White Sand Bungalows Malapascua

White Sand Bungalows Malapascua Island. It is on Logon Beach area where the boats from Maya Wharf arrives.


White Sand Bungalows is one of best and pioneers of beach resorts on Malapascua Island.

Even Lonely Planet mentions White Sand Bungalows as their most liked resort on the island.

The structure of the whole establishment is built not with concrete but the traditional natural and local materials.

White Sand Bungalows can provide you anything you might need to enjoy your holiday and explore the island and its fantastic waters.

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Diving and snorkeling
You can easily access facilities for scuba diving or snorkeling from many dive centres on the island to enjoy the amazing under water creatures – thresher sharks, harlequin shrimps, ghotspipe fish,etc.

Island Hopping
For groups (family or friends), visiting other close by islands would be a fantastic idea. You can do picnic, snorkeling, beach games, swimming, etc on those islands’ white beaches. But you need to make a request to arrange your interesting plan.

Swimming & Sunbathing
You can do this easily and safely at any beach on the island. The shallow and expansive water surrounding the island is ideal for swimming. Or, you can lie down lazily under the coconut trees or other trees, or at the open to get a golden brown skin tan.

Beach strolling or walking around the island
Strolling or walking around the island is great. It takes about 3 hours to circumnavigate the whole island, a fulfilling experience to be had!


Airport or hotel pick up
The resort will be glad to arrange a pick up for you from the airport or any hotel in Cebu to Maya Wharf.

(From Maya, you need to take a boat for less than an hour to reach Malapascua. An aircon SUV or aircon van will be your transport.)

Just make your request if you want something to be arranged for your interesting activity or any.


The bungalows are nicely built with natural materials. Each room has a hardwood floor, bamboo and wood walls, and nipa roofs (a sort of palm leaves that keeps cool air inside and deflects UV rays).

The bungalows have been designed to allow the natural flow of fresh air. The furniture and handcrafted bed are made of bamboo and hardwood materials.

Bungalows have modern bathrooms, toilets, lavatories, and showers. Bungalows are built with tinted glass jealousy windows.

Room Rates
The rate per night depends on the accommodation, season and number of guests. It ranges from PhP500 to 2500 per bungalow (or about Euro8-40).


Email:  whitesandbungalows@hotmail.com
Cell phones:  +63 927 318 7471
              +63 905 861 5616
Website: http://www.whitesand.dk/english.html

You can go to Malapascua by yourself by following the instructions from this official government website that provides instructions for your travel:

Bounty Beach in Malapascua Island is one of the famous beaches on the island.

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