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Ocean Bay Beach Resort

Ocean Bay Beach Resort is a “holiday destination” private property finely located in South of Cebu’s Dalaguete Town.

This privately owned boutique resort is established on a 4500-square-meter seashore land with over a hundred meter long shoreline. From this resort you can easily walk to the town center to explore and enjoy its history via old buildings especially its famous century-old church.

The nearby villages of this town offer great resources for hiking and other natural explorations you might wish to do while on vacation. You can do hiking over the hills, rice paddies, and cross coconut plantations or watch farmers tilling their lands or harvesting their famous fresh vegetable products by the mountainsides.

Ocean Bay Beach Resort is one of those few places where you can explore its vast land area with lots of resources that can make you forget your normal busy or boring daily routine even just momentarily. You can enjoy the mesmerizing sun rise over the island of Bohol, daydream with the dreamy blue ocean view; or just lie down and relax by the poolside on a lounger.

To find out more about this interesting beach resort, let’s check out its facilities and services…


Fun Activities & Adventures

You will certainly enjoy and feel relax when at this resort. Various available resources for adventure or relaxation are readily available or just waiting to be asked for. Now, see some of the obvious but great offers...

Swimming Pool
Aside from swimming or dipping into the seawater, which is a must for visitors in this part of the province, you can also avail the swimming pool inside this resort facility. It is located just right close to the sea.

Reef Snorkeling
For sea-lovers, it is always amazing to watch and observe various species of fishes, corals and other marine life even only by snorkeling. Right in front of this resort, there is a 1.5-kilometer long reef that provides you an opportunity to do this activity. Please, try and enjoy!

Scuba Diving Activity
This is more interesting and fun (and challenging) sea water activity for diving enthusiasts. If you are already an expert or has learned to scuba dive you can arrange for diving excursion at the resort’s management.

However, if you are a new discoverer of this activity and is thinking (nervously) to learn this new-found future hobby, you can easily enroll for lessons at Ocean Bay Resort’s dive center with its expert instructors (scroll below). Go for it!    

Boat Exploration
Ocean Bay Beach Resort has motorized boats (called ‘pumpboats’) that is available for rent. The rent includes a captain and operator of this boat. Taking this ride will offer you great opportunities to see the nice places, islands, and the surrounding panoramic view of the municipality’s sea and environment from the ocean.

Touring Historic Sites & Tourist Spots in the Province
If you are interested to learn more about many places of Cebu Province, the resort can provide you that opportunity. They offer tour plans to visit tourist spots and historical places.         

Now, to find out more relevant and interesting offers, let’s check out the facilities available at this resort…    


Great Facilities & Services

The following are the facilities available as of this writing. Please, find out more by checking them out yourself for your relevant facility and services needed for your vacation or preferred event to happen in this resort. Here they are…

Swimming pool     
The resort has a pool with a roof that limits the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A deeper side of the pool is more than 2 meters deep, which is also being used to train scuba divers or providing dive instructions. Of course, there are also areas for children to dip in or swim and a spa.

A Conference Room     
If you plan on having your business meetings or conferences in this resort, they would gladly provide your needs. A conference room can seat more than 30 participants.

Close to this facility are bar facilities, small kitchen and other necessities for your guests. In addition, everything you need for a meeting is available, including a sound system, projector, lectern, among others.

Banquet Event Resources & Services
Ocean Bay Resort accepts arrangements for various social (and business) events: weddings, birthday celebrations, baptisms, team-building activities, receptions, seminars, among others.

Make your arrangement in advance to coordinate properly with the management’s staff to make your event perfectly set in advance.   

Barbecue Party Area
If you prefer to enjoy your party, gathering or celebration by preparing your own food, the resort is glad to offer its barbecue facility. One of the 3 barbecue areas can sit 16 guests and has its own necessary amenities. You only need to pay for the facilities you’ll use in this area, such as a stove (for about US$2.00).

A Gazebo, Bar & Videoke Machine
This gazebo serves a la carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It serves cold drinks and beverages including the local and popular San Miguel Beer. While having your meal, you can either enjoy or loathe someone singing depending on the singer’s talent level!

Car Rental Service Facility
The management requires you to book in advance, at least 2 days, prior to your use of their rental service. You can either hire a driver or just enjoy driving by yourself or someone else.

ocean-bay-beach-resort-accommodation-roomsPhoto by Ocean Bay Resort

More facilities & services

An airport pick up and drop off service is also available. It takes around 2 hours to reach Cebu-Mactan International Airport. It would be less than 2 hours if you came from Cebu City only.     

Additional Facilities available

  • Printing, photocopying and fax service available.     
  • Standby power generator     
  • Laundry and dry cleaning

Other rental rates:

  • Motorized Bangka: Php1,000/first hour; Php500/additional hour    
  • Row Boat: PhP250/first hour; Php125/additional hour      

I guess by now you have seen enough about this resort. To find out more about its facilities and services with more details in the following sections.

Dive Shop - Scuba Crew

The Scuba Crew div shop is a partner with Ocean Bay Resort in delivering enjoyable service to its guests. Scuba Crew offers professional scuba dive lessons including PADI, SSI, SDI and UTD courses in various languages (Chines, English, Tagalog, Korean and German).

The shop offers diving services and amazing destination offers surrounding the municipality and including the popular islands like Sumilon, Calibar, Oslob and Balicasag. Aside from its modern diving equipment, they have experienced instructures and friendly staff members.

If you want to explore some nice islands for a day trip alone or with a group, please let them know your plan and they would be delighted to serve you well and make your wishes come true!

For further inquiries, please use the following contact details:

  • Contact Person: Maria J. Ollerenshaw
  • Phone: (+63) 0977 852 8365
  • Email: scubacrew@chinafundive.com

Accommodation / Rooms Available

There are 20 rooms all with aicron, bathrooms with hot and cold showers, cable tvs, some with refs, and terraces. Family Cottages have one or more bedrooms

Standard and Studio Room
There are two standard rooms: A & B. Standard A rooms are located just right above the restaurant and bar but without a terrace. On the other hand, the Standard B room is the one with a terrace with a view of the pool and the sea. Standard B has a double bed, cable TV, closet and a bathroom with both cold and hot showers.

Studio Room is somewhat similar to the standard room but with more space.

Family Rooms
There is only one family unit bedroom. It has a living room that is furnished with chairs, coffee table, cable tv and other amenities. The bedroom has an ensuite bathroom that comes with basic facilities. Certainly, you can keep your food fresh in the refrigerator and cool yourselves off with the bedroom's air-condition machine.

Captains Rooms
A Captain’s Room is one with more elaborate amenities including its nice room's layout. Most of its furnishings are made of bamboo, such as the table, chairs, bedframe, etc. A Captain's room is with either a double or single bed(s), desk, closet, safety box, cable TV, air-con, refrigerator, and both cold and hot showers. Usually, they have terraces facing towards the sea.

Please, see the rates via their site or below by typing Ocean Bay Beach Resort in the box...

Finding Ocean Bay Beach Resort

As an attractive property for a holiday or a weekend break, you might be tempted to dig deeper about the available offers at this resort. And so, you are most welcome to use the following contact details...

  • Address: Ocean Bay Beach Resort, Guiwanon, Poblacion, Dalaguete, 6022 Cebu, Philippines     
  • Phone: +63 (32) 484 8003
  • Email: oceanbaybeachresort@hotmail.com
  • Website: http://www.oceanbaybeachresort.com/default.htm

Please, let us know should there be any changes among the information above so that other readers will also benefit from your generousity. Thanks in advance!

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