Kiwi Cottages on Bantayan Island

Cozy Kiwi Cottages

White sand beach of Bantayan Island

Kiwi Cottages

Kiwi Cottages is a great accommodation located on the beautiful Bantayan Island of Cebu Province, Visayas, Philippines.

The cottages are built with local materials with native style. These cottages are located right close to the island’s town called Santa Fe.

Although not directly established right by the beach, it is just a couple of minute walk to the wide and expansive shorelines of the island.

The cool bamboo cottages covered with thatched roof offer real bucolic lifestyle and environmental cool living.

Hard Rock Café
The Cottages has its own restaurant called the Hard Rock Café. It is where you can enjoy your island meals, drinks and other varieties of food.

It is the place where you can get the best cheeseburger, pizza, steak and other dishes and cuisine they offer.

Guests do lots of relaxing activities at this café, such as enjoying card games.

Fun Island Adventures & Activities

You will certainly enjoy and spend the worth of your time, resources and effort when on the island. That’s because even just being there means already bliss and an experience that not most people can have in their lifetime. In other words, it is a great opportunity and a luxury to be on it – not because of the price but because of what the island has to offer – pure beauty.

Okay, here are just some of the popular activities you can enjoy with…

Water Sports – motorized, non-motorized
Boat Tours
Island Hopping
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Swimming & wading
Strolling and Hiking
Bicycling, motorcycling, scooter
Surfing, kite surfing, etc.

Yes, there are lots of fun water activities and adventures you can start or explore with. You can also hire vehicles to bring you around, in and through the villages and secluded places on the island.

Facilities Available

You can enjoy the facilities at Kiwis starting even from your arrival in Cebu, during your stay and until you return to your own home.

  • Car Hire
  • Bar
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Car Park
  • Babysitting
  • Airport Transfer
  • A Garden
  • WiFi in all rooms and public areas

Now, if you want to learn about the accommodation of Kiwi Cottages, let’s check out the offers…

Tropical Cottage Accommodation

Kiwi’s Accommodation
Kiwi offers nice and cool cottage style accommodation for your stay. The budget rates are great for travelers, backpackers and other short-time pilgrims of the island.

Check out the room photos, rates, facilities and availability of a nice cottage through that link.

Fan Room – Php550/night
Air-Con Room – from PhP750/night for overnight and low/off seasons and could go up during high seasons. Aircon rooms have DVD players and DVDs, TV sets and other amenities.

Please, take note that rates shown above are temporary and could change anytime without any prior notice. Certainly, rates are higher during peak seasons (e.g. December, Holy Week, weekends, etc.).

Finding Kiwi Cottages on Bantayan

Here's how you can find Kiwi. Please, let us know should there be any changes in located, contact details or anything at all. It would be very helpful for the users of this free travel website.

Address:       Batobalonos Street, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Landline:      (+63) 0324389075
Cell phone:  09206681268
Cell phone:  09128907896

If you have decided to go and visit the island, you might need some guides. You can use our page that describes transports and other relevant tips that could help you get there without many hassles.

Just click Getting to Bantayan Island link page and scan the possible transports you might take depending on your preferences. Other tips, such as fare and schedules are also described. Let us know if there are issues regarding the information in that page.

Booking a Resort or Hotel

Booking your room in a hotel or resort is made a way lot easier today through online technology. Fortunately, you can reserve or book a cottage at Kiwi Cottages right here in this website through our partner online provider.

Click Agoda Smarter Online Booking if you want to reserve or book a room at Kiwis. Agoda is a world renown online hotel provider that serves thousands  of travelers every day. It offers you quick, safe and fast confirmation of your booking.

Thanks a lot for reading up to this part. Hopefully, this is helpful in your search for the right destination in the province.

Enjoy your travels then!

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