Green Lagoon Park in Compostela

Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu

Green Lagoon Park is a beach resort with a swimming pool and various relaxing vacation amenities.

This facility is conveniently located in Canamucan, Compostela, Cebu  Province.

It takes only less than an hour (about 30-45 minutes) from Cebu City by car or more or less by public transport.

Photo shows the swimming pool of Green Lagoon Park resort in Compostela, Cebu, Philippines

Children would surely enjoy the swimming with two slides, which is available from early morning until late – around 10 pm.

Adults can also enjoy the place, among other relaxing activity, by sitting on the beach bench and watch the ocean.


Green Lagoon is a vast and spacious beach resort. They have the basic necessities or facilities for your vacation. Here are some of them…

Swimming Pool
This pool is wide and has two slides that can be enjoyed with by children. In the middle of the pool you can find a shade structure built on top of ‘island’ which is connected with two overarching bridges.

By the poolsides, you can find shades and huge parasols where you can freely take cover from direct sunlight

Playground for children
Your children, or even adults, can run around the spacious resort and can play all sorts of games they wanna play. We are not very sure what facilities (sports) for children are available, though. Surely, you can inquire or bring your own sports facilities to be sure!

Beach Shades/Cottages
These are the pyramid shaped shades close to the beach where guests can enjoy their food, drinks, chats, rests, or anything. From these shades you can enjoy watching or observing the vast ocean and the blue skies (if sunny!).

Basic Sea Activities includes...

Banana Boats
Island Hopping

Swimming in pools are Filipinos' favorite activities during summer. Green Lagoon Park, Compostela.
Water slides for children and kids are some of fun facilities at Green Lagoon Park in Compostela, Cebu, Philippines.


That’s right! Green Lagoon Park has a small clinic and an ambulance too in case of accidents or any emergencies that need prompt medical response.

This is where you can purchase not only food stuff but also souvenirs for your friends or family members. Products are the usual locally-made stuff with some marks about the resort, among other stuff to remind you about the place.

Green Lagoon Pizza
Wow, this is fantastic! If you are quick enough you can order and have your pizza. That’s because everybody is buying it and they could run out of supply quickly.

Conference Room
You can have some formal event that you can do in this resort: meetings, business gathering, or any, and then enjoy the beach and other facilities after your business.

Bread Shop
You don’t need to bring with you everything that you want to eat from outside since Green Lagoon has its own bakery. They sell some choices of bread, cakes, and some pastries you can enjoy with.

Volleyball Court
This is a great place to enjoy a beach volleyball although you won’t see ( I guess) women playing this one here! Most beach volleyball game is being played by men in the Philippines, unlike the popular beach volleyball in other countries.


Entrance Fee: Php 10.00/child; Php 20.00/adult
Cottages Fee: Php 500.00
Room Rate: Php 1000.00 (Air Conditioned)
No Corkage for food, only for beverages-softdrinks, beer, wine, etc.

Nipa hut cottages are available at Green Lagoon Park Resort in Compostela, Cebu


As you already have seen, Green Park has cottages in a traditional style. It is called a ‘nipa hut’. Nipa is a variety of palm that grows in swamp or near bodies of water. The leaves are then woven and used as roofs for such structures.

Air-conditioned Room for overnight stay is available.
Cottage rent is Php500. These huts are built close to the beach.

Address: Canamucan, Compostela, Cebu  Province, Philippines
Telephone : (+63) (32) 425-6008; 425-8761/ 406-6753

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