Sogod Municipality

Sogod Municipality

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'So-good' Sogod Municipality

Sogod Municipality is another interesting municiplaity in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It offers various interesting resources including travel and vacation sites.

According to the 2015 census, Sogod has more than 35 thousand residents and over 20 thousand registered voters based on the 2016 electoral roll, which is about 60% of the total inhabitants.
Sogod Municipality is about 60 kilometers North of Cebu City.

Specifically, Sogod is bounded by Borbon Municipality on the North, Catmon Municipality on the South, the Camotes Sea on the East, and TUburan and Tabuelan Municipalities on the West.

Barangays of Sogod
The town has 18 barangays under its jurisdiction within a land area of over 12 thousand hectares. The names of the barangays are the following:

Ampongol, Bagakay, Bagatayam, Bawo, Cabalawan, Cabangahan, Calumboyan, Dakit, Damolog, Ibabao, Liki, Lubo, Mohon, Nahus-an, Pansoy, Poblacion, Tabunok, and Takay.

topography & other features

Sogod has over 12 thousand hectares of total land area. Most of which are arable land area while some are residential, commercial, industrial, and some are classified as reservation, national parks, and wildlife land (DTI).

The terrain is basically rolling and moving up to the hilly mountain side. Some barangays are located in areas which are a bit challenging – rugged, rocky, eroded and poor for cultivating farm resources.

Regarding climate, Sogod is blessed with tropical rainforest climate. It means that there is no pronounced long dry season to occur annually. It rains heavily during May, June, and October. The lowest rainy months is in December and January.

resources and products

Sogod Municipality is fecund with natural resources including farm products and seafood. Some of them are being sold not only in the municipality’s markets but also to other places and cities including Cebu City.

Corn, coconut, tobacco, bamboo, nito, Sogod stones (brown and blue stones), banana, vegetables, root crops, sea shells, among others.

Of course, other resources that are accessible in Sogod include travel and leisure resources. See them below...

sogod-cebu-municipalitySea-view at Sogod

attractions and travel destinations

Sogod Municipality offers various interesting sites, resorts, parks, and natural places where you can explore and spend relaxing or physical rejuvenating activities. Bringing your family, friends or colleagues in the area could be your best choice for a weekend break or summer holiday.

For starters, here are some of the popular places:

If there are more beautiful places not mentioned above, please email us so that we can include it on this page. Would be happy to receive it from you!

More stories and photos about the Municipality of Sogod are accessible at their facebook page here.

getting to sogod municipality

Many visitors who have traveled to this area felt ‘so good’ to rhyme their amazing experience with the name of the municipality. Now, if you feel like going to the area, you may use our bit of tips on how to get there.

Assuming that you are in Cebu City, you can easily find public transports that can bring you there. Go to Cebu's North Bus Terminal where you can choose from among the public vehicles.

If you were not in the city, the buses from and to Cebu City might be passing through the main road you are at present. So, asking somebody might be the best way to know it.

Sogod is only about 60 kilometers northeast from Cebu City, and so it will only take over an hour by public vehicles and maybe less by private cars.

Bus. Please, head for the North Bus Terminal where you can take the one that goes to Northern Cebu passing through Sogod Municipality. Mini-buses are also available at the terminal.

Vans. These are the faster ride since they only stop at specific and limited areas. Vans have lesser space since they tend to squeeze in more passengers.

Please, plan your travel well so that you will enjoy better your experience.

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