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policios waterpark resort

cebu-resortsTwin pools at Policios Waterpark, Asturias

policios waterpark resort & spa

Policios Waterpark Resort is a quaint property that is tucked in Barangay Sangi, Asturias, Cebu Province. Asturias is located south of Cebu City and takes around three hours travel by bus. Asturias is also known for its human-made and natural travel destinations, especially among nature lovers.

Policios Resort is not a beach resort but a property on land but offers cool swimming pools for your enjoyment. You can stay overnight or for an extended period as they provide comfortable traditional cottages. However, it is also located close to the sea.

The surrounding and environment of Policios are excellent for families, friends, colleagues’ relaxation abode. In addition, the resort can also accommodate social events such as wedding or birthday celebrations among other functions.

basic facilities

The whole resort is well-decorated with endemic plants – flowering plants, non-flowering plants, some trees, coconut trees – that are growing at their specific places to create harmony with their locations.

Open Cottages
These cottages are only available for day-users – those who come in the morning, have fun, and then leave in the afternoon. The size is just enough for a small family or few good friends to fit in. However, since the area is quite spacious, you would not feel the small size cottage as the whole area is an extension of your rented facility.

Swimming Pools   
Policios Resort has two swimming pools – one for adults and another for children. There is also a jacuzzi park where you can sit around and enjoy chatting over the bubbling water. Just like most people do, especially in tropical countries, I too love being in the water for long and could stay all day in it until my lips turn blue (most kids do ).

Chairs and Tables
Around the pools area, you can use the chairs and tables while relaxing or drinking and eating your supply. You can also use the parasols available surrounding the pools to protect you from too much sunlight. It is advisable to use sun-cream and other protective products to reduce your risks of absorbing ultraviolet rays to your skin or eyes!

Corner Benches and Tables
Surrounding the pools or nearby, you will find small wooden and bamboo seats (or benches) spread around the gardens. This scene offers you a more candid or romantic and also relaxing corner in the resort. The garden is all over the resort, and this is what the place is supposed to look like.

policios-waterpark-resortGardens and cottages at Policios Waterpark

accommodation facilities

Fan Rooms
There are Fan Rooms (4 of them at this stage). They are located wherein you will have a great view over the resort area and the sea in the distance. Fan rooms can accommodate 2 to 6 guests.

Air-conditioned Rooms
These rooms are nicely built in the hilly part of the resort. There are four of them – they are not at the same level. Yes, you can turn on the air-con during a hot day, but it could be fresh or cool during night time. Air-conditioned rooms can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Corkage Fee
No Corkage Fees for any food and drinks that you will bring in with you. If you stay overnight, the owner will be so kind to offer their refrigerator and freezer to keep your food from getting wasted.

Estimate of expenses
The following rates are based on 2015’s rates, and so you can expect that they could have gone up but not so much.

  • Entrance Fee: PhP120 (may go up over time or without prior notice)
  • Bus:  from Cebu to Sangi, Sta Lucia, Asturias Municipality (estimate PHP 150.00)
  • Open Cottages: PHP250-300
  • Motorcycle/Tricycle: from Sta Lucia Drop-off to Policios Resort (estimate PHP 20.00)
  • Non-Aircon Rooms: PHP 1500.00 - 1800.00
  • Air-con Rooms: PHP2000.00 - 3000.00
  • Pool Usage: PHP150.00

Contact Details
Address: Policios Waterpark Resort & Spa, 6045 Asturias, Philippines
Phone: +63 917 703 0111; 0927 563 8424

cebu-resorts-cottagesNice cottages at Policios Waterpark
cebu-beach-resortsSea view at Policios Resort

getting to policios waterpark resort

From Cebu City, take a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal on the one traveling to Tuburan, then get off at Sangi, Santa Lucia, Asturias. You need to tell the ‘conductor’ to drop you off at that specific crossroads or else you will end up in another place. (There is another Sangi in Toledo for your information).

At Sangi, Sta. Lucia, hire a motorcycle for Policios Waterpark Resort. It is not far, and the motorcycle will take you directly to the resort, and you will be welcomed by its staff or owner herself. The fare is around PhP20-30.  Moreover, the bus fare is less than PhP100.

You can get to Asturias, as well, if you take a Van available at Ayala Mall’s van parking area. Similar to the bus, you should take the one going to Tuburan and get off at Sangi, Santa Lucia, Asturias Municipality.

Similarly, take a motorcycle or tricycle ride for the resort. The fare is double compared with the bus fare (around PhP200) which seems much. However, it takes shorter travel time, and you only make a few stops.

more destinations in asturias

Indeed, there are more interesting, relaxing, and adrenaline pumping attractions and destinations in Asturias Municipality waiting for your time and presence. Some of them are the following:

Hopefully, this page has offered you some guides or helped in some ways. If it does, please share with friends and anyone who will find it useful.

Thanks for dropping and have safe travels.

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