Dalaguete Beach Park

Dalaguete Beach Park & Resort

Dalaguete Beach Park during low tide, by Laaganna Cebuana

Public Dalaguete Beach Park, Dalaguete

Dalaguete Beach is a public beach resort in the municipality of Dalaguete in the southern part of Cebu Province.

It has nice and tall swinging coconut palms on its sandy beach dotting the shorelines of this resort.

The place is being maintained and under the upkeep of the local government for residents and tourists alike to enjoy with.

To help maintain the area, the local authorities only ask for a very minimal entrance fee (Php7-15/kid/adult) and parking fee (Php20).

Other basic facilities are also available for rent but you don’t have to if you got your own beach mat and other resources.

Facilities available for rentals

Being a public facility, Dalaguete Beach Resort offers various facilities to all its guests. The facilities are basic with budget and affordable rates. Let's check out some of them...

Tropical Cottages

Nice nipa/cogon cottages are available for rent (about Php100-200) a day. Some prefers to rent it to support the project, or prefer to use their beach mat and umbrella.

Parking Area
Yup, if you are traveling or visiting this place with your family, friends, co-workers, or your whole gang, you can only pay for a minimal charge for your vehicle. I’m not sure if this includes a motorbike or bicycle.

Shower Room Usage
There’s a shower room available to wash up yourself after a swim in the resort’s salty water. As of this writing they management charge each guest for Php20.

Dalaguete Beach ParkA nice view of Dalaguete Beach Park beach by Miss K

Finding Dalaguete Beach Park & Resort

If you find it attractive and worth visiting, you can get there by taking most of the public vehicles available from most points in Cebu Island.

However, if you came from Cebu City you may take the following transports.

By Public Buses
Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take the Dalaguete-bound bus that brings you right at the entrance of Dalaguete resort. Just inform the conductor or driver ahead. But you’ll surely never miss it since they will always ask or announce the name of the next stop ahead of time.

The trip will take more than 2 hours but it could be an interesting ride since you’ll see nice views from your window beaches and the sea.

Then you might want to take a tricycle (3-wheeled motorbike) to bring you to the gate of the park.

V-hire (van for hire)
This vehicle is also available at the South Bus Terminal. It will take about 2 hours to reach the place.


Certainly, you can take a taxi with great comfort especially when you have some luggages, and with two or three more friends (or family members) to save more cab fare. You'll be there in less than two hours.

More Dalaguete beaches & attractions

Dalaguete Beach Resort is one just of the many nice places you can visit in the area.

You can also enjoy the following places while in the area...

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Dalaguete Rockwalled Beach Resort, Kyleville Resort, Dalaguete Mountain Resort,

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Thanks again for visiting this site and hopefully it helps.

Come by again and more often to find out more about Cebu Province’s holiday destinations and fine beaches.

Public Dalaguete Beach Park's beach

Have a wonderful day then!

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