Imelda Aroma Waterpark, Catmon
(Royal Vista Water Park)

Imelda Aroma Waterpark

Updated: 02 August 2014
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Imelda Aroma Waterpark's great view (photo: royal vista fb)

Grand Imelda Aroma Waterpark (Royal Vista Waterpark)

Imelda Water Park is a beautiful resort established in Catmon Municipality, Cebu Province, Philippines.

It is nicely located on top of a mountain with accommodation facilities and swimming pools with the background of dancing coconut tress.

This water park is for those who seek a budget and affordable facility but with great services and enjoyable facilities.

Although not a very luxurious leisure facility, Imelda Aroma is fit for adventurers who want to save up a little bit financially but with great satisfaction.

Fun & Interesting Features

Basically, this facility is for those who seek fun in the water with the mountains nature.

You will see that Imelda is especially established as a water park, a place where you spend time with your family, friends, teammates, or any group in the pool.

The swimming pools are nicely built to cater the needs of both young and adult pool lovers.

Imelda Aroma or Royal Vista Waterpark Resort has THREE (3) pools!

First Pool

This pool is especially made for kids. It is only about 2 feet and a half deep. There are four slides at the center for kids to enjoy with.

Surely, kids could spend hours and hours playing in the water without getting exhausted (just like what I used to do when I was little ^^)!

Second Pool/Slide

This one is nicely called the ‘Lazy River’. Let’s check out why.

The free-flowing pool at Imelda Aroma or Royal Vista water park in Catmon, Cebu

This is the bigger and deeper pool among them and intended only for adults and good swimmers. It has a shallow side with 3 feet depth. Probably kids are allowed to swim in but only at the shallow side but with life jackets worn for safety measures.

Rents & Rates of Facilities
Day-use of the facility for an adult guest is 100pesos and 75 pesos for children age 3-11 only. Children below 3 years old are FREE to enter the resort.

Kiosks are available for rent for 500pesos and table with umbrella/parasol for 250pesos each. It is a perfect place to hang out with family or friends for a short break from tedious daily routines.

Overnight Accommodation
If you prefer to stay longer or overnight to relax and enjoy, Imelda Water Park offers room for rent for only Php2,000/2 guests. This room can squeeze in up to 5 people but you need to pay for the additional mattresses, which means you have to pay for the other guys using the room!

The room includes free breakfast, and you can avail the canteen or restaurant that is available 24 hours. A videoke is also available for 5pesos per song, that is, if you want to practice singing or dare to do so!

General Features & Facilities

To get the general and overall picture of Imelda Aroma Water Park, let me sum up the facilities available…

Rooms available:

There are 16 air-conditioned rooms available with generously sized balconies

  • Kiosks and Tables with umbrellas
  • 45-meter long water slide
  • 600-square-meter swimming pool
  • Waterfalls with Jacuzzi
  • Mountain-top Lazy River Cruise
  • Children’s Paradise Pool
  • Hidden Paradise Restaurant with rooftop view
  • Gift Shop

Catering Services Offered

Another great service of Imelda Water Park is its catering services for all sorts of celebrations, events and gatherings that any guest would want to hold or happen in this facility.

Such functions include: birthdays, company picnic or party, weddings, seminars and team-building, family gathering, thanksgiving parties, and all sorts of social gatherings at affordable rates.

Imelda Aroma Water Park (or Royal Vista) has this motto: “Our business is to give you the best service”.
That sounds very inviting!


Here are the types of rooms you can rent for an affordable rate...

Standard Waterview Room: Php 1,400.00
Deluxe Waterview Room: Php 1,600.00
Standard Waterside Room: Php 1,400.00
Deluxe Waterside Room: Php 1,600.00
Riverside Room: Php 1,850.00

Standard Rooms do not include TVs and refrigerators, only Deluxe Rooms have them, for your information.

Please, note that rates could change over time, depending on the season, and changes may occur without prior notice.

So, it is advisable to check with the management the rates and other details regarding accommodation and other facilities and services.

Finding Imelda Aroma Waterpark (Royal Vista Waterpark)

Address: Maca-as, Catmon, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63 32 430-9441



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