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Moalboal Beaches and Resorts, Cebu, Philippines.

top cebu popular beaches

"One of the 20 most famous diving spots in the world", as Moalboal is what known for. In additional pretty short brief description, Moalboal is...

  • famous for its stunning white sand beaches, diving spots, and other adventures or must activities...
  • rich in diverse marine life forms
  • endowed with numerous marine sanctuaries
  • filled with varied accommodation facilities of different yet cheap rates
  • catering tourists: boat and diving equipment rentals, tours, water sports equipment or facilities, etc.

You don't need to bring heavy loads with you for such adventures... Just book and come to enjoy for whatever or whichever reason that will bring you to such wonderful part of the world.

Feel free to find more details at this address: Moalboal Beaches & Resorts. Or, swim or dive deeper on this page & site for other options you might discover.

moalboal-beachesPanagsama Beach
cebu-beaches-moalboalBasdaku or White Beach

panagsama beach & basdaku beach resorts

Both beaches located in Moalboal are popular destinations for both locals and foreigners alike. Most likely they are popular because they're simply great beaches.

Also, their popularity lend it to their names: panagsama - means "together-ness" while bas dako literally means "big" or "great sand". So, these two great sands of togetherness offer...

  • Resorts & Cottages: cater to tourists wanting to scuba dive, engage in water sports, or just simply lie down comfortably by the beach
  • Popular Adventures: Canyoning, River Climbing (Matutinao River), Horseback Riding, Trekking, Mountain Biking
  • About 4 hours from Mactan International Airport, Cebu
  • Getting there: by taxi, bus at South Bus Terminal, v-hire at Cebu Citylink

Please check out more details from this link page: Moalboal Beach Resorts.

And, you will find such colorful creatures when you dive... Sea slug?

cebu-beaches-sea-slugColorful sea slug

cebu popular beaches, argao beach resorts

As you may have known, Cebu is the first part of the country that has greater exchange with foreign cultures, in particular, the Spaniards.

That exchange can be visible through historical relics, such as the famous 200-year old Catholic Church - St.Michael Archangel - in Argao, Cebu. Most people know this district for its...

  • Skimming - a variation of surfing using a board similar to a surf board but smaller...
  • Riverstone Castle - has rooms for rent, a pool, caged animals, videoke, playground...

Skimming in Argao is quite popular, especially among youngsters, in MAHAYAHAY BEACH RESORT, which boasts its...

  • long stretch of brown sand beach being groomed by bigger waves compared to other Cebu resort beaches; thus, having a wide open view of the ocean
  • wave skimming activity (to skim: glide, float, sail)
  • Activities & Facilities: Swimming, Skim board rental, Cottage rental, and more...


  • Facilities & Activities: day tour packages, Wedding packages, Picnic packages, catering services, water sports rentals - kayak...
  • Bookings: birthdays, christening, weddings, anniversaries, functions, seminars...
  • Rooms: Family rooms, function hall, regular rooms, among others

You may find more information from through this page: Kalumpang Beach

Among the many popular destinations of Argao resorts, a resort & restaurant run by a couple also stands out. The couple named the place...



Woodruff's is another one among the Cebu popular beaches. It gladly provides...

  • Facilities: air-conditioned apartments, swimming pool, restaurant with international food, bar with sea panorama, beauty saloon, karaoke bar, etc.
  • Rentals & Services: trip routes on Cebu Island, Internet service, motorcycle rentals, boat trips, fishing rod routes, transport services, billiards, sports of any kind

Find more details from their website as follows:

Or, just keep scanning down for more nice beach resorts.


Barili is famous for its white sand beaches as well as the tallest Mantayupan Waterfalls.

One popular place is called the Sayaw Beach (means "to dance" or the bird "swallow"): beautiful shore and blue water, cottages...

Now, an island which has an amazing and equally unrivaled quality beaches are popular for a more adventurous, at the same time, quite private groups of people. If you can spend a minute to scan other pages, you will get a glimpse of the famous...


Its unspoilt surroundings and beaches can offer you so much that you wouldn't want to leave the place sooner... Or, you would never leave the place.

You can find lots of budget or cheap accommodations: bamboo cottages, hotels, locals' houses...

"you need a place to stay in because you wouldn't want to leave this place"

The following are some of the many places you'll discover on Bantayan Island...

  • TRistan's Restaurant & Hotel: Pizza, Cordon Bleu, Filipino dishes, common international meals, etc.
  • Ogtong Cave Beach Resort: native plants in acres of land, underwater cave; cool pool from the cave, Asian lobster, boat tours; private homes, smaller houses, cottages with aircon & private terrace, and more


Kiwi Cottages - bamboo native style cottages

Check this out: - this site also provides everything you wanna know about Bantayan's tour facilities and updated information.

cebu-beaches-bantayan-islandAlice Beach area in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island



  • Cheap entrance fee, 30-minute ride from Cebu City, 20,000 square meters property
  • Facilities: Water Park, Swimming Pool, Cottage for Rentals, JetSkis, Restaurant
  • Catering: Weddings & Banquets, Team Building Events, Receptions, Social & Group Functions

Find this resort at


Located in Mactan Island, this popular budget resort has grown. Today, it has become one of island-hoppers regular destination.

  • most affordable and "budget-friendly" beach resort
  • Facilities & Activities: Swimming Pool, Cottages, Tables, motorized outrigger boats, jet skis
  • Diving Facility: 2 dive shops - provides scuba diving lessons & dive tours two restaurants inside: La Scala di Cebu Restaurant (Italian cuisine) & Blue Fin Resort Hotel Restaurant


This resort is one of Cebu's popular white beach holiday destination. Not so cheap though, but not so pricey either. The quality and standard of the place and its services can speak for themselves, such as...

  • Rooms: air-conditioned - 4 kinds; non-airconditioned - 8 kinds; tents - big & small;
  • Amenities: Van for rent, Accepts catering, Free WiFi service, massage, video karaoke, etc.
  • Activities: Boating, Biking, Billiards, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis
  • Facilities: gas stoves, refrigerators, electric fans, hot showers & cable tv (for air-conditioned rooms only)

Please check out for more details and inquiries of rates and other specifics.

Cebu popular beaches awaits you and your loved ones.

Have a nice and memorable holidays!

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