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Breezy Blue Corals Beach Resort, Malapascua Island

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Bluish Blue Corals Beach Resort

Blue Corals Beach Resort is a beautiful resort located on an elevated rocky corner of Malapascua Island. It is so conveniently located that you have the vantage point to see the vast sea, surrounding islands and enjoy the sunset.

It offers quality services and exceptional facilities to all beach lovers and holidaymakers on this amazing island. Not being spared by the Typhoon (Haiyan), Blue Corals Beach Resort has suffered some structural damages but was able to recover quickly and has since back to business offering relaxing accommodation and services.

It offers furnished and spacious accommodations with great views towards the white beach and turquoise sea. Opening your windows is just like seeing the world with new eyes and discovering many things you have never seen before – in a new perspective.

This resort hotel offers spacious rooms and bungalows. You can choose from an air conditioned or electric fun furnished accommodation. Showers, balconies, and terraces are available depending on your choice.

They have a restaurant that offers delicious international and local dishes. There is an outdoor bar where you can enjoy the sea view, and a WiFi service (free!) if you need to get updated or wants to make your friends jealous of what you are doing or where you are at the moment!

The reception service is available 24/7, and so you do not need to worry whenever or whatever time of day you arrive. If you prefer, Blue Corals  Resort can arrange your transfer between Cebu (or Mactan-Cebu International Airport)

bounty-beach-malapascua-islandBounty Beach, Malapascua Island

The Island and Distance
Located at the northernmost tip of mainland Cebu, Malapascua is just around 15-minute ride by boat from Daanbantayan Town. To get to this town, coming from Cebu City, you can take a bus that will take around less than four hours. Malapascua is a small island with only 2.5 kilometers long and 1-kilometer wide total land area.

Short update of typhoon
Malapascua Island is one of those places hit the hardest by Haiyan Typhoon (locally called ‘Yolanda’) in November 2013. Thank God that not many people were hurt severely. However, the structures and infrastructures (resorts, houses, communications and other facilities) were heavily damaged, and rebuilding took some time. Despite the destruction caused by the typhoon, locals and other residents (including expats) worked together to rebuilt the beautiful island and restarted their livelihood.

Now, many of the islanders have recovered, back to normal life and the businesses have since reopened to local and international visitors. Plants, including farm crops, trees, and coconuts are being planted and doing the usual routine among farmers. Since most folks live on fishing, they are back to catching fish again on a daily basis for either family consumption or for vending in the markets.

Now that we know they are back to business, let’s check out what Blue Corals Resort and Malapascua Island is offering…

bantigue-cove-malapascua-islandBantigue Cove, Malapascua Island

Exciting water activities & adventures

There are some exciting activities and not-so-active things you can enjoy with on this island. Just pick any that suits your style and taste and depending on your openness to experience an adventure or things you have never done in your life. Of course, you may also ask advice from your resort for any suitable activity. Whichever you may pick, please try scanning some available offers they or the island has…

If you have not learned the hard and challenging scuba diving, you can still enjoy the underwater marine life in a somewhat limited way. You can go snorkeling the reefs close to Blue Corals Beach Resort’s beach and the surroundings of whole island. Moreover, the great thing is that you can also snorkel somewhere else if you hire a boat for a more exciting adventure. For example, you can arrange a boat that will bring you to another island or islet with white beach and where you can snorkel, have picnic and enjoy the day.

Island Hopping
By island hopping, you can visit the more secluded white island where you can spend a day doing fun activities or inactivities. You can snorkel, swim, sunbath, and then have your barbecue right on the beach of any island you have chosen. Some services will include your rental and the food and drinks depending on the arrangement you want to make. The most famous islands for a day’s trip are Carnasa Island and Calangaman Island, where visitors would enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and enjoy their picnic with seafood barbecue and drinks.


Walking Around the Island
This is an interesting way of exploring the whole island’s wholeness. It takes about 3 hours or much long to circumnavigate the island. You can do this as one of your travel experiences. While exploring, you can find secluded bays, various tropical plants and flowers, meet locals and learn some of their environment. I  have not done it (yet), but I really want that next time around. During my first visit on the island, I just hired a motorbike to bring me to places I so wanted to see since I did not have much time then.

Scuba Diving
If you are a diver, Malapascua’s beautiful underwater world is all yours. Blue Corals does not run a dive center but close to one – Thresher Shark Dive Shops – with whom they partner with. Just make your request at the Front Desk, and it will be arranged for you.

