Lagnason River

Trekking Lagnason River

lagnason-flying-foxesGolden-Crowned Flying Fox

lagnason river

Lagnason River is located in Dalaguete Municipality, which is famous for all sorts of exciting exploration and adventure activities.

In this municipality, you can do river canyoneering, mountain climbing (or hiking), trekking, cave exploring, beach activities, among many.

Lagnason River is also sometimes called a Lagnason Creek by others due to its not-so-deep, but rocky that create raging waters.

It is where you can experience an extreme adventure river trekking.

Back to Lagnason River, you will find it very interesting and challenging at the same time. It is where the wilderness of Cawayan Barangay proudly shows its lush greenery and rich biodiversity. It is in Cawayan Sumbria Bridge where you can begin your river trek with a guide.

dakong-batoCave at Dakong Bato Resort, Dalaguete

lagnason's wild features

When you are physically in the area, you will know that you are something into different. It is not a familiar place, and so a feeling of irrational fear but a sense of awe at the same time - they tickle your senses and imagination.

Beginning at Sumbria Bridge, you will embark your adventure of the day with significant challenges. You should, that is if you are deciding to explore Lagnason River, realize that it is actually wild – huge boulders, very rough rocks, unpredictable depths of water, slippery river banks, among others.

You can observe various kinds of creatures are lurking around, trees everywhere, and all types of flora that are endemic in the locality. This place is a haven for nature-seekers and adventurers.

Follow your guide and listen to his/her advice as it can save you from a lot of troubles. For example, it is not only about safety but simple instructions such as not touching a particular plant or an insect because they can cause skin irritation that will make your whole day miserable.

flying foxes

Among the fascinating creatures living in the biodiversity hotspot, you can easily spot flying foxes. Exploring the colony of these mammals is considered the highlight of your Lagnason River trek. You will have a close encounter with these flying foxes where they live.

Lagnason is known to researchers and biologists alike as the nesting ground and not only a colony of flying foxes and bats. It has been identified that there are four major species of flying foxes and two of them are the world’s largest.

The four identified flying foxes are the Large Flying Fox, Golden-Crowned Flying Fox, Little Golden-Crowned Flying Fox, and the Island Flying Fox.

Please, note that when you take photos (pictures) of these creatures, you must not use a flash as they are susceptible to light and it can cause raucous, aside from disturbing their peace.

flying-foxesGolden-Crowned Flying Fox

more adventure destinations

Osmeña Peak is one of the most favorite destinations for mountain hikers and lovers of heights and natural beauty.  However, even before entering the area, you can also explore natural abodes of animals such as the bats in the caves of Kulabyaw and Kampakas Caves.

Other interesting sites you should see are as follows…

  • Archbishop Manuel Salvador Museum
  • Bandera Peak
  • Casa Real (municipal hall)
  • Crispin Almagro Ancestral House
  • Cristo Rey de Mantalongon (10-meter monument)
  • Dingayop Waterfalls
  • Gakub Spring
  • Kulabyaw Cave
  • Kampakas Cave
  • Lagnason Creek
  • Lugsangan Rock Formations
  • Mercado's Peak
  • Mantalongon Highlands
  • Obong Watchtower
  • Obong Spring
  • Osmena Peak
  • Poblacion Watchtower
  • San Guillermo de Aquitania Church, Rectory, and Belfry
  • Sta. Monica Parish Church

Thank you for reading through this page. Hopefully, this helps your search for adventure in Cebu Province.

Till your next visit, have a good day!

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