Anika Island Resort

anika-island-resortBeachfront of Anika Resort featuring dream-like scene

Anika Island Resort on Bantayan Island

Relaxing Anika Island Resort

Anika Island Resort is an amazing beach resort on Bantayan Island, one of the best beach destination in Cebu Province.

It is a family-run beach resort. It used to be a property for family and friends events facility. However, they realized that the gifted-ness of the place should not be kept only privately but must be shared with others.

Now, as they decided to make the changes, Anika Island Resort turned out to be both an escape for the family and friends, while at the same time, guests and other visitors are enjoying its facilities and services.

What is more inspiring about the family is there concept to practice environmental conservation and protection. They first thought of using recycled materials and harmonize them with the environment which they eventually and actually implemented.

Okay, let’s find out more about this resort below…

Bantayan Island BeachesMain pathway of the resort showing off the seaview

Fun Activities & Events

When you are on an island you can do lots of relaxing and fun activities. But you can do more while being at Anika’s. The following are some of their basic and popular activities.

Island hopping
You need to arrange this activity with the management to be accommodated in advance. If you have this activity, your group will be taken by a pumpboat (an outrigger boat Filipino style) to a secluded island called the “Virgin Island”.

The island is quite famous due to its fantastic views and environment, besides it is very serene and pristine. When at Virgin Island, you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe, eat and drink and enjoy the day out.

Island Tours
Bantayan Island is an amazing island surrounded with white sand beaches and expansive seashores. You can arrange a tour or just do the tour yourself by any means.

You can rent bicycles or a boat to bring you around the island and see it in a distance for its gorgeous beauty.

Water sports (motorized and non-motorized)
Yes, you can avail water sports facilities, such as jet ski. Aside from a motorized facility you can also rent non-motorized water sports facilities including kayak, snorkel and diving gears.

Anika Island Resort Sunrise Bungalow AccommodationSunrise Bungalow

Great Facilities

Anika Resort's Restaurant

You can anything you want when having your great time on Bantayan Island at Anika Island Resort. The resort offers the following facilities for your comfortable and satisfying and relaxing holiday…

Chloe Café
Beside the other facilities, I certainly believe that restaurants are the second most important when visiting places like this, right? Now, Chloe Café offers delicious food to keep you healthy and appreciate the island’s beauty. I believe nobody can appreciate any beauty when the viewer is starving!

Chloe Café is an open air restaurant close and with fantastic view of the sea. It offers various local as well as international dishes. Of course, drinks of various sorts are available – and they are very cold and chilled!

Don’t forget to order any dish made out of the fresh sea food. Just remember that you are in a place fecund with diverse marine life, so order your sea food with great gusto! Chloe Café opens daily from 6AM to 10PM.

Anika Bar is also available, especially when you are relaxing after a strenuous and interesting activity. A great place for spending a quiet time alone or with somebody or others.

Food. How does Anika’s Food Look like?

Yes, food is one of a most deciding factor in choosing a resort, place or anything. Let’s check it out…

For Breakfast, all meals are served with coffee or orange juice. You can order

AMERICAN breakfast which includes pancakes, bacon, eggs and served with maple syrup and butter (P198), or, waffles, country breakfast sausage and egg served with maple syrup and butter for that same rate (remember rates could change).

CONTINENTAL breakfast. You will have French toast or butter toast with simmered eggs, mango and strawberry marmalade and fruit slices. Alternatively, you can have cereals (choose from cornflakes or Koko crunch) with milk and fruit slices (P188).

Then you can also have…

filipino-foodFried dried fishes (samples only)

FILIPINO breakfast. Hmm, you can have pork chorizo served with garlic rice and two eggs cooked of your preference. Second, you can order beef tapa with garlic rice and two eggs prepared the way you want it. However, the real local breakfast menu you can try are these…

Boneless labtingaw (which I had) with garlic rice and two eggs cooked the way you want.

Famous Bantayan danggit (a fish) with garlic fried rice and two eggs, or, dried posit (squid) with garlic fried rice and two eggs… The price is from P168 to 198 only. Yes, there are more!

calamaresCalamares (fried squid)

Boodle Island Menu

This menu is good for some people or smaller group. According to Anika’s list, the below menu is good for 6-8 guests. Here we go…

Anika Island Feast:
Anika Fried Rice, Plain Rice, Garlic Crabs, Calamares, Pansit Canton, Sinuglaw, Grilled Fish, Seafood Sinigang and 1 pitcher of juice. The price is about less than P2,000.

Sta Fe's Finest:
Plain Rice, Sinuglaw, Pinaputok na Isda, Chicken Barbeque, Inihaw na Pusit, Baked Scallop, Tinolang Isla, Pusit, Danggit, and 1 Pitcher of Juice (P1,555).

More Orders...

Now, you can order a various array of specialties including meats, soups, crabs, fish, lobster, squid, shrimp, vegetables, noodles, and even snacks, kiddie meal, and desserts.

For meats and seafood, you can order to have them prepared as soups, barbecues, frieds, grilled, steamed, sweet and sour, stew (as Adobo), spicy or anything you want your food to taste. Of course, you can also order vegetables, specially pinakbet and seafood chop suey!

