Obong Spring Resort

Obong Spring Resort

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Obong Spring Resort

Among the popular attractions in Dalaguete Municipality is a cool freshwater spring called by locals as Obong Spring Resort. Since the water springs up from underneath, it creates a pool of water that is wide and deep enough for enthusiastic visitors to swim in.

Interestingly, the water is not always fresh as the sea water meets it during high tide and turns it into a salinated spring water pool. The water is much cooler during low tide and the seawater makes it a little bit warmer during high tide.

Obong Spring is quite popular that it is crowded during weekends and mostly during summertime, which is from the end of March to May. For that reason, it would be wise to visit the place during weekdays if you so prefer to have a quieter time with yourself and some friends or family.

The ‘Dalakit’ tree’s Fame
There are many legends and stories surrounding the name of the municipality itself. One among its fascinating stories is the name given to the tree located right at the spring itself. The ‘dalakit’ tree, as it is popularly known, stands strong and prominently at the source of the spring water. People thought that the tree is over a century-old one.

The historical and environmental value to the area and spring of the tree give a sense of pride to the locals. Due to this natural resource and beauty, people from other places come to see and try the refreshing cool water of Obong Spring Resort.

Being a popular place, which most of the travelers in the municipality would not miss to drop by and enjoy the place. More often than not, trekkers and such group of travelers visit this place get soaked in and refreshed after their adventures in the mountains of Dalaguete. In other words, this is their last stop right before going back home.

The local government is promoting this spring and is trying to preserve its natural surrounding. Its undeniable attraction made it to the list of the must-experience tourist destinations of Cebu’s ‘Suroy-Suroy’ (‘traveling’) programme that promotes special tourism resources of the province.

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Natural Springwater’s Services
Obong is the name of the township or ‘barangay’, where the name Obong Spring came from. However, the locals also gave it another name – “Tubigan” – which can be literally translated as ‘filled with water’ or watery. Unlike the other spring resorts, which is built by building concrete walls to accumulate the spring water, Obong Spring is a natural pool of spring water which has an outlet towards the sea.

To keep the place natural and tidy, the local authorities established facilities and services based on the policies applicable to places or destinations like this one. Please, check out the basic facilities as follow…

Dressing Rooms & Rest Rooms
This is not free but it is very cheap. It would cost yo only less than PhP10 (or about 3 pesos per usage).

Life Guards
Yes, there are lifeguards who watch visitors especially kids who are quite active and not mature enough to take care of themselves or foresee dangers.

Native Cottages
Cottages are available for a fee and depending on the size of the cottage you need to rent for your gang members. These are on an elevated ground that the high tide won’t reach you and keep you dry. Some places to prepare your lunch are available close to these native and open cottages which are equipped with long seats and tables.

GI Sheds
These are concrete shades with galvanized iron (corroded sheets) that can fully protect you from a heavy downpour or direct sunlight on a midday. The floors and columns are concrete. The interesting part of this structure is that the water level during high tide can reach up to your feet.

Parasol Tables
Yes, you can rent one of these small tables with parasols in their midst to protect you from direct sunlight during midday. These are simple facilities but good enough to have your delicious dishes and cool drinks on the table. Of course, seats are included for each facility. During high tide, the water level would reach your table and so you should be ready to get wet – only your feet level. The table rent would cost you around Php100 or so.

Tire Tubes
The inner tubes of vehicles in the Philippines are being recycled and popularly used as swimming companions. These are available for rent at Obong Spring Resort. It will not cost you much and it would certainly give you more time to enjoy the cool spring while exploring its every corner.

Parking Area
Yes, the Spring has a parking area for all sorts of vehicles for a fee. Basically, the parking fee depends on the vehicle you have. They only allow cars, jeepneys, motorbikes, tricycles, but no six-wheelers allowed. The parking rate starts from PhP5 to PhP20 (expect any change of rate any time).

The Entrance Fee is excluded from the parking fee. Around PhP10 for an adult and PhP2 for a child (below 10 years old) will be collected.

springwater-obong-springPhoto by: Jerny

Fun Things YOU can Do

When you are in this spring with either friends or family, you will certainly enjoy the place with some simple but relaxing things to do. Aside from dipping into the cool and truly refreshing clear and clean spring water, you can also engage yourself in photo sessions and simple games.

