Voda Krasna Beach Resort

Amazing Voda Krasna Beach Resort

Voda Krasna Beach Resort, Alcoy Municipality, Cebu, PhilippinesThe beach and cottages on rocks of Voda Krasna Resort

Voda Krasna Beach Resort

Voda Krasna Beach Resort is a literal translation of ‘wonderful water’ in Bosnian and related Eastern European languages.

Voda Krasna Beach Resort is located approximately 100 kilometers from Cebu City, the capital of this Visayan province.

It takes roughly 2.5 hours by car and 3 hours by bus (coach) to get to the beach area where Voda Krasna is established beautifully.

As a starter, the native bamboo cottages of this resort are built on top of rocks on the beach. These cottages are basically for budget and day users.

You can also have all the views of the ocean from the terrace of your room located up higher and above the sea level.

You can get most of the things you need for your holiday, including the meals, internet connection, transfers, among others.

Voda Krasna Beach Resort, Alcoy, Cebu Province, PhilippinesFacilities of Voda Krasna Beach Resort

Accommodation / Native Huts

At Voda Krasna Beach Resort and Restaurant you have various choices of accommodation or facilities for your longer stay or short visit. Basically, the resort offers regular rooms, such as villas and deluxe rooms, and other facilities including native bamboo huts and beach umbrellas/parasols with tables and chairs.

Villa 1 (Twin Bed)
This villa is great for 4 guests. Breakfast is included. An extra guest should pay (PhP800)
If you have kids below 7 years old, they can be accommodated freely but considered as adults if that age or above.

This villa offers the following facilities: 2 twin beds, mini bar, cable TV, phone, hot and cold showers, internet access and other amenities.

Villa 2 (Matrimonial Room)
This is ideal for couples and includes breakfast.
A maximum of 2 extra guests are allowed (for PhP800/head).
Children who are 7 years and above are considered to be charged as regular guests.

Villa 2 offers the following amenities: one king-sized bed, mini bar, cable TV, phone, hot and cold showers, internet access, and other facilities.

Villa 3 (Family Villa)
This is best for 6 guests. Breakfast is not included.
A maximum number of extra guests allowed is 2 only (PhP600/guest).
Children who are 7 years old or above are considered as regular guests.

This family room is equipped with one queen-sized bed and 4 single beds. It has a mini bar, cable TV, telephone, hot and cold showers, online internet connection, among other amenities.

Voda Krasna Beach Resort VillasVillas & more beach facilities at Voda Krasna

Deluxe Room Facility
Voda Krasna also offers this nice room facility. It is ideal for 2 guests and includes breakfast service.
The allowed number of extra guests is 2 (for PhP800/head).
Also, children who are 7 years of age or above are treated as regular guests and should be pay as adults.

This deluxe room features one queen-sized bed, a mini bar, a cable TV, hot and cold showers, telephone, internet access and other amenities.

Voda Krasna Beach Resort's terraceVoda Krasna's terrace overlooks the blue sea of Alcoy, Cebu

Beach Native Bamboo Huts & Cottages
Aside from the concrete and sturdy accommodation buildings, Voda Krasna also offers traditional and native accommodation for day-use (PhP1,700) and short term visitors. You can also rent them as overnight facility (for PhP2,500).

Again, children who are 7 years old and above are considered as regular guests and should be charged as adults.

Voda Krasna Beach Resort beach huts, AlcoyNative Bamboo Beach Huts

Beach Parasols with Tables
If you only need a table a chairs for you day activity, you can rent this facility for a much cheaper or budget rate (about PhP300).

This is ideal for small number of guests of wish to enjoy the day on the beach and leave nothing but footprints and bring home only fun memories!

Tropical Facilities

The following are the basic facilities and services that Voda Krasna Beach Resort offers to all its valued guests...

  • Restaurant
  • Open space restaurant tables
  • Reception desk
  • Internet access
  • Airport transfers
  • Car park
  • Boat/Car Trips
  • Laundry/dry cleaning
  • Mini bar
  • Garden and terrace with sea views
  • LCD TV

Certainly, other facilities and services are not included here but can be availed depending on your request. They will be happy if you make requests for anything you need for your holiday.

Voda Krasna Beach Resort's seaview and open space table settingSeaview tables for meals and refreshments

Fun Trip Offers at Voda Krasna

Aside from the nice beach and wonderful environment and great facilities, Voda Krasna also offers its guests trips to nearby islands and other attractions. Here are some of the places they recommend...

Oslob, which is close to Alcoy is famous for its whale shark, snorkel, scuba dive and other fun water activities. Facilities for observing the whale sharks are available in the area itself.

Cebu Kawasan Falls
This is a famous place for the 3-layered waterfalls in Badian. You can enjoy the falls or hike a bit to the side for an exciting adventure.

Bohol Island
To go to Bohol Island, you need more preparations but worth the visit. You’ll be able to climb on top of the world-famous Chocolate Hills, meet the smallest monkeys called Tarsiers, scan Loboc River, or visit the Spanish era built historic churches.

Camiguin Island
This island, known for its white sand beaches and volcanic features is located in the  and belonging to the third largest island – Mindanao. There you’ll find Mount Hibok-Hibok (still active volcano), Kawasan Falls, White Beach, hot springs and cold springs.

Siquijor Island
This is another popular island and was designated as marine reserve in 1978. It has nice beaches, marine life, and beautiful features of the island.

Pamilacan Island
Now a scuba diving destination and became a protected area due to over-fishing and hunting of dolphins, whale shark and manta rays. Worth the visit!

Balicasag Island
This island is great for its colorful and varied species of corals, fish and sea turtles. It is fantastic for snorkel and scuba diving activities.

Finding Voda Krasna Beach Resort

Getting to Alcoy and finding Voda Krasna is not difficult to accomplish. Please, use the contact information for further details or use the address to get there.

Address:      Barangay Daang Lungsod, Alcoy Municipality, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: 4 839 254 (local number in the Philippines)
Mobile:        09 323 917 266 (local number in the Philippines)
Email:           info@vodakrasna.com
Website:      http://www.vodakrasna.com/

I've been to this wonderful place and it is totally amazing. It is located just right by the roadside. So, if you are taking a bus you can easily get off right in front of the resort's entrance gate. You can see immediately through its gate the inviting blue water of the resort!

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