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issas-havenView of Issa's swimming pool area

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Issas Haven is a nicely and recently built resort in South Cebu. This resort is an addition to the already existing and popular holiday and beach resorts in the area.

In some ways, Issa's Haven portrays likelihood with Santorini of Greece. It has facilities and physical structures that combine Santorini’s famous blue and white colors, and fantastic views of the sea and sunset. But be reminded that they are not ‘the same’.

Of course, this resort has a beautiful swimming pool and other amenities for your satisfaction while on a vacation or short break.

The resort is available for families, friends, couples, and even lone travelers seeking for tranquil but enjoyable and relaxing weekend or holiday.

The resort has access to the beach area of Oslob’s seashores.

Aside from the regular internal services and facilities, Issas Haven Resort also provides package services, which include the nearby resorts and tourist destinations in Oslob and South Cebu area.

Let’s check out their offers…

issas-havenIssa's entrance area

exciting package service

The following destinations (including fees subject to change) per head per trip are:

  • Tumalog Falls, Oslob Whaleshark Area, and Sumilon Island Sandbar area (250 Pesos/head from Oslob and for transportation only)
  • Aguinid Falls, Hidden Falls, and Dau Falls costs 325 Pesos per head (from Oslob) and for transportation only.
  • For Kawasan Waterfalls, the fee is from 2,500 to 3,000 Pesos per trip (from Oslob) and separate fee for Bamboo rafting (500/head) and Canyoneering (1,500/head, includes 1 meal and gears).
  • For Sumilon Bluewater Day Tour (2,000 Pesos on weekdays and 2,500 Pesos on weekends per head) includes 1 free lunch buffet, boat transport, kayaking, snorkeling, and the use of Bluewater’s swimming pool.
  • There is a Boat Rental (at Sumilon Sandbar) which is available including 1-5 persons (1,500 pesos), 5-10 persons (2,000 pesos), and 10 above (3,000 pesos). The municipal fee is 50 pesos but negotiable.
  • For the Moalboal (Sardines Run activity) from Oslob costs 5,000 Pesos per trip. This needs to be negotiated with the operator.
tumalog-fallsMiss Tumalog Falls Pose!
tumalog-fallsMesmerized by Tumalog's silky falling water

Aguinid Falls' third tier

One of the interesting things you will enjoy at Issa's is the swimming pool. However, you need to abide by their rules to fully enjoy it.

Issa's swimming pool rules

Issa’s Haven has a heavenly swimming pool. However, you need to obey its rules.

These are the following…

  • Swimming hours start at 8 AM and ends at 10 PM.
  • Take a shower first before entering the pool area.
  • You are strictly reminded to be very careful when using it. The owner will not take any responsibility for any injury or accident that might happen to its guests.
  • You reminded not to make loud and disturbing noise that will discomfort others.
  • Any child under nine years old must be accompanied by adults while using the pool
  • Only residents and authorized guests are allowed to use the pool.
  • A number of NOs include drinks or food in the pool area; peeing, pets, running or playing roughly.
  • Also, you are not allowed when you are (too) drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs.
issas-swimming-pool-area-viewWider view of Issa's swimming pool area

accommodation rates

Since most resorts compete with each other regarding affordability, you can find that Issas also offer the most affordable rates you can get in town. Here they are…

Superior Villa
This is good for two persons, has a queen size bed (another with double size bed), a cable tv, air-conditioned, has a mini refrigerator, and a bathroom (2,300 Pesos)

1 Cabana 10A Room
This is good for four guests. It has two bunk beds, a cable TV, air-conditioned, and a bathroom (2,300 pesos, and 2,200 Pesos for 1 Cabana 1-B Room).

2 Cabana 2 Room
This is good for two guests. It has a queen sized bed (two single beds for 2 Cabana 3 Room), a cable TV, air-conditioned, and a bathroom (1,700 Pesos).

1 Queen Room
This is good fro two guests. It is equipped with a queen size bed, a cable TV, air-conditioned, and a bathroom (1,450 Pesos).

2 Single Rooms
This is for one occupant only. It has a single size bed, a cable TV, air-conditioned, and a bathroom.

1 Twin Room
This is good for 2 guests. It has two single size beds, a cable TV, air-conditioned, and a bathroom.

2 Backpackers
This room can accommodate at most five backpackers. It has single size beds, air conditioned, for 500 Pesos per head.

All the accommodations include...

  • complimentary use of the swimming pool from 7 AM to 10 PM
  • Gazebo
  • restaurant 24-hour service
  • rooftop bar

For every extra guest, may have to pay 300 Pesos each.

issas-haven-gazeboGazebo by the pool at Issa's
issas-haven-swimmingpoolIssa's pool in the evening

getting to issa's haven

There are many gateways or roads that lead to Issas Haven resort. From Cebu City, you can take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal and get off close to the resort.

If you are coming from Cebu’s airport, it will take around six hours to get to this resort using land vehicles and travel time varies according to the type of public or private transport.

Also, you can approach Issas Haven from Dumaguete City Airport. It only takes around two hours by car or public transport to get there.

Nearing the area, let the driver or conductor know that you are getting off at Looc Elementary School. It only takes around three minutes to get to the resort. You may use your phone (Waze or Google Maps) to navigate the place.

issa's car service

The resort offers car services with their respective rate offers:

From Cebu-Mactan Airport or Cebu City to Oslob and return is 9,000 Pesos.
From Cebu-Mactan Airport or Cebu City to Hagnaya and back (one-way bases is 9,000 Pesos or 16,000 Pesos)

(*All the quotes are from Issa’s facebook page).

contact details

You may use the following details to arrange in advance your stay at their resort.

If you have further questions, please let them know for clarifications.

Thanks for reading this page and please like if this is useful.

Enjoy your holidays!

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