Refreshments and Beverages
Indeed, as a tropical country, you need to consume more liquids to prevent dehydration. Anika Island Resort serves various kinds of soft or juice drinks including Anika Cooler, orange juice, calamansi juice (small lemon).

Shakes they have! Banana, mango, pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon shakes!

For cold beverages, you can either have them in can or bottles ? Coke, Sprite, San Miguel Beer, Redhorse, etc. Moreover, coffee ? brewed, instant - and chocolate milk.

Now, that you have seen the list I hope you either inquire or book now.

New & Cool Swimming Pool

Anika Resort has finally finished building its swimming. For those who are not used to swimming in the sea you can now enjoy the refreshing 'non-sea' water. The pool is wide and deep enough for you to practice your skills, or, just simply enjoy the water and sunlight.

anika-island-resort-swimming-poolNew Anika's swimming pool (photo: Anika Island Resort)

Children’s Playground & Garden
Certainly, you can bring your whole gang (family) and enjoy the place. Anika Island Resort is very spacious and offers ideal children’s playground where they can play safely.

Bantayan IslandThe white and wide beach at Alice Beach where Anika is located

Private Beach
Anika has its private space for its valued guests and visitors. You can be assured that you are in a safer and private facility and won’t be disturbed by outside noise or disturbances.

Yes, the resort has facilities for your relaxation and beach activity, such as loungers, tables, shades, cottages, among other necessities.

Meeting Facilities
If you are planning to have an official meeting or similar event in a resort, you can do so at this establishment. The resort has meeting facilities to accommodate your activity. Make sure you contact the Front Desk to arrange everything and for any inquiry necessary for your meeting event.

Tropical Services at Anikas

You can avail whatever you need to have a fantastic and perfect holiday when on the island and at this resort. Anika Island Resort offers you the following services depending on your needs…

Car park
If you were driving from Cebu or anywhere, you can easily use the car park reserved only for guests of the resort for free.

ATM/cash machine on site
This is a great news for those who bring only cards, which is probably much better than carrying around with cash.

Bicycle rental
Bicycling on the island is a great activity and quite popular among visitors. You will see or chat with locals, search nature and everything in its natural environment.

Car hire
You can arrange this offer easily through the management, especially when you have luggage or travelling with group.

Free WiFi in all rooms & public areas
Luggage storage
Safety box deposit
Newspapers, etc.

Anika Island Resort room facilitiesThis is how the container room looks like, unbelievable!

Tropical Beach Cottage Accommodation

Anika Island Resort offers comfortable and great accommodation. It offers six types of rooms with fantastic and gorgeous views of the beach and ocean. They are…

Ocean View Room
This room offers you direct access into the sandy beach as a beach front cottage. It is good for 3 guests. Check out its photos, rate, and availability here.

Sunrise View Room
Let the sunshine wake you up and great you in the morning. This is a cottage that will signal a great and bright day while on the island. It is good for 3 guests and maximum for 4.

Garden View Room
You will be enjoying the view of an island’s green and relaxing garden of the resort. This room is best for 2 guests and a maximum of 3.

Single Villa Room
This villa type room is best for you if you want to step right into the white sand and reach the beach. Great for 2 but a maximum of 3 guests can be accommodated.

Sunset Villa Room
If you want to see and appreciate the beauty of sunset through your room, you might want to rent this room type. It is great for 2 but plus one guest can also be accommodated.

Courtyard Room
As one of the beach front cottages, you have direct access to the beach right after you step out of your door. This is also ideal for 2 but additional one guest will be welcomed as well.

Important to note that for an extra guest, you will be charged (about PhP500) with or without an additional bed. For little children below 9 years of age is free but should share bed with parents.

Anika Island Resort sunrise scenerySunrise on Bantayan Island is amazing on its Eastern side where Anika nestles

Finding Anika Island Resort

Now, if you want to learn more about this nice beach resort on Bantayan Island, you may use the following information.

Name: Anika Island Resort
Address:  F. Roska St., Barangay Okoy, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, 6047 Cebu, Philippines

Globe: (+63) 917 328 4898
Smart: (+63) 999 886 4465
Sun: (+63) 922 843 9517
Telephone: (+63 32) 438-9073
Cebu Sales Office:
Mandaue North Central
(Castilex Compound) M.L. Quezon Street
Cabancalan, Mandaue City 6014
Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: (+63 32) 238-8917

That’s how to get in touch with the resort, and please let us know should there be any changes or issues regarding the information.

Getting to Bantayan Island

The island is not quite easy to reach, but you can get the right connection and reach the place on time without much hassle. Just click Getting to Bantayan link page and start scanning the guide.

The page provides transports and other tips on getting to the island. The transports included are from Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 and from Cebu City. Please, double check the schedules and transports to make sure your schedule won’t get disrupted, since there could be changes.

Booking Online Quickly & Safely

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Thanks for visiting this page and reading to the end. Have a safe and enjoyable travel, holiday or business trip!

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