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Beautiful Bonga Villa Beach Resort

Bongavilla Beach ResortBonga Villa Beach Resort, Liloan, Santander, Cebu

Bonga Villa Beach Resort, Santander

Bonga Villa Beach Resort is a nice vacation and relaxation establishment in Cebu Province. Bonga means ‘extravagant” in Cebuano or Bisayan language of these central Philippine islands.

Bonga Villa Resort is set on a hilly side by the beach and overlooks the blue ocean of Cebu Province.

Great sunset view is one of its interesting features and inviting sights among its visitors.

Santander is located at the southernmost tip of this elongated provincial island. This place is fantastic for various sorts of water sports and sea activities, including diving or whale shark watching.

For more enjoyable and worth spending holiday, please see a glimpse of Bonga Villa’s…

Fun Activities & Events

If you want to be left alone to enjoy tranquility and the beauty around then let it be. However, if you wish to indulge yourself (and your family or friends) you would certainly get want you want. The following fun and interesting water activities are just some samples of things you can do in this area.

You may make your suggestions for a special activity to the management (front desk) and see if they can arrange it for you. However, you might want to check out their usual offers first, such as the following...

Watch dolphins and whale sharks
In this part of the island, dolphins and whale sharks are a common sight. That’s because this area is the home of these endangered species (still being poached by unscrupulous fishermen and illegal businessmen).

Most resorts either own/run their own dolphin/whale shark packages or hire local proprietors running the business. You can easily make your request or arrange for this particular interesting activity.

Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
If you have read already some pages, you’d notice that I have been repeating that diving and snorkeling are very popular in Cebu islands. If you love underwater photography, a lot of resorts let you rent their camera for a minimal amount, among other equipment you can rent and depending on your original arrangements or package.

Island Hopping
Of course, visiting smaller islets is another popular fun activity you can have. It’s not only visiting per se but also having a barbecue, swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, beach games, or anything you want to enjoy while on this secluded and amazing islets.

Okay, Bonga Villa Beach Resort can provide you more facilities and services to make your vacation or holiday perfect and memorable.

Facilities & Services Available

Aside from island hopping and other seawater activities mentioned above, you can also enjoy other facilities and services including the swimming pool, tennis, and golf among others.

Use of swimming pool

It is open not only for stay-in guests but also for a day user guests. The pool is open from 9AM to 6PM.

Entrance Fee: Php100/guest; Cottage Rent: Php300-1000

Bonga Villa Beach Resort Swimming PoolSwimming pool at Bonga Villa Beach Resort

The resort offers free corkage for food and drinks. It means that you are not obliged to buy the resort's food and drinks but can bring with your own food supply for the day.

You can also rent a room for a day for Php1500 from 9AM to 6PM which is good for up to three guests.

Event Services

The place where this resort is located offers amazing and beautiful background for any sort of special event.

The resort offers services to hold your special occasion you want to happen in this place, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, among other social events. The resort is happy to cater for your event and make your guests enjoy and satisfied.

Antiques & Collections

The owner of the place must have some taste of old treasures. Bonga Villa Resort has a special place where you can examine some old collections of products, such as plates, rocking chair, carvings, mirrors, musical instruments, etc.

It is interesting that this resort also buys and sells antique products. So, if you have something you want to get rid off that (is yours) is worth a fortune, then this might be your chance... and enjoy the place.

Tropical Accommodation / Rooms

You will certainly love your room and enjoy the view from it...

The rooms available for guests are built with verandas or terraces directed towards the ocean to give occupants direct sight of the beautiful sea.

If you are interested, here are the temporary rates per room type. The rates are only a guide since they can change anytime without any prior notice due to seasons, availability and improvements of the resort.

Here they are...

DUPLEX ROOM ($120.00/room)
VILLA ($180.00/room)

These rooms have the following amenities: air-conditioning facility, hot/cold showers, bath tub, living area, mini bar, phone, access to the pool, among other facilities and amenities.

Please, contact the resort directly if want to know more the things they offer or ask them if they can provide your preferences.

Bonga Villa Beach Resort viewView at Bonga Villa Beach Resort

Finding Bonga Villa Beach Resort

Reaching this resort is not a problem. Just contact the management using the details below and just follow the address to find the place. Right below the contact information, we provide you a quick description and link on getting to Santander where Bonga Villa is nicely nestled.

Address:     Bonga Villa Liloan Beach Resort, Liloan-Canlumacad, Santander, Cebu 6026, Philippines
Telephone: 032 480-9090; 0922-822-3933

If you are already in Cebu City or somewhere near the city, you only need to get to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take the one that plies Cebu-Santander route.

But, if you are not familiar or haven't been to Cebu before, you might need a guide on getting to Cebu City. The guide page describes international flights, vessels and other transports you can possibly take to get to this island. Click the guide page: Getting to Cebu

More Liloan Santander beaches

Bonga Villa is not the only beautiful and amazing beach and resort in Santander area. You can also discover more of such places if you ask around or from the locals. The following pages are just some of those places that are 'developed' for guests comfortably enjoy the place.

Thank you for visiting and reading through this page. Hopefully, you learn some interesting information regarding this resort.

Please, visit this site again to get more info about Cebu’s travel or holiday destinations while this is being constantly updated and metamorphosed.

Have a refreshing and amazing holiday, then!

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