Purple Snapper Dive Resort

Purple Snapper Dive Resort Cottages on Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines


Purple Snapper Resort is originally known as Kuan Ba in Malapascua Island, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Malapascua, being a tropical place, is very abundant with marine resources including the fish purple snapper, which this resort’s name is being coined from.

It is just a 5-minute walk away from the famous white Bounty Beach of Malapascua Island.

Snapper is popular various sorts of guests, including backpackers (bunk beddings) who prefers affordable and budget accommodations.

Malapascua Island Cove, Cebu Province, Philippines.


Swimming with marine creatures
Purple Snapper has finally established their new dive shop to accommodate guests’ need of diving and such professional services.

Through their new dive shop, you can request your favorite or imagined interesting activities in the waters of Malapascua. You can arrange a day’s trip to particular dive spots to discover beautiful fishes, corals, sea horses; or dive shipwrecks in two places.

Island hopping
Visiting secluded neighboring smaller islands is one of the favorites among groups or family guests. You can do picnicking, barbecuing, swimming, snorkeling, among other fun activities on those islands.

More fun activities include…
Walking around the island on its white sand beaches

Taking a boat to circumnavigate the island and discover coves and bays, or drop by at a restaurant by the beach

Ride a motorbike or bicycle to explore the island’s environment
Rent a jetski (age limit and safety measures required)


Purple Snapper offers tropical accommodations but with various selections depending on your preferences.

Some of their facilities include…

Bunk beddings and air-con rooms
Restaurant (claims to have the biggest burgers on the island made from 100% ground beef!)
Swimming Pool
Dive Shop

Okay, let’s check out Purple Snapper’s various selections of…


Room Rates:
Air con Room P 2400.00
Deluxe Fan room (with hot water) P 1400.00
Standard Fan room P 1300.00
Backpackers Deluxe P 750.00
Backpacker room P 600.00

Cold and hot showers are available only in some accommodation types.

Since room rates changes anytime, make sure you check out the changes by contacting of accessing their website (available below).


Address: Logon, Daan-Bantayan, Malapascua Island, 6013 Cebu, Philippines
Email: reservations@purplesnapper.com
Website: Website
Phone: (63 32) 406 7196
Mobile No(s): 0917 623 0405; 0926 680 6288

Purple Snapper Dive resort, Malapascua Island, Cebu.

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