Ocean Terrace Resort, Cebu


Ocean Resort is situated nicely at the end point in Liloan of Santander Municipality, Cebu Province, Philippines.

The area is a fishing village with over a couple of hundreds of fishermen.

This resort is secluded and fit for those who seek quiet and peaceful atmosphere with much refreshing air and panoramic surrounding.

Where the resort is located, you also have alternatives of visiting other places via outrigger boats.

You can cross to Dumaguete City or Negros Province and explore those areas while still at this resort. It only takes half an hour or so to reach those neighboring islands.

The Ocean Terrace is reachable by bus, van or private vehicles from Cebu City or from any point in the province.

Travel time from Metro Cebu to Liloan is around 3 hours via Southern coastal road that passes through small town with centuries old churches and panoramic ocean views.

If you come just to relax and enjoy your private and quiet time that’s great! However, if you plan on doing more than just relaxation, you can always avail the fun and interesting tour or water activities at this resort.

Let’s check out some of them…

Cebu Tours
If you are not from this part of the world, then you need to be introduced to historic sites and structures, business district, night life or shopping areas. The history of Cebu itself is interesting enough for a guest who has no background or experience of this oldest city in the country.

Provincial Tours
After Cebu City you can also visit some hot tourism spots, including the Casarroro Falls, Sumilon Island, Moalboal Beach or the Kawasan Falls. In addition, the resort also offers a tour to the neighboring popular city which is in another province—Dumaguete City. you need to take a boat to get there with the help or arrangement deal with the resort.

Land & Water Activities
You can rent other facilities for activities you might want to do while at Ocean Terrace.

For example, you can rent…
Paddle boats
Moped & EZ-ride Truck
Snorkel gears
Tennis Court
Volleyball Balls

Whale Watching
The resort offers this amazing activity to the nearby Bais and Pamilican Island where you can swim with or just watch whale sharks swimming and feeding on planktons, krills and other minute creatures.

Scuba Diving
Yes, this is one of the most popular activities among the more active guests who wants to see the underwater sea life. Tropical seas offer the most beautiful and varied marine life in the whole world. You can surely find colorful, bizarre and truly amazing creatures underwater.

Some places or dive spots where you can scuba or snorkel are the famous Sumilon Island (15 minutes from the resort), Apo Island (45 minutes), Balikasag and Alona Beach (more than 1 hour), and Moalboal (about 1 hour and a half) via outrigger motorized boats.

These are just some of the fun and relaxing activities you can enjoy with, but if you are willing to make suggestion of any activity you wish on doing, the management will surely hear you and will gladly provide whenever possible.


You would want to find out what the facilities and other services are available at Ocean Terrace Resort, right?

Okay, they have most of the basic but fundamental things you would need for your break or activity. Here are some of them…

The Restaurant
This is one of the most important and the first area of a place I want to see first. Yes, this resort offers menus, although not so varied but good enough to satisfy your body needs for nutrients. They offer Filipino and American Cuisine. However, there is always a mixture of other dishes in the Filipino menu, including Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish dishes. I bet I’m correct!

Other facilities…
High speed internet access
Carpark inside the facility
Swimming Pool

For your comfortable and relaxing stay, Ocean Terrace offers the following rooms…

This cottage has 2 bedrooms with a living room, small kitchen, and a walk around deck with it.

Deluxe Rooms
These rooms are fully air-conditioned, has queen size bed, sofa, TV and DVD player, refrigerator, and private bathroom with hot and cold showers.

Air-Conditioned Rooms
There are 6 units of these rooms equipped with TV, DVD, hot and cold showers, a queen size bed and a full bed.
These rooms provide free towels, linen, and luggage rooms.

Accommodations and Rates
Deluxe Oceanfront Cottage ($79.55 / Php3500.00)
Deluxe Cottages ($34.09 / Php1500.00)
Regular Cottages ($27.27 / Php1200.00)

Please, be reminded that rates could change without prior notice. So, you may get the updated rates by directly contacting the resort’s management for clarifications and details.


Ocean Terrace is located 5 kilometers West of Santander’s town hall and about 4 kilometers South of Bato ferry for Negros Island.
The resort is about 200 meters from the highway and 400 meters north of the Pumpboat Terminal in Liloan village. Just ask and they will point you the right direction.

Address: Liloan, Santander, Cebu, Philippines
Name: Ocean Terrace Resort
Phone: 032-480-9027 or vonage # 2392140592 in the USA
Website: www.cebuterrace.com


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