Some quite active visitors jump into the water and play cat and mouse chasing game. While others, especially younger friends, challenge each other through a swimming competition. You better move actively while in the water since it could be chilly enough. People says that the water temperature can be compared to a cold ice water!

Other visitors come to simply enjoy and relax by observing the spring water and everything that surrounds it.

However, most people, especially families and friends come to enjoy their time together and have their picnic. Outing with a family or friends usually requires that talent of a cook to prepare the popular Filipino dishes which also includes other menus with influence from other cultures. You will certainly find lechon, adobo, pancit or spaghetti (and beer, Coke or Tanduay) in its top list of the recipes.

As mentioned above, Obong Spring Resort could be the last stop or highlight of a traveler’s itinerary. Therefore, you will see various groups of people coming to this coveted place to get refreshed and relaxed, especially during the sweltering heat of summertime.

Some Historical Backgrounds
Cebu Province, including Dalaguete area, was once a target among pirates and other marauders who come with the intention to plunder Cebu’s resources and people. They were bandits and slave traders from other neighboring areas in the peninsula by that time.

During the Spanish period, the Spanish missionaries and authorities found the situation very challenging. So, with their somewhat experience and advance technological knowledge, the Spaniards started building watchtowers, called ‘baluartes’, to discover in advance any incoming attackers. The baluartes are the warning systems which proved to be effective in protecting the local and their resources. Dalaguete and other towns in the South then became safe from the ruthless attacks of the pirates.

Nowadays, it is not the bandits and pirates but travelers and tourists that flock to Dalaguete area to see and experience the municipality’s tourism resources, such as beach resorts, beaches, springs, mountains, vegetable farms, among others.

More Travel Attractions in Dalaguete

Aside from this cool spring, you can also explore and enjoy lots of other destinations and attractions in Dalaguete area. Check out some of them...

Dalaguete Beach Park (Arguete Beach)
Rockwalled Adventure Resort
Kyleville Resort Bar Restaurant
Obong Spring Resort
Gakub Spring
Sesante Beach Resort
Just Inn
Arguete Beach Resort
Osmena Peak, Mercado’s Peak, Bandera Peak
Mantalongon Dalaguete – Vegetable Basket of Cebu
Kulabyaw Cave
Kampakas Cave
Lagnason Adventure River Trek and Bat Colony
Rocks Formations
Dalaguete Zipline (for goods transport facility)

Now, if you feel that you are getting interested to see and enjoy the place, you may read a bit more about the relevant information you need, as follow…


Finding Obong Spring

More specifically, Dalaguete is geographically located in the Southern part of Cebu Province. It takes around 3 hours by a bus from Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal. You can choose from all available bus lines waiting for passengers – both air-con and non-aircon buses.

Getting there
If you are taking a bus ride, you just simply instruct the ‘conductor’ to drop you off at Obong Spring Resort. Coming from Cebu City or from that direction, the spring is on your left-hand side. Maybe you don’t need to worry since many passengers could be getting off just like yourself and with a similar purpose in the area.

V-Hire. Yes, you can also take the V-Hire service if you want to get there a little bit faster than the bus does. That’s simply because vans usually run at top speed and they stop only in a few places. It will take about an hour less than the usual bus does.

Of course, if you got your own ride or rent a car yourself, then you can have all the freedom and time to explore lots of places and get to Obong Spring Resort anytime you wish to. You will only worry the traffic congestion in Cebu City area and the surrounding towns, but not when you are out from such grueling situation.

Scooters and Motorbikes
No, you cannot take a scooter there but probably a motorbike -- it's far!! You can rent a scooter or motorbike from rental shops in the area to fully take advantage of the travel resources in Dalaguete area.

From the old municipal hall, you can take a motorcycle for Php10 (or more) to Obong Spring Resort. And remember to pay an entrance fee (around Php10 or so).

If you know more travel destinations and attractions in Dalaguete area, please send us a message and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Thank you for visiting and reading through this page. Hope you find this helpful in your search for travel destinations.

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