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argao-nature-parkView of Argao Nature Park's lagoon, trees, and hanging bridge (photo: StPh DJ)

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Argao Nature Park is one of Argao Municipality’s attraction and destination for nature-loving travelers and children. Argao is famous for its heritage and historical structures including political and religious buildings. The nature park is an addition to the municipality’s famous beaches and resort facilities.

At this park, one can enjoy various facilities and places for fun and relaxing activities, such as its pond, canopy walk, among others. Besides that, you can also stretch your muscles and test your agile and stamina through its challenging facilities especially wall-climbing.

A mini zoo, board games, a restaurant, and restrooms are also available for all its guests of various relaxing and stimulating needs.

It only takes around 2 hours to get to Argao and a few more minutes to get to this nature park. By the way, you will already enjoy the flat rice paddies as you approach the site through the road cutting across it.

Below, let us check out more facilities…

Interesting Nature Park's Facilities

Sightseeing, strolling and observing nature (many of which are human-made but still nature) is the first attraction of this park. For one, you can still see Cebu’s old trees spared by cutters from being turned into furniture or any house décor.

Of course, since this is nature, you can feel a more chill and fresher air which is entirely different from the air you have been breathing in a suffocating city and urban environment. Here, you can breathe freely without getting worried about inhaling greenhouse gases (shortened as GHGs) that are slowly destroying and killing plants, animals, and human beings.

Small Zipline
Although not as long as compared to other zip lines in other places, Argao Park’s zip line is good enough for first-timers or for those faint-hearted who seeks a small thrill of being in the air for a short while. When you try this one, make sure that you are ready and that your gears are well-set. Listen carefully to the instructions and only let go when you heard the zip line guide/assistant correctly. Now, go, go, go…

Boat Rides in a small lagoon
You can enjoy gliding over a small body of water, a lagoon, inside the park. It is fun and quite relaxing. This is interesting for kids but doesn’t force them if they do not like being on top of the water and not on solid ground. However, the water is not deep, and so there is no need to worry. No crocodiles!

ziplineEnjoying the zipline!

Canopy of Old Trees
Yes, it is where you can see old trees. Observe and enjoy the company of such trees ‘who’ have witnessed the changes in its immediate environment or have heard the sound of everything coming from various places in the province. Of course, trees do not talk like us, but they can sense or experience everything that is happening around them.

Walking under the canopy of such old trees do not only energizes us both can make us more aware of what we are for them and what they are for us. They provide us anything to not only survive but live, including the oxygen we breathe and the fruits we consume, among hundreds of benefits we mostly freely receive from them.

Gazebo Hut Educational Texts
When you feel like resting, you can always take advantage of taking a short break and chat under any gazebo hut in the park. You should notice that these are not just resting places but also places where you get erudite text on Argao’s history and heritage.

You will notice that there are written text in each gazebo and if you are curious, you can learn specific information about Argao. Therefore, you do not need a tour guide while in the park – a great idea!

Although that debate on having animals trapped inside a cage is ongoing, and probably an issue that cannot be resolved in our time, you will find some animals put in such situation here. This article does not make any judgment in this case, but just to let any ready know that some animals are here.

For me, the big question is: Are these animals being treated well? If yes, then I will not have any problem that’s because it could be educational for small kids who cannot go to the wild and see these animals personally – safety reasons!

Anyhow, the park has love birds, rabbits, civets, monkeys, eagle owls, and other animals (not dangerous ones) somewhere in the trees and within the park living and making their homes.

Hanging Foot Bridge
This might be a bit scary for those who have never experienced on top of a moving object. Of course, there are railings and ropes where you can hold on and move forward. Yes, this is a fun experience walking on a man-made bridge with wooden flooring. It will be an exhilarating experience!

Now, if you want to challenge or simple practice what you have been doing, you can do wall-climbing at Argao Nature Park as well. It is not high but enough to stretch your muscles and test your strength and agility.

The height is only about two floors of a building, which is just suitable for above beginners. Of course, safety measures are being provided for.

Massage Service
It is located towards the end of the paved trail where blind masseurs do their expert job. This kind of work is one of the many Cebu livelihoods which are alternative jobs for those who cannot get opportunities available to some people only. Support them!

Getting to Argao Municipality

The best and popular way of getting to Argao Town is taking a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal. You can choose the early ride if you want to escape from the morning traffic congestion and return to Cebu in the afternoon.

V-Hire is also an option. You can find them in many places including SM City Cebu parking area. Moreover, if you wish to take a cab/taxi, you can hire one and make sure you agree first before taking off.

Rental service is also available if you want to move around freely at your own pace and convenience.

Estimate Expenses
The following rates at Argao Nature Park are for the year 2016, so please be aware that it could change at any time.

  • Entrance Fee: PHP5
  • Boating: PHP10
  • Bus: PHP 80 for Air-con bus
  • Canopy Walk: PHP10
  • Massage: PHP100 pesos (full body)
  • Tricycle: PHP7 (maybe 10 pesos now as of this writing)
  • Wall Climbing: PHP30
  • Zipline: PHP30

Now, if you are interested to discover more sites and destinations in Argao area, some suggestions for you include the following internal links to this website.

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