Eden Resort in Liloan, Santander

Eden Resort in Liloan

Eden is a well-chosen name for a resort particularly located in this southernmost tip part of Cebu Province.

Eden is in Liloan, Santander Municipality of this Visayan province. This beach resort is established right at the centre of the famous dive sites, such as Apo Island, Pescador Island, Balicasag and other neighboring popular destinations.

Eden Beach Resort.

This recently built resort is equipped with high quality and fantastic facilities. The management sees to it that the establishment could cater not only locals but also international visitors with great satisfaction.

Aside from the high standard facilities and services being offered, Eden offers an environment where you can experience the best there is in the area. These offers include colorful underwater world and dry land activities.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, kayaking, off-road motorcycling, among other fun and physically challenging adventures are also available.

For your comfortable accommodation, although they are still expanding, Eden already offers 10 luxurious rooms for rent.


Eden Beach Resort in Liloan offers most of the available water and dry land interesting activities you can think of.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an adventurer or not since you can easily learn new skills and experience new activities you have never before experience.
Okay, here are some of Eden’s activity offers…

If you are a newbie, then this is your chance to enjoy even just a little with simple instrument—kayak. Actually, this is not that very easy for a beginner since you need to balance and paddle your way forward--not in circle!

Anyway, Eden has ocean kayak activity and its facilities. It is a nice experience to be floating on the water and gliding above it with just little effort. The resort offers durable and comfortable kayaks bought from an experienced maker called FeelFree Kayak.

Life jackets are provided. The last time I learned kayaking it costs me 100pesos an hour. One hour is long enough if you are a beginner… it tell ya!

Biking Adventure
Of course, bicycles are also available at Eden and this transport is quite common and popular among Filipinos around the country. In fact, some innovative guys extended this machine by attaching a side carriage to accommodate passengers and earn a living out of it.

Okay… Liloan is a great place and exciting area for biking, especially, when you try to challenge yourself by climbing little hills and mountains in the area. The paths used by humans and animals crisscrossing various areas offer interesting and fun experience to both newbies and advanced bikers.

For bike enthusiasts, surely you know popular bike brand names which are being maintained at Eden's, such as Kona, Jamis, among other brands.

Now, if you want to move quickly with more adrenalin necessary, Eden offers a rental service for…

Eden Resort promises that you will never take the same road twice when you ride one of its motorbikes. It means that Eden offers a great and interesting place for motorcyclists who wish to enjoy a maze of dirt roads and off-beaten paths in this municipality.

You can certainly enjoy a ride alone or with your gang. It would be fun if you hit the road with a friend or two, but that all depends on your taste, right?

Most motorbikes available and popular in the Philippines, which are also being maintained at Eden, are the Japanese ones—Honda, Yamaha, etc. Nowadays, other brands, such as the Korean ones are hitting the market also.

Eden Resort offers whale shark watching activity in collaboration with other resorts.


This is one of the most popular activities that most guests would not miss when they are in the southern part of the province. The most famous place for whale sharks and this activity is Oslob Municipality.

Eden Resort offers this popular activity to its guests and this fun activity does not need any special skill since you have the choice to either just watch these gentle giants from a boat or get into the water and watch them directly underwater with your snorkel equipment, of course.

Diving Activity
Eden also offers this interesting activity although it does not have its own facility. The resort coordinates with other popular dive resorts to cater its guests’ preference for diving when requested.

You would certainly enjoy the colorful underwater world’s colorful fishes, shrimps, soft and hard corals, sea snakes, and other vibrant sea life. That’s another world underneath and it is fantastically amazing.

For more fun activities and adventures, you may contact the resort and inquire for more details.


As already mentioned beforehand, Eden offers nice and luxurious rooms. At this stage of development, the resort only offers 10 luxury double rooms with 180 degrees views of the resorts surrounding ocean.

Basically, among other amenities for each room, a room is equipped with air-conditioning machine, hot and cold water (and showers, mini bar, furniture, etc.
For more amenities and services available, you may inquire from the management directly for any updated info.


Just in case you miss to read some facilities and amenities available at Eden’s, below are the summary of them:

Adventure/activities facilities: off-road motorcycles, mountain bikes, ocean kayaks, tennis, swimming pool with hot tub

Services/amenities: car service, laundry service, telephone and fax, restaurant, wireless internet access, spa and massage service


Address: Cebu Garden of Eden Resort, Inc., Liloan, Santander, Cebu 6026, Philippines
Phone: (63 32) 480 9321
Website: http://www.eden.ph/index/index

A view from Eden Resort in the southernmost part of Cebu Province, Liloan, Santander.

Image Source: eden.ph


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