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Hard Rockwalled Adventure Resort

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Rockwalled Adventure Resort, Dalaguete

Rockwalled Adventure Resort is a charming facility situated in the southern part of Cebu Province, Philippines. Its attraction is due to the fact that it is established by or on the side of a cliff by the sea.

The resort is also famous for its small but interesting cave with its refreshing freshwater gushing out and flowing towards the open sea.

Rockwalled Resort is located just outside of Dalaguete along the highway. Built on a cliff the resort has 8 rooms and a number of cottages for day use. There is a natural (seawater) swimming pool, a cave to explore, KTV and function rooms.

If you come and want to explore the sea and other places nearby, you may rent boats for our trips and fun adventures. Below you will find more details regarding the resort's facilities, services and offers.

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Fun Activities & Interesting Offers

When you are in this place, you can certainly enjoy a thousand ways either with a small group or a bigger one. They offer basic services and facilities but you can always create activities or request for it to work for you. Anyway, here are the easy but fun offers...

Fun Swimming
You can imagine that a resort built on a cliff would usually entail that space for a sandy beach is slim, and so is the case of Rockwalled. However, you can still swim the water close to the resort which is protected by some walls.

What the management did was building a wall and let the saltwater in making it a swimming pool with saltwater, fantastic! This might be the only pool that has both high tide and low tide in the province.

Cave Exploring
Located inside the resort property is a cave. Most guests prefer to explore this cave to discover anything interesting inside it and dip in in its fresh water. Guests usually enjoy and spend time here with the fresh water coming out from it, and certainly do not miss taking pictures!

Boating Tour
Yes, you can rent a boat to help you explore further and outside the walls of this resort. Surely, you can enjoy snorkeling, diving, or simply swimming during your tour’s stops. Make your tour plan and request for this service.

You can easily rent the resort’s kayak and start paddling in the waters of Dalaguete Municipality. This is fun but make sure you won’t drift away.

rockwalled-resort-caveRockwalled Resort's cave photo by Boyztown

As of this writing, there is no WiFi available yet in this facility. Just to remind you again, in case you missed something, here are the resort’s facilities available for your fun break, vacation, or any event.

  • KTV machine
  • Cool and refreshing Cave
  • Kayak and boat rentals
  • Swimming Pool (saltwater pool)

Function Rooms
Just to emphasize a little on this item, Rockwalled Resort offers rooms for a bit serious events, such as meetings, team-building, seminars, and other sorts of gatherings you want to hold and successfully accomplish in this resort.

Okay, let’s check out the accommodation facility…

Accommodation /Room Rates

If you or your group plans on staying for longer hours or days, you can avail some rooms with simple amenities with affordable rates.

Family Room
A family room can accommodate your family for up to 6 members. I believe that you might have to pay extra charge if you have more members. Rate: Php2000.00.

Standard Room
This room can accommodate 4 guests for Php1500.00.
Please, note that rates change overtime so make sure you get the updated rates.

The rooms have the following amenities available:

  • Air-condition Facility
  • Cold Shower
  • Local TV channel (for family room only)
  • Refrigerator (for family room only)

Finding Rockwalled Adventure Resort

If you really are seriously thinking of visiting or doing something in this resort, you are most welcome to make use of the information below. Please, be reminded that mobile phones change a lot for many and so hopefully you can reach it below. If not, then start with the email first.

Address: Rockwalled Adventure Resort, Barangay Coro, Dalaguete, 6022 Cebu, Philippines
Landline Phone: (63 32) 4848 436/ 4848 432
Mobile Phone: 0920 947 0185

Great if you are able to contact through any of the phone numbers above, but if not, then try another way. Please, be kind to let us know if the numbers change so that other visitors of this page will benefit from your generousity! Thanks in advance :)

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