Catmon Municipality
"A Beautiful Volcanic Site in the North"


Catmon is a nice municipality located in the northern part of Cebu Province in central Philippines.

It is classified as fifth class municipality with a population of over 28 thousand registered residents based on the 2010 census.

Catmon is along the Coast of Camotes Sea and is about 35 miles (57 kms) north of Cebu City, the provincial capital.

This municipality is surrounded by other municipalities adjacent to it. In the north, Catmon is bounded by Sogod, in the south by Carmen, in the west by Tuburan, and in the east by Camotes Sea.

Catmon’s topography can be largely described as a series of mountains and hills with some flat lands located along the coastal areas. Certainly, this topography offers fantastic views of the municipality.

Just like other municipalities, Catmon is also subdivided into local government units called barangays. This municipality is comprised of twenty barangays, namely…

Agsuwao, Amancion, Anapog, Bactas, Bongyas, Basak, Binongkalan, Cabungaan, Cabangkalan, Can-ibuang, Catmondaan, Duyan, Ginabucan, Macaas, Panalipan, Tabili, Tinabyonan, San Jose Poblacion (Catadman), Corazon (Poblacion), and Flores (Poblacion).


The name of this municipality seems to originate from a tree species that grows abundantly in the area—Catmon Tree.

Let’s be scientific a little this time ?
Family: dilleniacaeae
Synonyms: dilenia speciosa
Local names: bihis, kulambug, palali

Catmon tree is considered a native plant in the Philippines that grows in the forest at low and medium altitudes. The tree can grow up to 14 meters high and produces flowers with white petals.

The tree can be raised from its seeds; its fruits are edible and its wood can be used as light construction material.


Volcanic Area
Catmon is thought to be sitting on an inactive volcanic area, which explains the mountainous and hilly topography of the municipality.

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PhilVolcS), the municipality listed as one of the 355 inactive volcanoes in the country.

Catmon Church
Among other sites worth visiting in the area is the Catholic church building. It is one of the oldest churches built in the country—constructed in 1835 to 1875 during the Spanish occupation period.

The church’s original site was in Catmondaan located close to the sea and where a watchtower, or Bantayan-sa-Hari, was built and traceable only by its remaining structure ruins. Other sites for building the church was started but the final site is where it stands now—at the heart of Catmon Town.

The following are interesting resources for visitors to see at this municipality. Note that if the color is strong (usually blue) indicates that you can CLICK it and find out more about the item.

Cambangkaya's TORE
Catmondaan Bantayan sa Hari
Binongkalan Beach Resorts
Duyan Hot Spring
Lumanoy Caves and Spring
Mt. Tabayag
Padre Miguel de Jesus Park
Roman Catholic Historical Stone Church


Aroma Beach Resort
Bachao Beach
Banzon Beach
Barcelona Beach
Catmon Seaside Park
Esoy Hot Spring
Huna-huna Beach Resort
Imelda Aroma Waterpark Resort
JMB Beach
Las Flores Beach Hotel & Resort
KM 47 Beach
Recuerdo Beach
Vima Beach

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