Dakong Bato Beach Resort

Dakong Bato Beach Resort

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Fun Dakong Bato Beach Resort

The resort’s name is a transliteration of two terms: ‘dako’ for big/huge and ‘bato’ for rock in Cebuano language. The name is recently changed to Dakong Bato Beach & Leisure Resort.

Dakong Bato Beach Resort is situated in the southern part of Cebu’s provincial island in Barangay Coro (township) of Dalaguete Town. You can reach this beach resort in about 2 hours by private car or taxi, and about 3 hours by bus (coach). 

It boasts a good life of laid-back atmosphere, amazing sea and landscape views, and perfect accommodations that provide comforting and restful atmosphere.

As a beach and leisure resort, Dakong Bato offers a lot of…

Fun & Exciting Activities

To save you time reading, we’ll only mention a few existing and available facilities for fun activities…

Rubber kayaks and dingy boats
Paddling a kayak and knowing that you are in control and moving forward (hopefully not in circle!) is a great feeling to experience, especially on top of the water. If you are afraid and haven’t had this, just put on the safety jacket and go, go, go…

Cave Adventure
Around this area in Dalaguete, you can find many caves in the hills and mountains (and sea caves as well) of various depths, heights, diameter, or whatever you may call it. It is fun, at least for some, to explore such places to find anything at all - bats, rock formations, secret pools, etc.

Spring water pool with a slide & jacuzzi
If you came to enjoy the pool, you would surely get it here together with a slide (for your kids, maybe) and a Jacuzzi.

Now, we’ll check out what Dakong Bato offers as…


Tropical Facilities & Services

The available facilities and services you can enjoy with in this property are various and it all depends on your choices to suit your holiday or just a day's break. Here they are...

  • Cottages: charge depending on the need of group size (PhP300-500)
  • Restaurant: nice food & view of the surroundings and sea/beach
  • Sea-Water Enclosure: white sand and water for young and older guests
  • Swimming Pools Infinity Pool: uses spring water supply; two pools - for children and adults with slides and jacuzzi

The basic amenities include: room air-conditioner, ceiling fans, bathroom with hot/cold showers, TV, DVDs for rent, refrigerator, WiFi access.


Entrance Fee, Corkage and Other Rental Rates
See the following miscellaneous rates for rental services available at Dakong Bato Beach & Leisure Resort.

Entrance Fee
PhP100 per adult and Php75 per child (3-12 years old) for walk-in guests.

You can use the facilities and services at Dakong Bato as a day-user. It means that you can pay an additional fee of Php25/guest on top of the entrance fee to enjoy the place. Day-use starts from 8AM up to 6PM only.

Large Cottage and Small Cottage
This cool cottage can accommodate up to 25 guests for a cost of PhP500. The small cottages (depending on the accessibility and location) may cost from PhP300 to 400.

The North Wing Gazebo has a videoke and can accommodate up to 50 guests for a rental cost of PhP2,000. While the South Wing Gazebo with no videoke costs PhP1,500 and can accommodate up to 30 guests (you may contract a videoke for this gazebo for a rent of Php1,500).

Sports Facilities and Gears Rentals Rates
Yes, you may have to rent any of these (if you don’t have one) to explore the available resources, enjoy longer and better. Here they are (rates in PhP):

  • Snorkel – 300
  • Lifejacket – 30
  • Goggles – 150
  • Single Kayak – 200/hour
  • Double Kayak – 300/hour
  • Private Karaoke Room (Coffee Bar) – 200/hour
  • Tables and chairs – 200
  • Water dispenser – 100/day/water excluded

Corkage Rate
Just like most resorts who also want to sell their own products, Dakong Bato Resort is also asking for corkage fee. This requirement is effective for a check-in guest (PhP50) who is bringing any food or drink products, and also for a walk-in guest (PhP25).

A fee of PhP500 is required for a whole lechon (one roasted pig).


Accommodation / Rooms at Dakong Bato

Depending on the number of visitors, facilities and services needed, and other amenities during your stay, you may choose from the following quick list of rooms. See here for photos and rates:

Double Seaview Non-Aicon Room – 1 queen bed
Double Seaview Room A: 1 queen bed
Double Seaview Room B: a balcony and 1 queen bed
Double Seaview Room C: a balcony and 1 king bed
Double Seaview Room D: a balcony and 1 queen bed
Double Room: 1 queen bed

Triple Room: a veranda, queen bed and 1 single bed
Triple Seaview Room: large external but private veranda; a queen bed, single bed and cable TV

Quad Room: 2 queen beds
Quad Seaview Room A: balcony and 2 queen beds

Quad Seaview Room B: 2 queen beds and a cable TV
Family Seaview Room A: a balcony and 3 queen beds
Family Seaview Room B: a spacious balcony and 3 queen beds
Family Seaview Room C: with loft and balcony, 2 queen beds, 2 communal beds and a refrigerator

Family Mountainview Room: with loft, 2 queen beds and 2 communal beds and a refrigerator
Family Room: 3 double-deck beds, 1 queen bed and 2 bunk beds
Barkada Seaview Room: has a long veranda, 4 double-deck beds

Please, see the updated rates here: Room Rates

Rooms have air-con facilities, TV, intercom, hot and cold showers, free WiFi access
PhP250 per head for an adult extra guest, but a child from 5 years and below is free and can only use the existing bed.

Workshop / Team-building Function Room
In addition to the regular resting rooms, Dakong Bato also offers function rooms for seminars, workshops, team-buildings, and similar events. These rooms are designed for such functions and equipped with facilities to make the users more comfortable and productive in their activities.

dakong-bato-caveDakong Bato's cave

Finding Dakong Bato Beach Resort

There are many ways to find and get to this popular beach resort in Dalaguete Municipality. Please, let us know if there are any changes in the details, such as if the contact details do not work anymore - thanks in advance!

Phone: (032) 484-4003
Address: Coro, Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines
Email: info@dakongbato.com
Website: www.dakongbato.com

How to get there

Every possible means or transport can bring you there anytime and all year round, 24/7! You may use our advice as follow...

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport
Take a taxi or V-hire for Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal, then take a bus (coach) bound for Dalaguete. What follows are the available buses at this terminal...

Air-conditioned Vehicles: Ceres Bus Liner, Sunrays Bus Liner, Vehicle for Hire (V-Hire)
Non Air-conditioned Vehicles: Ceres Bus Liner, Sunrays Bus Liner, Natalie Bus Liner, Villahermosa Bus Liner, Quilaton Bus Liner

More resorts & attractions in Dalaguete

Dakong Bato Beach Resort is just one of the great resorts, sites or attractions you can see and explore. Dalaguete Municipality has so much to offer not only to its locals but also to all visitors in the area.

Daghan salamat sa paghapit diri!^^

Thanks for visiting this page. We hope you’ll drop by again from time to time to see more development and contents about Cebu’s travel resources and holiday destinations.

Have an amazing and memorable holiday!

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