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bugasok falls

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argao's bugasok falls

Bugasok Falls is located in Argao Municipality, Cebu Province. It is a refreshing and nice-looking small waterfall on your way to a colossal cave nearby called Balay sa Agta Cave.

Bugasok Falls can be your place of a picnic for a few hours but cannot be your final destination in the area, just like what most trekkers of the municipality do. You can reach Argao Town and Bugasok within two hours from Cebu City via public or private vehicle.

Then from the town, it should take about an hour to reach the falls. Some calls Bugasok as the heart of Mount Lantoy, a famous peak in Argao where many trekkers would enjoy its height and the panorama of the surrounding area from it.

The falls is your energizer after long travel especially when you are heading for the cave. The cold and refreshing water relieves your aching and thirsty muscles.


It is possible to spend a night close to the waterfall. It means that you can do camping, and so bring your camping tools and gears.

Is there a hotel nearby? Nope! The area is a real nature and ‘undeveloped’ according to the commercialized world’s expression. There, you need to bring your own camping gears and supplies for your overnight stay under the stars.

Of course, you know that keeping the environment clean and free from garbage is a requirement, especially for campers. Better keep that habit of protecting the environment as the earth is already suffering from our irresponsible actions. Besides, you do not want to be punished by the spirits living in the mountains for disrespecting their home. Actually, this is based on a folklore of Maria Cacao, a popular folklore relating to a mountain spirit (or engkantada) in Mount Lantoy.

tourism office

It is advisable that you visit the tourism office first in Argao to get proper information about anything you want to do in the area, not only for the fundamental safety reasons but also you can get better advice on where to go and the costs and time travel.

For example, if you swim inside the body of water of Bugasok it is not safe to get close to the falling water as it is powerful that it could overwhelm you and cause injury or drowning. So, better stay away from the falling water and just enjoy the basin water around it.

Moreover, to make sure that you will experience the splendor of its full ‘waterfall-ness’ (falling water and deep water in the basin), you should come during any season except on summer as the water is not really deep and the falling water is not great enough to watch.

So, visit the tourism office, which is just five minutes from the bus stop in San Miguel Street of Argao Town (Poblacion). As a visitor, your name will also be recorded and be given helpful and free brief orientation about the area.
Services and Guides
As a government tourism office, you can avail the necessary offers for your trip and other needs.

The tourist guides are locals and residents of Barangay Conalum, where the sites (Bugasok Falls, Balaya sa Agta Cave, etc.) are located. They do not only guide your way but also ensure that you are safe – so sometimes they call themselves as your ‘guardians.’

However, you might also meet some people who would insist they will guide you. You can make your own decision at your own risks. That is because those guides recommended by the tourism office are official and registered guides and so you are certainly in good hands. Of course, if you have friends from there then the better – it is free! Alternatively, you can spend more for your friend!

To be a bit more specific, here are the available offers from the office:

  • Packaged food products for your day’s trip: Torta de Argao, hot chocolate, etc.
  • Two travel guides,
  • motorbike rides from the Poblacion to Barangay Conalum and return
  • spelunking gear (helmet, spotlight, etc.)

Office time:
From Monday to Saturday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Phone: 485-8063; 09198099291

getting to argao town

Assuming that you will travel to Argao from Cebu City, you must head to Cebu South Bus Terminal (click that link to see more details) and hop into the one with a signage traveling to Argao.

It takes around two hours to get to Argao Town from Cebu City. If you want to save more time, you have to be an early bird to escape the traffic congestion. It means that you need to take the bus at around 5 in the morning.

Bus fare is less than a hundred pesos.

Thanks for reading through this page and hope this helps.
Have safe travels!

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