Larville Pool Garden Resort


Located in Alcoy, Cebu Province of Central Philippines.

It is about 93 kilometers from Cebu City and is bounded by Dalaguete on the North, Boljoon on the South, Malabuyoc & Alegria on the West, and Bohol Strait on the East.

The national road is very much accessible by all vehicles. It takes 2.5 by car/taxi and 3 hours by coach (air-con bus).

It offers a pool, resthouse and bamboo nipa huts.

Originally built as a family resthouse, the resort is a great facility for friends gatherings, family, or any guest who looks for a relaxing environment and accommodation.


Not far from Larville Resort are some fantastic places to see and enjoy with during vacation and holidays. Here are some of them…

Nug-as Rainforest reservation
It is located in Alcoy where you can find various natural species of plants and insects (some animals).

Tingko Beach Resort
Of course, it is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss when visiting the area since it is a great beach with very calm and rustic beauty combine with some modern European homes that dotted as beachfront scenes.

Santa Rosa de Lima Church
The town of Alcoy was founded in 1867 by Augustinian missionaries, and the parish became independent it 1890. It is a great place to see a historic building and the legacy it has left in town.

Obong Spring
This fresh water is located in Dalaguete, just 10 minutes from Larville Pool Garden Resort. You can enjoy this cool tropical spring, which at times mixes with sea water during high tide. To find out, you have got to visit the place!


Heartshaped pool overlooking the sea
Bamboo Nipa Huts
WiFi accessibility
Nipa Hut Cottages
Recreational and Function Rooms


Poolside Rooms
Poolside Rooms feature: WiFi connection, own toilet & bathroom, fully air-conditioned
Rooms: Family Room, Barkada Room, Beachfront Room (rate starts from PhP3000 +)

Nipa Hut Cottages
You can also rest huts for a day or overnight stays. There’s an entrance fee for both adults and children (Php100 & 50 respectively).

Karaoke rental is also available (Php150/hour)

Standard Rooms
Similar to other rooms, these rooms feature WiFi access, fully air-conditioned rooms, but have common toilet and bathrooms. However, these provide spacious common living rooms.

Amakan Houses
Amakan is a traditional material used in building homes due to its cooling effects. These houses have WiFi connections, private toilet and bathrooms, and they’re fully air-conditioned. (Rate: from PhP1500 to 2000, please check out their site below).


Mobile: +63) (922 7907309)
Phones: +63) (32) (5118830); +63) (32) (4839295)


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Larville Pool Garden Resort (this page)
Meili Beach Resort
Villa Rosa Resort
Voda Krasna Beach Resort
Tingko Beach Resort

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