Bagatayam Falls in Sogod Municipality

Good Bagatayam Falls in Sogod, Cebu

So good Bagatayam Falls

Bagatayam Falls is one of the waterfalls located in the northern part of Cebu Province, Philippines.

Specifically, Bagatayam is freely flowing in the Municipality of Sogod, Cebu. The whole municipality, including  Barangay Bagatayam, is inhabited by over ten thousand locals who are used to seeing visitors.

In this part of the province, you’ll discover a number of falls, including the rumored mystical Binaliw Spring.


Nothing really. It is just an ordinary falls, a mini falls with normal fresh water flowing through creating Bagatayam River. Of course, it is not ‘just’ a falls if you love waterfalls, nature, or anything like it since nature is beautiful…

I myself, surely love it since I was born with and lived surrounded by nature including rivers where I used to swim with my friends all day long!

Bagatayam certainly supports everyone in the barangay as this is their source of water supply for daily use, especially for laundry, bathing, among others. It is a common sight in the area to see locals washing their clothes while sharing stories, laughing, and living a stress-free life in this peaceful bucolic neighborhood.


Finding this falls is as easy as finding a store in a town. That’s because Bagatayam is conveniently located and easily accessible from the national highway. You even don’t need to get off from your transport to enjoy its beauty from a distance.

Actually, you need to walk for about 50 meters from the main road to find and reach the mouth of the falls, which does not cost you any sweat at all.

Okay… here’s how you get there.

Take a bus from Cebu City (at North Bus Terminal) or a Van that plies the northern route. You can tell the bus conductor/or driver to drop you off at Bagatayam Bridge where you can immediately find the falls itself.

More sights, hot & cold springs

Bagatayam is, as aforementioned, situated in Barangay Bagatayam, Sogod Municipality which is just right next to Catmon Municipality where you can find other natural interesting attractions.

For example, in Catmon you can find the famous Esoy Hot Spring which is considered by many who claimed that they got healed from various sorts of illnesses due to the rejuvenating and healing effects of the hot spring, such as high blood pressure, body pains, hypertension, etc.

At Hot Esoy Spring
At Esoy’s you can enjoy the warm and relaxing bath. In addition, you can request the management to give you a guided tour for a short river trekking activity, if you wish to. This river trek can bring you to another waterfall in Catmon—Katinggo Falls.

This falls is about a hundred-meter high waterfall with its base full of the popular fresh fish--Tilapia. Crossing over a rope hanging bridge is one of the exciting activities you can experience during this river-trekking activity.

Bagatayam Falls in Sogod, Cebu

You won’t starve at this resort since snacks and drinks are being sold at their small shop. Or you can bring with you your own food supply and there’s no need to pay for any corkage fees.

Yup, in this northern part of the province, Mainit Spring, as locals call it, is the only hot spring available in the area.

At Cold Binaliw Spring
To find this famous cold spring, you need to take a habal-habal (motorbike) for Binaliw Spring from Sogod Public Market (around 15-20pesos). However, if you want to you can tell the bus/van driver or conductor to drop you off at Bagatayam Bridge. Right there you can find a road sign pointing a direction for the cold spring (“Binaliw Spring, Birhen sa Lourdes Shrine, Ecological Park, Calvary Hill”).

At Binaliw Spring, you can only spend a precious time freely but not a centavo! You can roam around, take photos, do picnic, trek the small river, and meet the locals doing laundry, watch children enjoying laughter and cold baths at this crystal and clean body of water.

To sum up, you can hit many great places in Sogod and Catmon by just one visit. The places include: Bagatayam Waterfalls, Binaliw Spring, Ecological Park, Katinggo Falls, Esoy Hot Spring, and other sites and attractions you can discover.

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