North Sky Beach Resort, Cebu

north-sky-beach-resortBeautiful view of the sea from the garden /Photo Courtesy of North Sky Beach Resort

Fine North Sky Beach Resort

North Sky Beach Resort is a great facility located in the northern part of Cebu Province, Philippines.

The resort describes their place as a perfect venue for family bonding, all sorts of reunion events, wedding ceremony and party, various social and party events, and other social functions that require space and ambiance.

North Sky is one of the nice venues in Sogod Town, Cebu that offers great facilities and services by the beach.

It can be easily accessed by public transports since it is established along the national highway in this municipality.

Fun & Great Facilities

The whole resort is established and provided with relaxing and enjoyable green environment.

You can find the heart-shaped swimming pool right in front of the beach at this resort. For those who prefer the non-salty waters, the pool is perfect for a weekend recreation among family members or friends.

The environment, facilities, and natural landscape are nicely matched that create tranquil and relaxing ambiance.

Probably it is helpful if we mention some of the facilities, roughly…

Beach Gazebo
This is a great and convenient place to stay in for a day to enjoy with your family or friends. Usually, a facility like this is equipped with comfortable sitting places and table for food and drink supplies.

Experience the sea breeze and relaxing atmosphere provided by this accommodation. Chat and tell stories while enjoying your snacks, food, and drinks.

Swimming Pool
Some of us prefer to enjoy the beach environment but not really swimming in the sea water but in a pool by the beach. Well, for some reasons, some people prefer to do this such as to keep watching their small ones play in the water.

Certainly, they let you prepare your own favorite food and personal taste especially when you prefer to barbecue meats, sea food or other food that needs grilling. In addition, it is more fun if you enjoy time doing things together with family or friends, such as cooking food and preparing drinks.

Entrance fee includes free usage of...

Some facilities mentioned already above are free to use including the following:

  • Jacuzzi, Shower rooms, Beach
  • Round-trip Shuttle to/from Cebu City
  • Photo Hot-spots
  • Swimming Pool
  • Grills, Etc.

Certainly, the resort has more to offer than those mentioned. Sometimes, we need to be surprised about something to make life a little more exciting!

North Sky Beach ResortNice view of the pool and coconut garden / Photo Courtesy of North Sky Resort

Accommodation and Rates

For a bit of information regarding entrance, room rates, renting gazebos, among other rates, here are some hints. Please, be reminded that these rates could change anytime, so make sure you get the updated rate directly from the resort's management.

Entrance Fee: PhP50 per guest (child included)
Room Rate:    PhP1,600/day
Beach Gazebos: PhP350/day (can accommodate up to 12 guests)

If you plan on using the whole resort exclusively, you can do that too. But of course, you would probably need to reserve the resort many months before your expected event. I think the rate is quite generous if you really want to do this.

Exclusive resort reservation is about Php6,500/day. Make sure to contact them directly in case the rate has changed already.

Finding North Sky Beach Resort

You can easily find North Sky resort via address or contacting them first using the phone numbers indicated as follows:

Address:      Km. 58, Bawo, Sogod, North Cebu, Philippines.
Telephone: +63 (032) 431-8042 / 412-5900 / 318-4853
Mobile:       +63 917-6341369

If you have visited the place recently or cannot contact due to changes in the resort's phone numbers, please let us know to help us update the information. Thanks in advance from us and the will be users of the information.

In getting to Sogod (or North Sky Beach Resort), you can take a bus from North Bus Terminal in Cebu City.

Aside from buses, you can also take or hire a van that goes to that direction. If you hire a taxi, just make sure you know the normal rate before you negotiate with a driver.

Thanks for reading through this page and I hope this helps you find what you’ve been searching for.

You may visit this site again in the future when you want to find out more about Cebu Province’s travel guides or vacation destinations and places.

Have a great day, then!

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