The thresher sharks and manta rays are one of the most breathtaking beauties in Malapascua among avid scuba divers. Mona Shoal is where scuba divers go to observe the thresher sharks and manta rays, among other exotic marine life. Many diver experts say that it is the only place in the world, so far, that a diver can reliably see thresher sharks.
Now, let’s check out some of the important things that you need while enjoying the island and your holiday…

Great Facilities & Services


On this quite isolated but quintessential paradise island, getting excellent facilities and services could be hard to come by. However, at Blue Corals Resort, you can almost have what you need to have a perfect vacation. So, for you to have a snapshot of their facilities and offers, see them as follow…

Beach Restaurant
Yes, this is one of the most important places we need during vacation. They serve both local and international cuisines. Above all, don’t miss the fresh sea foods they offer. Certainly, you can have veggies as well if you have allergies to seafood or a vegetarian.

Bar “on the rock”
After you meals, you can enjoy sipping or drinking at this gazebo bar while enjoying the sea view, or watching the sunset. This is the area where you can take great photos with the sun setting with perfect peacefulness in the early evening. Yes, this is where you have a splendid almost perfect 360 degrees view of the island.

More Services
Yes, aside from those primary resources that you need for your relaxing holiday and travel, you might also need the following services and amenities…

Free WiFi connections, Little Boutique, Massage service, Laundry, Room service
Outdoor Bar (nice and great sunset view in Northern Cebu), domestic and internal telephones, mosquito nets (if requested), and snorkeling equipment for rent.

However, you know that there are things you might need that are not available above. Therefore, better contact them ahead or bring your own supply if necessary. My advice is – leave your worries behind and just take whatever the place offers!

Transfers and Boat Services

If you prefer to have a much more convenient transfer from anywhere or specific place to arrive at this resort, you may request Blue Corals to arrange it for you. Check out the offers below for your preferences…

  • Coach Shuttle from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Maya
  • Boat from Maya to Blue Corals Beach Resort
  • Boat Trips. This is another service they offer if you plan to go island hopping, see the island around or specifically visit the famous white beach islands such as Carnasa and Calanggaman Islands.

For these services, you know that you should let them know in advance to schedule your request, especially during season periods.
Okay, if you stay overnight or a few days more, you would surely check out Blue Corals’…

Great Tropical Accommodation/Rooms

The following are the general features of the rooms, and for the rates please check their official website for any changes…

  • 2 Double Bed with veranda & sea view
  • 1 Double bed with veranda & sea view
  • Rooms available in aircon and electric fans

Rooms & Rates
Please, take note that room rates change due to seasons or changes without prior notices. So make sure you contact the management for up-to-date rates for any service or just type in “Blue Corals Beach Resort” and you will see the rates, availability, photos, facilities. You can directly book through that link safely and quickly.

They offer the following accommodation:

  • Deluxe, Junior Suite, Standard Suite, Standard Fan Room, Superior Bungalow Duplex, Bungalow Duplex Fan

The rate starts from PhP1,900 to 4,000 which entirely depends on your room preferences.

Blue Corals Beach Resort. It is located right on Bounty Beach where the popular resorts are established.Blue Corals Beach Resort, Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island, Cebu

Tours & Package

The resort also offers fun boat tours to various places. Below are the quick details of the offers…

  • Island Tour: 1,200PhP (1-2 persons), 1,500 (4-5 persons, 200 per extra person), includes marine fee and mask
  • Kalanggaman Tour: 7,500PHP (4-5 persons); includes lunch and entrance fee
  • Bantayan Island Trip: 3,500PHP (1-2 persons, 500Php per extra person); includes fuel charge
  • Scuba Diving: you may arrange them directly to determine the rate depending on the circumstances

Boat Transfer and Car Transfer Rates
For these special services available, you can see the rates below depending on your needs.

  • Day Trip (boat): 1200PHP
  • Night Trip (boat): 1,500PHP
  • Mactan Airport to Maya Port (car): 2,800 (1-3 persons); 3,500 (4-10 persons)
  • Maya Port to Mactan Airport (car): 3,500 (4-10 persons)

Finding nemo & Blue Corals Beach Resort

You won't miss finding this place if you took the right bus from Cebu City. When I visited the place (August 2013) I took Ceres Bus from the North Bus Terminal in Cebu, where you should be taking too.

Then, as you reach the last stop (Maya), you need to take the outrigger boat (pump boat) that will take you to Malapascua Island in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Okay, here are the contact details if you plan to inquire or learn more about Blue Corals Resort's facilities and other offers...

Contact Details
Address:       Blue Corals Beach Resort, Malapascua Island, Daan Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: 032-318-8011
phone:          0049-1704101058
Contact:     Vivian D. Ulrich

Sonia P. de Dios (Philippines)
Mobile:          0063-917-6272-941
Telephone:  0063-917-8612-819

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Thank you for the visit!

We wish you’ll have an amazing holiday. Please, visit this site again, or more regularly for further interesting information on Cebu Island.

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