Villa Asela Garden Resort

Villa Asela Garden Resort

villa-asela-garden-resortPhoto of Villa Asela Garden's events hall

Villa Asela Garden Resort in Cordova, Mactan Island

Villa Asela Garden Resort is one of the resorts situated in Cordova, Mactan Island, Cebu, that offer cool swimming pools, great choices of accommodation and services to its guests.

It offers budget rates but with great facilities and services to all guests from all walks of life.

Villa Asela is convenient for those who fly from any airport of origin since the island is where the Cebu-Mactan International Airport T2 (international flights) and T1 (for domestic flights) is located.

This garden resort offers a fun and relaxing atmosphere for friends and families who wish to have outing together.

Villa Asela also accepts reception of any celebration, events, seminars or other business meetings that require space and other relevant facilities.

To find out more about this resort facility, let’s check out some…

Fun & Interesting Facilities & Activities

So as to entertain and make the guests of this resort have fun, basic facilities and amenities are being provided. Check these out…

Videoke Machine
This sing-along facility is quite popular in this country that sometimes some foreigners and even neighbors found it difficult not to ‘hate’ inappropriate time of usage, aside from the annoying voice of the courageous ‘singer-to-be’ neighbors!

Anyways, you can enjoy this facility at Villa Asela while having your picnic or outing with family or friends.

2 Swimming Pools
Asela has three swimming pools available with three various depths to accommodate pool lovers of various ages and heights. There is one pool for adults (6 feet deep), one for youths (with a depth of 4 feet), and a kiddie pool.

Water Slide
This slide is only available at the 4-feet deep swimming pool (but I’m not sure why it is not built also in the adult’s pool!). surely, anyone can use this fun slide except kids who are not allowed in this water level.

It is where you can buy and take your light snacks, or probably you could also munch your lunch or heavy meal at this facility.

Children’s Playground
Small children can have their fill by using the game facilities inside the resort. There are seesaws, climbing facilities, picture-taking board, etc.

Some Payment Guides
Entrance Fee: 50pesos for Adults, 40pesos for children
Cottage Rental: from Php200-400
Function Hall by the pool
Conference Hall

Villa Asela Swimming Pools, CordovaSwimming pools at Villa Asela Resort in Cordova, Mactan Island

Celebrations, Events & Conferences

Villa Asela Garden Resort is not only for leisure or vacation establishment but also a place where you can hold any celebration, social event, and even conferences or business meetings.

Some of the usual celebrations and events that many hold in this resort include:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • School Events
  • Selection of beauty pageants
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Business meetings and conferences, etc.

The spacious resort can accommodate huge number of guests and participants for any event or celebration. Facilities and special services can be provided as long as you make your request in advance. The resort's staff would be glad to offer their help in planning your event ahead of time.

Accommodation / Rooms / Cottages

Villa Asela bedroom

There are various types of rooms or accommodation types available at Villa Asela that you can choose from.

Here are the accommodation types and price range…

Native-style Rooms
This is a Filipino and traditional tropical style of room made of bamboo and other local materials. This is available for an overnight stay (about PhP1200/night)

Air-conditioned Rooms
The price range of this room depends on the number of occupants and amenities you ask for. The range is from Php1,300 to 2,500.

Cottages and rooms for affordable range is about Php800 for non-airconditioned room.

Please, note that rates mentioned above could change over time and without any prior notice. So, make sure you check with them first or just go straight and pay when you are on site for any price and enjoy the place!

Finding Villa Asela Garden Resort

To find this fantastic resort, you may use the address as below. And if you are interested to learn more about the resort, please inquire from them using the contact details...

Address: Barangay Bangbang, Cordova, Mactan Island, Cebu 6017, Philippines
Phone:    (032) 2601998 or (032) 5111828

There are three major way to get to Villa Asela resort from anywhere in the province.

First, you can take a jeepney from Highway Mandaue which says Cordova and let the conductor or driver know you’re heading for Villa Asela. From the jeepney stop you can take a motorcab to the resort.

Second, you can bring with you your private transport passing through the first bridge, then turn right and go straight until you arrive Cordova.

Third, you can take a V-Hire from SM City Cebu in Cebu City bound for Cordova.

Booking A Room

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