Meili Beach Resort, Alcoy


Meili Resort is located on Cebu Island in the Visayan Region of central Philippines.

It is about 90 kilometers from Cebu City, the capital, which is close to Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Alcoy is a popular place for lovers of beach, water, and sun. The famous public beach is called Tingko Beach Resort – pinkish/whitish sand and turquoise waters.

There are private residences that sparsely dotted the quiet and peaceful place


The beach near Meili has approximately 80 meters long shoreline. It is filled with natural and wild as well as romantic rock formations.

The building itself is on top of an undersea volcano (a dead one, no worries!).

From the building, you can go down through a stair set up and swim in a gentle sloping down sea bed that is just right for non-swimmers or little ones.
The water is nice and clean.


You can do lots of interesting things at this resort depending on your preferences.

Basically, you can snorkel, swim, sunbath, or read a novel.

If you want a more adventurous activity, you might need to arrange it with Meili’s management. They will find your dive center, boat tour, car trips, or any if you request.

Surely, they’ll be happy to arrange your request.


It is located just a kilometer from the main street and right by the sea. It is tranquil and surrounded by nature – green plants, flowers, coconut palms.

Main building
It has a large modern kitchen, terrace, meal area. It is where private rooms are established.

Seven (7) Guest Cottages: bed & living room, kitchenette with ref and stove, bathroom, shower; terrace

The rate is from PhP1580 up/day to Php2150/day (for long stay and prices are subject to change)


At Meili Resort, you can avail…
Swimming Pool -- it is 120 cm to 230 cm deep, has lounging chairs, parasols,  tables

A garage and a parking lot is available if you came with a car/van or any vehicle.

Meili’s also has a nice 5000-square meter garden with pathways that lead to the places around the establishment. If you love nature, you will enjoy the tropical plants planted around.


Breakfast: Continental (coffee, orange juic, bread, butter, jam) Native (coffee, fresh fruit, fried rice, fried longanesa, dried fish), Miscellaneous (fried egg, corn flakes, yogurt, bacon, etc.)

Meals: you can order in advance if you like; Dessert (fruits, etc.), beverages (wine, alcohol, sprite, cola, juice, coffee, etc.)

Provides advice for ideal travel season, what to bring, etc.

Advice for documents for visa

  • details, expectations about the resort
  • pick up from any place
  • drinks
  • surrounding area, Philippines, etc.
  • can do full board, cleaning, washing, trips, massage, pedicure, etc.
  • wheelchair users can avail

Cottages can be rented on a daily, weekly or long stay period basis.


Lower Poblacion Alcoy, RP 6023 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: 0063 (0)908 872 5132
Oberwilerweg 3, 8500 Frauenfeld, Schweiz
Phone: 0041 (0)79 600 56 44
Owner: Elizabeth & Hermann Meili


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