangements. This is to avoid misunderstandings and to make your event perfect and memorable!

And the second is an interesting activity. Whale shark watching in this area, specially in Oslob Town where this is closely located, offers you a great opportunity in life to watch the gentle giant fish called 'Butanding' in local language and commonly called Whale Shark in English.

Here is your package deal...

Whale Shark Watching

The rate for Whale shark Watching is P2,500/person for a minimum of 10 persons. This package includes:

  • room accommodation
  • round trip transfers
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • whale shark watching at Tan-awan
  • National Heritage visitation
  • use of billiards, beach volleyball,
  • swimming pool and WiFi

Please, contact Fort Med directly for your preferred package arrangements.

casita bedroomBedroom in a Casita facility

Accomodation & Cool Cottages

Club Fort Med resort welcomes visitors of every age, gender and color or any background. In order to be in in this resort, however, each respected guest must provide an entrance fee (Adults = Php200; Kids = Php100)

That entrance fee gives you permission to use the swimming pool, yes!

Now, let's check out the rates for its cottage rental for those who wants to enjoy and relax in this place for a day or short time only.

Cottage Rentals:
Japanese Cottage is only Php 500
Open Cottage is only Php 400

I suppose that's the rate for a day use basis.

Room Rates
The resort has three basic rooms that can accommodate you for your overnight stay or longer. The rates may differ depending on the season. You may visit their website for the rates or click here and see more photos, facilities, rates, among other features of this nice facility.

  • Row House Type (Php2,000 to 2,200)
  • Single Detached (Php2,600 to 2,800)
  • Casita Type (Php3,600 to 3,800)

For each extra person, such as in excess of 2 adults and 2 kids per room, the rate is Php200. Extra bed (optional) costs Php200 if you need one more.

Club Fort Med HouseSingle House

Finding Club Fort Med Resort

Now, if you got interested to check out this resort, you may use the below contact details for your inquiries...

Address : National Highway Arbor, Boljoon, Cebu
Telephone: (+63) 32 482 9050
Mobile: (+63) 932 856 7880

Hope this helps, and please let us know should there be any changes in the details mentioned above.

boljoon-churchBoljoon Church

More Beach Resorts & Attractions

Included below are some links of beach resorts and tourist attractions located in Boljoon Town, Cebu. Feel free to see them or search them yourselves for fun!

Granada Beach Resort, Palanas Mountain Resort, Granada Beach House Resort, Mediong’s Seaside Escape Resort


1. El Grande Baluarte
2. Watch Towers at Ili Rock – Baluarte sa Fuente
3. Boljoon Parish Museum
4. Boljoon Church Museum
5. Plaza Bermejo
6. Boljoon Heritage Walk
7. Ili Rock of Boljoon
8. Arbor Marine Sanctuary
9. Patrocinio de maria Church
10. Gates and Walls quadrangle that protected the church
11. Escuela Katolika – parish

Thank you for dropping by and reading through this page. Hopefully this helps you find anything you were looking for.

Come back again, and have a wonderful day!

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