Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Tickety Boo Beach Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu Province, Philippines

Tickety Boo Beach Resort settles in serene and lush green gardens on Bantayan Island, Cebu Province.

Where Tickety is located rivals with those famous white beaches found in Maldives and Caribbean beaches.

That’s because Bantayan is gifted with all there is that Mother Nature can provide.

Inhabitants of Bantayan till their farms, raise livestock & poultry, and go out to the open sea to fish or gather seashells.

In this island, “life is a beach” (I prefer to say “beach is life”).

Okay, let’s check out some of Tickety’s interesting and worth mentioning features…

Alice Beach on Bantayan Island at Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Fun Activities Waiting

On this island, you can do anything fun, interesting, relaxing and even adventurous ones. At Tickety Boo Resort, you can enjoy your vacation and spent your time worth your while.


Tickety Boo offer to its valued visitors exciting activities such as:  island hopping, boat trip and swimming, snorkeling at secluded beaches. As a group, you’ll be visiting a number of islands and inhabited islets with white beaches where you can swim, snorkel, play, eat grilled sea food, and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

  • Volleyball, dart board game, billiards at the beachfront bar with satellite TV
  • Swim in the pool
  • Boat for rent
  • Mountain bikes

You can certainly make a request for any activity or service you wish to get. Although it cannot be offered directly by the resort, they can always outsource it and you can enjoy it. For example, you can rent a motorbike or scooter for your island travel and sightseeing.

Swimming pool at Tickety Boo Beach Resort on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Tickety Facilities, Services & Activities

You can enjoy most of the services and facilities you’ll need in this establishment. I guess, there’s no need to explain the following…

  • Roof top deck for viewing the surrounding islands; good for the stunning sunrise
  • Swimming pool
  • Free dart, free billiards, free volleyball, free internet
  • Beach bar, open air restaurant
  • Theme parties
  • Laundry service

If you have something you want to hold any activity or special events, you will have a great space and facility for that. Just make sure you made advance arrangement with the management for better preparations.

Tickety Boo Beach Resort cooking areaCooking & BBQ facility at Tickety Boo

Tropical Accommodation at Tickety

Here, you will find the resort's accommodation rates and packages you can avail with. You will have have great choices depending on your holiday needs with your family, friends, loved one or just yourself...

  • Double Fan Room (Php900 to 1,250+) – double size bed, private bath, shower
  • Triple Fan Room (PhP1,200 to 1,500+) – double size bed, bath & shower
  • Family Fan Room (PhP1,350 to 1,650+) – matrimonial bed, bunk bed, bath & shower
  • Matrimonial Air-con Room (PhP1,700 to 1,900+)
  • Double Air-con Room (PhP1,900 to 2,100+)
  • Family Air-com Room (PhP2,250 to 2,500+)

Please, check out again the rates and details at their official website below (This site is not affiliated with this Tickety Boo or to all featured resorts here).

Okay… here’s how you can get further details from this great place. Hope the following information helps.

Hotels at Tickety Boo Beach Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Finding Tickety Boo Beach Resort

Please, make use of the available information. Use the address to locate the resort and the contact details for your inquiry.

Address:      Tickety Boo Resort, Alice Beach, Ocoy, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Email:           thessticketyboobeach@yahoo.com; ticketyboobeachresort@gmail.com
Telephone: +63 32 4389105; Mobile +639207490743
Website:      http://ticketyboobeachresort.moonfruit.com/#

If you need some guidance on getting to this resort, you may use our guide page for that purpose. Click Getting to Bantayan Island link to be transported to that page with descriptions of transports, such as buses, van, etc., and other tips for your comfortable travel.

Beach at Tickety Boo Beach Resort, Bantayan Island

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