Alice Beach Bantayan Island

bantayan-islandAlice Beach area on Bantayan Island, Cebu Province, Philippines

Alice Beach Bantayan Island


Can anybody tell us the name's origin of this white beach?

Let’s try…

Yes, Alice is usually a woman’s name. However, as some wise guys said, naming a beach in the Philippines with a woman’s name is unheard of. Probably, a former beach resort named Alice was once a famous place before, thus, retaining its name alone but is now non-existent.

So far, there is only one beach in the country with a woman’s name--Alona Beach. This beach is named after an actress Alona Alegre, who used to shoot her movies on this beach (in Panglao Island).

Now, going back to Alice Beach…

Perhaps, the beach’s name is coined after the famous character Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” classic movie.

But, how come they named it after that character, if your guess is right?
Most probably because this white beach is somehow similar to the Wonderland – beautiful, wide, spacious, full of adventure and has endless horizon.

Are you somehow agreeable with it?

Well, in order for you to answer that question you need to see for yourself the beach, then you can have some legitimate idea about it!

Alice Beach Bantayan IslandSpectacular sunrise at Alice Beach area

Alice Beach Bantayan Island Features

Yes, Alice Beach is one of the beaches that have the longest stretch of talcum fine and white sand in the town of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.

The beach stretches from the island’s pier to Barangay Ocoy (township). If you so prefer, you can walk around the island through this white sand, which actually many would love to do to enjoy its vastness and natural beauty.

Aside from the coconut trees that stand and keep watching the island, native flowering grasses and wild plants can also be seen as you walk along the beach…

Alice Beach is one of the best spots on the island for sunrise worshipers. As you watch the sunrise you’ll never miss to notice two other beautiful islands at the background – the Virgin Island and the Hilantagaan Island.

As you know, the beach is where seaweeds, tree branches, letters in a bottle (if there’s any), among other materials are normal arrivals on the shorelines.

At Alice Beach’s, residents/owners clean up on a daily basis the beach's shoreline by sweeping and removing everything that are unsightly.

Healthy Beach
Of course, the beach is healthy for everyone. (I can remember my aunt being told by her doctor to visit the beach often to cure her heart problem). Being far from the crowded residential areas and no industrial structures, Bantayan Island's waters and environment is perfect for those who dream to live there!

Being healthy, I also mean that Alice has no symptom of beach erosion. Its fine white sand doesn’t move anywhere since the beach is almost flat.

In addition, you don’t worry of hurting your feet while walking barefoot because there are no stones, rocks, and concrete parts on the beach’s shorelines.

Alice Beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, PhilippinesAlice Beach area is popular for its great resorts

Water Sports & Activities

Certainly, you will enjoy your stay on this island by doing something fun or by not doing anything at all--except relaxing. For doing something fun and worthwhile, you can engage in almost all sorts of water sports in Bantayan Island. You can do...

Scuba Diving

Yes, many visitors would come to Bantayan just to engage in scuba diving and enjoy the diverse marine life, shipwrecks, and corals in its waters. Of course, at the same time they enjoy the simple and relax environment in this rural area. You can easily access dive sites that offer services or you can start learning scuba diving.

Kite Surfing

It is also called kite-boarding, a surface water extreme sport that combines features of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, surfing, and various sorts of gymnastics you can do on the water. Since it is an extreme sport, you should learn this from professionals and gained some knowledge about kite surfing from people with real experience.

kite-surfing-bantayanEnjoying kite surfing!
Surf Fishing

One of the most interesting past time or sports when on an island. Many visitors of Alice Beach Bantayan Island love to engage in this sport. You can do this by catching fish standing on the beach or wading in the surf. You need to lure fish with your bait using fishing gears. I love this when I was little but lost the feeling now that I am older! Anyway, you can learn surf fishing easily and enjoy fully when on the island.


You can rent a jet-ski from your accommodation provider or any sports facilities provider you can find on the island.


Of course, this is one of the activities you must not miss to fully experience the islands beauty. You can easily find providers at Alice Beach, at any water sport provider or at your resort. Boating of any sort, whether you just paddle nearby or take the motorized outrigger boat, you will leisurely enjoy your holiday.

Start a Scuba Diving Business

There are already scuba diving operators in Cebu Islands but you can compete with them if you build a competitive establishment. These operators established their business because it is a very lucrative one. Of course, you need to learn the basic foundations of doing scuba diving business by learning from the veterans and their secret recipes.

You can watch this video clip to learn a bit about the people and environment as related by a guest on the island...

More White Beaches & Resorts

Than you for visiting this page. Great opportunities are on your way to find your dream beach activities and relaxing abode.

Have fun and safe travels!

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