Panagsama Beach Resort, Moalboal

Panagsama Beach Resort in Moalboal

Moalboal Cebu Philippines

Panagsama Beach Resort

Panagsama Beach Resort is located in Moalboal, a town situated in the southwestern part of Cebu Province. The place is actually composed of resorts with various features.

Panagsama Beach is fundamentally a place of refuge for vacationers who want to have their own and private quiet time to relax…

And, most of all, Panagsama is great for divers (and divers-to-be) who stay at the rooms and accommodations in this resort.

From Panagsama, divers and newbies set off to explore and dive the abundant marine life is specific dive spots nearby, one of which is the popular Pescador Island.

Panagsama Beach does not have a white sand beach. It is literally a resort area by the sea without sand. But…

… it has one advantage compared with the White Sand Beach - the house reef. You can snorkel (or use a glass-bottom boat or canoe) and see soft corals, fishes, sea horses… close to your accommodation. How’s that!

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Interesting Features in Panagsama Beach

The following are just some of the many features you can enjoy and avail in this part of Moalboal Town. Depending on your choices, you can pick from the cheaper to the upscale resorts and facilities you can find in the area.

Budget & Cheaper Accommodations/Rooms
Most probably the accommodation rate in this part of Moalboal is cheaper due to its limited space of sandy beaches. The beaches in Panagsama used to be expansive, but a heavy storm in the 80's washed away those sand to the other side of the town. Of course, you can still enjoy the area with its resorts facilities, locals and fun activities.

The usual guests at the resorts are generally divers and snorkelers. However, the facilities, amenities, and services are super great!


Restaurants, Bars, Karaokes, Etc.
Compared to other places, a few minutes’ walk from Panagsama you can find many restaurants, bars, shops, dive centers, and other establishments you can’t find in other beach resorts that are isolated and quite pricey. There is a place where they have a local disco night which is open on Satudays only. You are welcome to dance, drink and enjoy!

Adventures & Service centers
Near Panagsama Beach resort, you can access more active and fun outdoor adventures if you are one of them (us?). There are centers that can arrange and provide gears or facilities for rent.
Some of such outdoor events include: mountain climbing, river climbing (means going up against the river’s flow that includes climbing rocks among other challenging situations), horseback riding, mountain biking, canyoning, etc.

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More Fun Activities

If you seek you will find it here in Panagsama Beach area. You can easily inquire from your resort provider any sort of interesting places you want to visit or things you wish to do in the area or nearby. It is advisable to ask a friend, your guide or another person familiar with the area for better deals and safety reasons.

Anyway, here are some of the quick and easily accessible things you can enjoy with...

  • Resto-bar Hopping
  • Souvenir Shopping
  • Karaoke singing
  • Discos
  • Clubbing

Water activities…

  • Snorkeling
  • Wind surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Sun bathing, Island hopping, etc.

It is in Panagsama Beach where you can find more budget and economy accommodations and rooms, especially if you plan to stay longer to learn scuba diving or some other interesting reasons.

panagsama-beachSpectacular sunset viewing at Andi's Bar

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